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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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General photography magazines associations masks music 


general info on Africa

African recipes The Congo Cookbook. Some pop-ups, but good content if you want to do some African Cooking +- 150 recipes.

Ashanti African Gold from the David's collection Switzerland (German site)

Focus on Africa from the BBC world services 

Photo Africa West. Nice pictures from the Lobi. 

BlackVue. Black search engine and news

AfricaServer African vibrancies in the Netherlands 

African Sourcebook for African nations . History of specific nations in Africa, information about the slave trade, information about various states in modern Africa, important people of African descent, documents that can be read on line, and much more. 

See the Islam Sourcebook and the Jewish Sourcebook for information from these perspectives.

Orientation Africa. Find local information on Africa. Also good african art page and search engine.

Africa South of Sahara

Visit Africa on the World Wide Web - a valuable resource containing an alphabetized listing of individual African nations through its "Window on Africa", and also including other information: business, politics, history, education, religion, sports, and more.

Michel Van Rijn If you like exhibitionism, and cheap sensionalism. He doesn't like NOK Figures. He is a journalist Art Dealer specialized in art scandals, he fooled many people and works with official instances . Site is nice and catchy. It is a little funny because the crimes he presents are not the crimes from the century as he would us make believe.  Related: Icom red list with interesting infos about terracotta's. 

Cultural Property Protection in the USA. With some image from what you should not have in your collection. Will they tell you what to collect?

Current Events in Africa, from the African News Agency

Index on Africa  News, country, index pages. A comprehensive guide to the continent.

African folktales from the African Stories Treasure Trove - a rich legacy of literature, animal and non-animal stories, with links to folktales from the Clearinghouse of online resources.

African Primates - complete with photos, vocalizations, status, and other information 

Take a tour on Africa's Wildest Web - containing information on Africa, African Wildlife, and Travel.


African photography

Axis Gallery. South african art and photography. Nice site with background informations.

Black beauty's. Beautiful pictures from black woman . ENJOY.

African photographers. The french website from "Revue Noire" with texts and images about african photographers.

Dogon and Lobi. A photographic journey 

Excite Maps and travel info 



"The World of Tribal Art", a magazine co-founded by Philippe Bourgoin and Alex Arthur, has disappeared at the end of year 2002 and has been split in two separate magazines.  Art Tribal, etribal, the magazine of tribal arts by P. Bourgoin and Tribal by Alex Arthur (join trough my website at Tribal magazine or mention me in your comments when you join online at Tribal  to support me) .

Another magazine on the market is African Arts from UCLA The J.S. Coleman African Studies Center, with articles on contemporary arts and classic african arts.

There is also "Arts d'Afrique Noire" in French by Lehuard, but he has no website

Art tribal, old online articles (French)

A Internet ArtResources The collector’s guide to the visual arts!

AFRICULTURES le magazine des cultures africaines . French.  

African Arts Quarterly online magazine from Florida with all titles from past articles


African Art Aesthetics and Meaning

Roger Asselberghs Once the best known Belgian african art photographer

Internet African History Sourcebook



African Associations

AOI Visual & Performing Arts or African Odyssey Kennedy center, modern art.

ATADA the Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association mostly native American Dealers.

Bruneaf Belgian dealers association, see also my travel Brussels page and  Brussels fair

Afrique virtuelle french.  

Arts Afrique

Religious Studies-Art History 

Iccrom International Center for the Study of the preservation and Restoration of cultural property. I hate these guy's, they say that you may not deal in archaeology.  Much better is who questions itself


AFRICAN ART & EUROPE influence on painting.

Welcome to Africa Online

Africa Online African Art and Handicrafts

Adire African textiles, dedicated to rugs, carpets, textiles 

African Gallery hampton edu

African Sculpture




African Fine Art douglas fraser

Sahel Tech 'DOGON'

African Music About african music instruments World music organisation in Portugal Gives information on african musicians, glossary, addresses from distributors, etc. No online music. African radio list, Yoruba photo essay, and other texts.

Africamix Art and Music festival.  

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The Tribal Arts of Africa

The Tribal Arts of Africa
Author: Jean-Baptiste Bacquart

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