David Norden in Paris, and see his fine pieces at

galerie de Buci Paris

David Norden

Galerie de Buci (coin rue de Buci - rue de Seine)
73 rue de Seine F 75006  Paris

David Norden in Paris

9 - 13 septembre 2009 


galerie de Buci ParisMeet David Norden  in Paris at 73 rue de SEINE (corner rue de BUCI )

“I have been asked by the organisation of Parcours des Mondes to clarify the fact that my exhibition in Paris is not part of this event and that I am not a member of Parcours des Mondes. » 

David Norden.

P.S.: I apologize for any confusion that I may have caused.


David Norden is not a member of this organization, but you can meet him in Paris, and see his fine pieces at

David Norden as guest of Galerie de Buci (coin rue de Buci - rue de Seine)
73 rue de Seine F 75006  Paris

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The principle is that foreign galleries be hosted by French colleagues. Consequently, Arte y Ritual was at Alain Bovis', Pace Primitive at Nicolas Deman's, etc. Last year the threshold of the fifty antique dealers has been surpassed and most dealers where happy with the sales results. 

Plaque Akan - Parcours des Mondes 200

Paris capitale des arts premiers: en plein coeur de St Germain des Prés, 53 marchands internationaux présentent des objets africains, océaniens, amérindiens. Mais attention: si la majorité sont de très haut niveau, quelques rares objets sont nettement moins prestigieux.


Biennale des Antiquaires et Prix abordables

à Paris  L'Afrique, les Amériques, l'Asie et l'Océanie seront de nouveau à l'honneur, ...

In the streets around Saint Germain des Prés (around  rue des Beaux Arts, rue Mazarine, rue Guénegaud) in Paris 

Place :
Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, rue des Beaux-Arts, rue de Seine,
rue Jacques Callot, rue Mazarine, rue Guénégaud, quai des Grands Augustins

Coming :
Subway Station : Odéon, Saint-Germain-des-Prés
RER station : Saint-Michel

Exhibitors : 55 Entrance : free

Five days in Paris 
Discover Paris African Treasures... a story in images (June 2006)


Accrosonge Claude Lebas 17, rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie
75004 Paris France
T.+33 1 42 77 46 31 F.+33 1 48 87 01 39
contact@accrosonge.com exhibition: 27 rue de Seine

During the 1980s, Claudie Lebas’s deep interest in East Africa led her to visit the area on several occasions. She made many wonderful discoveries during these trips, as was demonstrated by an important exhibition on the Giriamas of Kenya and by several other exhibitions on Tanzanian art. In the 1990s, her attention returned to West Africa, focusing on the search for unknown or poorly known objects, which led, most notably, to an exhibition of Ibo-Izi open-mouth terracotta and another on the Ofos of Nigeria

Mr Adrian Schlag
33 rue Joseph Stevens 1000 Bruxelles BELGIUM 
T +49 172 80 41 744 adrian@schlag.net

exhibition: 3 bis, rue des beaux-Arts The gallery was founded in 1996 in Cologne, Germany, followed by two years of assistant work with Phillipe Guimiot, and fairs in Cologne, Munich and Geneva.
Today Adrian Schlag receives his clients by appointment in Brussel in his apartment, rue Joseph Stevens, he shows a selection of classical pieces from Africa and Oceania. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.

complete details from the other participating  

Yann FERRANDIN 1000 Paris - France+33 (0)1 43 25 17 43 +33 (0)1 43 25 17 43 +33 (0)6 85 43 75 84 petit-fangATwanadoo.fr

The Aethiopia Gallery will show for 2006, three thematics exhibitions : A collection of shaman drums from Nepal; a toggle collection used to bring some medecine box or others at the bell, (as the netsuke in Japan); a selected collection of headdresses from Africa, Oceania and south-East Asia. Aethiopia, Mrs Agnès Woliner 23, rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris, FRANCE T + 33 1 46 34 09 03 agnes.zanga (at) free.fr ,

African Muse Gallery, Angelo Attilio Attili Asian Art, Antiquair K. Grusenmeyer, Arte y Ritual, Arts d Australie -, Stéphane Jacob, Chris Boylan - Oceanic Art, Claes Gallery, Dalton Somare  Arte Primitiva, Dandrieu Giovagnioni, Davide Manfredi, Dimondstein Tribal Arts, Entwistle Gallery, Galerie Afrique, 

Galerie Alain Bovis Alain Bovis and Ana & Antonio Casanovas from Arte y Ritual Gallery, " Nigeria - Jacques Kerchache Collection".An rare exhibition of 30 works from the private collection of Anne and Jacques Kerchache., 

