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advertise african art
- The African Antiques site is created by David Norden, one of the few professional African Art Dealers with a content rich website on African Art. 

The site covers auctions, museums fair news, and gossips and averages more than a 200,000 page impressions every month.

David Norden has seen some of his articles in Belgian Newspapers, and participate regularly at African Art Fairs around the world. 

The African Antiques website also host discussion groups in English and French, and has a newsletter read by more than 4000 people.

David Norden has sold his advertising to famous auction houses, dealers, book publishers and fairs around the world.

The African Antiques website is one of the most popular website on African Art not just in Belgium, but the whole world among collectors, curators, and dealers.

David Norden is " of the most widely read African art websites, and the most complete news source for African art online."
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