wot i did

Here you'll find a buncha stuff wot I did.



The first map I've ever made. It's a map for Garry's Mod. Pretty basic with a canal, some buidings, high skybox and a few other stuff. Great for just having some fun in Sandbox mode.
Steam Workshop
GMOD Banana


That's A Good Start

A game I'm working on from time to time. It's pretty abstract and doesn't have any gameplay other than walking around places. Highly inspired by The Beginner's Guide.

Coming Soon-ish

Crates n Gates

I guess you could call this my first real game! It's an app, and a fairly addicting one at that. Only for Android because the App store is waaayyy too expensive.

Google Play Store


This is actually the Physics Tutorial for Game Maker. But after it ended I kept adding new stuff so now it's this. You can play around with it.

Download for Windows


Other stuff, ill post on my Tumblr


or send me an email at adampie@live.com