Galerie Alain de Monbrison, Galerie Alain Lecomte, Galerie Bernard Dulon, Galerie Flak, Galerie Jacques Barrère, Galerie Jacques Germain, Galerie Joris Visser, Galerie Maine Durieu, Galerie Mermoz, Galerie Meyer - Oceanic Art, Galerie Patrick Fröhlich, Galerie Ratton-Hourdé, Galerie Serge Schoffel, Galerie Valluet-Ferrandin, Galerie Vanuxem, Jean-Baptiste Bacquart, Jo de Buck Tribal Art, 

Johann Levy Art Primitif (Johann Levy 40, rue Mazarine 75006 Paris FRANCE T + 33 1 43 25 24 64 F + 33 1 43 25 36 64 johann.levy (at) free.fr  presents is displaying an exceptional exhibition, which he has been lovingly preparing for the last 3 years. This exhibition will focus on wooden sculptures from Ancient Peru that, for the first time, demonstrate the richness and extreme diversity of a poor-know material, the unknown part of pre-Colombian art Collections. The exhibition is accompanied by a full-colour catalogue, with texts by André Emmerich and Sergio Purini, curator at the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels ) , 

John Giltsoff, Joseph Gerena, Kevin Conru Gallery,L an H. Pham, Le Toit du Monde, Lewis/Wara Gallery, Marcel Nies Oriental Art, Mauna Kea Galleries, Michael Hamson Oceanic Art, Noir d’Ivoire, Pace Primitive, Patrick Morgan Gallery, Renzo Freschi Oriental Art, Tambaran Gallery, Voyageurs et curieux, Wayne Heathcote Gallery, ....

 Alain Naoum

Pour la quatrième année consécutive, le quartier de Saint-Germain-des-Prés met à l'honneur les Arts d'Afrique, des Amériques, d'Asie, et d'Océanie, a le plaisir désormais d'accueillir des marchands venus du monde entier et les galeries les plus illustres.
C'est tout le cœur de Saint-Germain-des-Prés qui sera mobilisé autour des principaux marchands français qui y sont établis, les marchands étrangers (Angleterre, Australie, Belgique, Canada, Espagne, Italie, Suisse, USA) seront accueillis dans des espaces d'exposition du quartier mis à leur disposition pour l'occasion. Un principe offrant aux visiteurs une manifestation internationale à ciel ouvert, qui a su autant attirer des collectionneurs internationaux qu'initier de nouveaux publics.

Quartier St-Germain des Prés
75006 Paris

Du 16 au 25 septembre 2005

at Saint-Germain-des-Prés
African, American, Asian and Oceanic Art
From Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th of septembre 2005
11 am to 7 pm

Inauguration: Wednesday 14 th of septembre 2005 from 2pm to 9pm

The event is a celebration of African, American, Asian and Oceanic Art, welcoming 55 dealers from the most prestigious galleries around the globe in the streets

Salon du collectionneur

opening September 16,2005

 Géneralement il y a aussi quelques marchands d'Art Africain de renoms, participants au Salon du Collectionneur.
Créé en 2003, le Salon du Collectionneur Paris, qui se tiendra tous les deux ans en alternance avec la Biennale, accueille une centaine d'exposants européens et étrangers au sein du Carrousel du Louvre dans un décor plus sobre et par secteurs de même thème.
Les arts asiatiques, les arts du feu, les arts primitifs viendront ainsi se juxtaposer au mobilier et objets d'art du Moyen Age au XXème siècle, aux dessins et tableaux, aux textiles, à l'argenterie et bijoux anciens pour ne former qu'un seul salon de spécialités.

Carrousel du Louvre
99, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris

Du 16 au 25 septembre 2005

a report by David Norden & Luc ( http://ethnotribalart.com  an African weapons collector and member from the discussion group ) about 2004

The Show is getting mature. Most dealers showed only genuine pieces, or did fine thematic exhibitions. This made people more confident to buy, and so I saw tens of red dots. Also in France the new "defiscalisation" law, that allow companies that expose art to the general public to deduce 0.35 % from it's benefits, added to the good mood from the French buyers. So I saw French business captains like Louis Schweitzer (Renault ) or Mr. Mrs. Bernard Arnault (LVMH) people walking around with ... there body guards. And they bought, I have heard that some pieces like a Hemba sold for 1.000.000 euros. Also this years the Americans came back on a buying trip. There were more participants than ever with more than 50 dealers. The price level was strong, but such was the quality of the pieces. Very fine pieces on view with dealers from England , Australia, Belgium (De Buck, Christiaens, Visser) , Canada( Jacques Germain) , Spain (Casanova), Italy, Switzerland and the USA


The event was a celebration of African, American, Asian and Oceanic Art, welcoming dealers from the most prestigious galleries around the globe.

There were about twenty participants the first year, forty the second, and the 2004 edition had  more than fifty, of which 60% from abroad, with such notable newcomers as Chris Boylan (the first Australian gallery to participate), Lance Entwistle (GB), Jacques Germain (Canada) or Ratton-Hourdé (France). This year they had the pleasure of receiving more galleries specialised in Asian arts.

