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africa business daily  APafrica business daily: Cell Phones Vital in Developing World

In South Africa, cell phones serve as a virtual office for carpenters, painters and other laborers who post their numbers on handwritten signs advertising their skills.

Africa fm radio East Africa: African Press Freedom is Dying; Long Live the FM 'Revolution'

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China-Africa trade links Africa offshore.
Less than a year after his last visit, Chinese President Hu Jintao will make another swing through Africa from Tuesday. Hu's eight nation tour starts in Cameroon and is expected to yield more business deals and aid pledges, part of a flood of Chinese largesse towards the world's poorest continent in the last three years.

Angola Africa Diamonds Production To Reach 10 Million Karat In 2008
Diamond production in Angola is expected to reach 10 million karat until 2008, against the eight million reached in 2006,á  

Nigeria daily Nigeria militants report jail break of a leader held by security forces

High-Tech Genocide in Congo
The world's most neglected emergency, according to the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, is the ongoing tragedy of the Congo, where six to seven million have died since 1996 as a consequence of invasions and wars sponsored by western powers trying to gain control of the region's mineral wealth.á
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Africa business awardsAfrica business awards "Learning to Love African business" - Monique Maddy speaks at Google

Upon graduating from Harvard Business School, Maddy, born in Liberia and educated in Britain and the U.S., relocates to Tanzania to execute a start-up business providing telephone service.á africanbhy6ttdf3cxfr

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