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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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American Indian

All these American Indian Items where bought around 1980 at Christie's in London.  Most of them are Sioux  and to be dated begin XIXth century. 

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American-indian-armband.jpg (101580 bytes) 1) American Indian armbands Northeastern /Woodlands 
American-indian-beads 2) Beads band 1. 
American-indian-beads2.jpg (116832 bytes) 3) beads band 2 , with old Christie's sticker from 1981. 
American-indian-feather-headdress.jpg (74332 bytes)  4) American feather headdress, feathers, beads, hair, tissue .
American-indian-horn-stick.jpg (92408 bytes) 5)Horn Stick . Plains war clubs. 
American-indian-knot.jpg (97988 bytes) 6) Knot with metallic parts. 
American-indian-shoes2.jpg (92724 bytes) 7)Pair of Shoes 1. 
American-indian-shoes1.jpg (160060 bytes) 8) Pair of Shoes 2.In very good condition. 
American-indian-shoes3.jpg (98180 bytes) 9) Old Pair of Shoes 3. 
American-indian-small-bag-side2 10) Small bag in skin and beads around anno 1820.

Kiowa. The Crow in the northern plains and the Kiowa in the southern plains share common design elements and technique. The blue dye and black and white beading along the top is very southern plains. 

American-indian-stone 11) Stone knot with beads. Sioux or Plains war clubs.


American-indian-stone-hair2 12) Stone knot with hair. Sioux or Plains war clubs.

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"Visit Native American and First Nation communities across North America!"

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