The whole centre of Saint-Germain-des-Prés was mobilized around the principal French dealers, while the foreign dealers (from England, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the USA) where accommodated in the show-rooms in the quartier made available for the occasion. In this way visitors had access to an international open-air event and attracted international collectors and scholars and initiated a new public.

The shows is  become a major element in the world market, reinforcing the essential, dynamic role of the city of Paris in the primary arts.

I liked the expos of Dulon (beautiful collection of Lobi), of Accrosonge ( Ibibio disease masks and Héhé of Tanzania, very beautiful eroded Idoma ), of Aethiopia (it is rare to see such a whole Burma collection), Le Toit du Monde made an expo on the Tibetan shamanism .Nice Tchokwe masks at Jo Christians gallery, and abstract masks at Jo de Buck...

A lot of visitors, nice weather and high prices.
It seems dynamic, I saw some deals.


You can read special articles about it in the two tribal art magazines on the market: Tribal, and eTribal.

MARKET REPORT: Paris goes tribal. November 2002 

found at artandantiques.net 

PARIS -- The City of Lights was bursting with artistic activity in late September, not least in the area of tribal arts. "Journeys to Worlds", was a new event, a multi-gallery exhibition in the Saint German-des-Pres area. It was sponsored by KAOS, a recently-launched tribal arts magazine created by Rik Gadella and Nathalie Ames. For four days, from September 19-22, tribal objects from 20 participating galleries specializing in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania were on display.

Most of the dealers were based in Paris. Invited foreign dealers included David Manfredi from Milan and Carlo Bella, the new director of Pace Primitive Gallery in New York. Bella in a very short time has become a major player in the field. The new event was well received. Galleries were packed and interest ran high. Sales for the most part were not brilliant, but the event seems promising and likely will offer stiff competition to the flagging Salon International d'Art Tribal, now in its fifth year, held at the Hotel Dassault at the Rond Point des Champs Elysees. (Several of the exhibitors in this year's fair, among them Kevin Conru of Brussels, Belgium, say they plan to exhibit in a gallery show instead of doing the fair next year.)

Paris market heats up
Paris has become an important part of the auction scene. The alliance between Christie's France and Alain Monbrison and Pierre Amrouche, two major French tribal arts dealers who were responsible for Christie's successful tribal sales in Paris for the past two years, has fallen apart. Christie's cancelled its December tribal arts sale, and the auction house has not yet announced a new head for its department. Bets are on Tim Teuton, who is now based in London and heads Christie's tribal arts department in Amsterdam. Sotheby's had its first sale in Paris on September 30. The 109-lot auction, which was conservatively valued at $1.8 million to $2.7 million, included a selection of great pieces that come from a massive European collection, that of Italian businessman Carlo Monzino (1931-1994), who was a collector in many diverse fields, including African art. Monzino bought the majority of the African and Oceanic art collection of British sculptor Jacob Epstein, who claims to have been the first western artist to have discovered African art (in 1963). He also bought selected items from the collection of James Hooper, a pioneer collector of Oceanic art, when it was sold at Christie's London in 1979.

At the Paris sale, all but nine of the lots sold, for a total of $4 million. The top lot came from the Hooper Collection: a very rare female Easter Island figure, which Jean Fritts, head of Sotheby's African and Oceanic Art department, believes to be the best of all known female figures of this type. The figure fetched the highest price $524,570 from a presale estimate of $250,000 to $350,000.

The second-highest price, $308,350 (from a presale estimate of $100,000 to $150,000) was paid for a male Easter Island figure. Meanwhile, a historic and unusual Marquesan Islands architectural element, first published at one of the earliest exhibitions of African and Oceanic art in Prague in 1913, sold to London dealer Lance Entwistle for $286,730, from a presale estimate of $50,000 to $80,000. It was the first piece of African art ever acquired by Jacob Epstein.
Looming competition
New competition for Sotheby's and Christie's looms in the creation of a new auction entity, a collaboration between several French businessmen and French auctioneers Francis Briest, Le Fur, and Etude Aguttes, who have formed a partnership to conduct auctions in various fields at the Hotel Dassault. The tribal arts expert for the company is Brussels dealer Bernard de Grunne, who is no stranger to the auction world, having been head of Sotheby's tribal department in New York City for a number of years. Their first sale, valued at up to $2 million, is scheduled for December 11. It will consist of material from four private collections. Highlights will include a finely modeled Benin bronze plaque, the provenance of which can be traced back to the looting of Benin in 1897. Also noteworthy is a Maori adze with a jade blade and a wood handle with a tiki figure on top, and a staff from the Ovimundo, a small tribe in Eastern Angola. "Ideally we would like to hold tribal sales twice a year " says de Grunne. "It all depends on the material."
-- Amy Page


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