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Ebay African art

African Animals as artists ...elephant create Art sold at Ebay seriously

Jose Vermeersch
An Artist with a Vision

Is it Art ?

Contemporary art from Africa

New sculptures along the art museum's trail signal global outlook

"Contemporary art from Africa is the same as contemporary art from Germany or China or the US or anywhere else," said Schoonmaker, an African art aficionado ...

Moe install her sculpture 'Collapse I.'


Revisions - Expanding The Narrative Of South African Art: The Campbell Smith Collection - Hayden Proud

'Neglected South African artists' given a place in history


Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts presents a kids film festival in New York this summer

Johannesburg Art Gallery - Africa Remix Back Home

Johannesburg Art Gallery - Africa Remix Back HomePatrice Felix Tchicaya's 'Fin de cycle (End of Cycle)' (2007)--a video installation with sound, three DVD projections and mirrors
(c) Africa Remix: Contemporary Art of a Continent, museum kunst palast; at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, 2007


Shona stone sculptures Art hewn from the spine of Zambia

The Great Dyke is like the spine of Zimbabwe. The 500-kilometre ridge of volcanic rock that bisects the country from north to south is home to precious minerals like gold, silver, platinum and nickel.

South Meridian: Blood Art from Africa?

Everywhere one looks these days, the supposedly "forgotten" continent is under the glare of spotlights. But there is a thin line between patronage and plunder.


architecture of the veil fowler

african encounters video

See more African Art videos

Bell-Roberts south africa gallery
A crash course in contemporary South African art. A cache of Good Hope 

Stand in a room filled with South African art and you realise how precious little of it you are exposed to. The artists present aren’t surprised, or offended. “You’ve probably only heard of William Kentbridge,” offers Kevin Brand graciously. Brand himself is a master of media, using prosaic symbols to make serious social and political commentary. 

Anne Fourcroy secret photography dealer

Fire in the heart 24 hours a day.

“Fire in the Heart”, an exhibit of paintings by Foad Satterfield influenced by African art,as well as African art objects from his collection .

primitivism revisited


related article: Imitating the Primitive Art. Whatever you do with "primitive" art will get you in trouble, and putting the word in quotes won't help.

Chapunga sculpture park Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture


Newark Museum Expanding Africa  
This exhibition highlights an exciting new direction for The Newark Museum’s African collection. It features work produced between the late 1960s and 2006 by eight artists of diverse geographic and cultural backgrounds. All are recent acquisitions. Viewed together, they expand our understanding of Africa and its artists, providing a window into the ongoing artistic creativity of this dynamic continent.

Hit and Miss, Bob Kuhn sold at Sotheby's

read also the interview about the very high results: South African paintings

Museum to auction Hit and Miss off art

Genesee Country Village to sell 50 pieces that could fetch $2M

African American foodAfrican American food

Soul Food! African American Cookery and Creativity

Yours for a Tender Thanksgiving Dinner, 1910, Postcard, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2". ACAC; Simpson Collection, AF.

related > our recipes for whiskey stills

DIANE ZULIANI, an art history instructor and gallery director, looks over a Zimbabwe stone art sculpture show at Chabot College.

Guggenheim Museum BilbaoGuggenheim Museum Bilbao Guggenheim Bilbao to open 100% Africa exhibition


This unique exhibition features the most important works from the Contemporary African Art Collection, considered one of the world’s finest private collections of modern art from the African continent.

ifa lethu soulIfa Lethu Lost township art returns to SA

Lost works by artists living in South Africa's strife-torn townships in the 1970s and 1980s are to return home.

Hector Acebes : PORTRAITS IN AFRICA 1948-1953


Spank Moons the cyclist - 1980Spank Moons Photography

 the cyclist - 1980


Cape Africa

has launched Trans Cape, South Africa's first and largest contemporary African art exhibition, which will open in Cape Town on September 23 and run for four weeks. Work from approximately 70 contemporary artists from across Africa will be showcased.

Landmarks in the globalisation of modern African art

Contemporary African art is experiencing a renaissance in the West, moving beyond the primitivism of 1906 when western artists were influenced by traditional African art, and which sparked off a trend in the 1930s and 1940s of showing African artworks in the West.

Seydou Keita: From tin of negatives, mural-sized conflicts

Even by the elevated standard of the New York art world, the rumor was exceptional: a tin of negatives buried in Africa for three decades that, when opened, revealed the work of a photographer who was neither "outsider" nor "indigenous" but spectacularly modern. And so the bejeweled and bohemian showed up at the Gagosian Gallery the evening of Oct. 18, 1997, wearing Fulani bracelets beneath their Charvet cuffs, blouses referencing Matisse referencing North African fabrics, Xhosa men in dinner jackets.

Africa in broad sweeps and bold brushstrokes in New York

Bakassi. Chelsea. Ecomog. Dark Sailor. Mac Lord. Nixson. King Solomon. Poncho Picolo. Top Squad. What sounds like an international hip-hop roll call is a list of brand-name liquors found in Nsukka, a city in Nigeria. 

Guy Tillim African War

Guy Tillim: Leopold and Mobutu is at the Photographers' Gallery, London W1, until September 25,2005. Details:020-7831 1772. Africa wants to change its image - but african war history casts a long shadow. Jonathan Jones on a telling photography show...

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Antwerp Fashion Museum – MoMu Beyons desire, African inspired fashion.

Jean Pigozzi

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston presents "African Art Now", Masterpieces from the Jean Pigozzi Collection January 28h to May 9th, 2005.


Africa Remix

Samuel Fosso. Africa RemixHayward Gallery Southbank London

10 February - 17 April 2005


Belger Arts Center for Creative Studies, 2100 Walnut St., Missouri Kansas USA 

Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday; on First Fridays from 6 to 9:30; and by appointment. Docents available. Call (816) 474-3250 


Power of the Written Word Underscores Tradition in  African Art

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, 950 Independence Ave. SW Washington

Artists incorporate text with design at Washington museum exhibit

TEXTures: Word and Symbol in Contemporary African Art" opened February 11 and runs through September 4, 2005. 



The University of Houston Blaffer Gallery
120 Fine Arts Building Houston, Texas 77204-4018
Tel 713 743 9530

Presented in conjunction with The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston this exhibition will feature hairstyles from Ovibiomu-Emai, Nigeria worn at celebrations, festivals, and marriages. These hairstyles contain ancient history, accumulated knowledge and the present state of a living culture. The exhibition is co-organized by Terrie Sultan, Director, Blaffer Gallery, and André Magnin, Curator and Artistic Director CAAC: Contemporary African Art Collection.

Fiber Art

Fiber artKiyomi Iwata, Orange Box, 1995, silk, organza and metal thread, Smithsonian American Art Museum, (c) 1995 Kiyomi Iwata.

-"High Fiber" is on view at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum from March 11 through July 10 2005. The exhibition presents many important milestones of the American fiber art movement and illustrates the diversity of contemporary craft created from the mid 20th century to the present. The exhibition features a variety of objects -- quilts, baskets, tapestries and sculpture among others -- by artists such as Anni Albers, Lia Cook, Kiyomi Iwata, Mary A. Jackson, Ed Rossbach, Jon Eric Riis and Claire Ziesler. "High Fiber" includes 69 objects by 61 artists. 


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