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Business Foreclosure News

Home market correction County homes sales decline in January 2007

San Luis Obispo County home sales and the median price continued on a downward slide in January, which is typically a slow month for real estate activity.


 Real estate websites developers boost interest with webisodes


Foreclosure auctions

Get On The Right Trac and Find The House of your dreams!
Foreclosure auctions homes for $1,000?

The Ultimate Weapon: Real Estate OptionsNew for 2007!

The Ultimate Weapon: Real Estate Options

In this ebook you'll learn the real hardcore, strong nitty-gritty, methods of making cash in real estate, without the risk!

This was written by a former home builder and remodeling contractor reveals the secret, hidden techniques to make serious sums of cash investing in real estate with options.

e-in business Foreclosure & Watch List (Feb. 4-10, 2007): Take Me Over. A Weekly Column of Distressed Commercial Properties, Mortgages and Corporate News

Real Estate Investor Guru To Speak at the Learning Annex Real Estate & Wealth Expo

View foreclosure pictures  top 10 data

Foreclosure Rescue Scams They call themselves mortgage rescue services, and they promise to keep your house out of foreclosure. 


Farewell to ARMs Many refinance adjustable-rate mortgages

Stop Foreclosure County foreclosure rate triples in 2006

...Some of those homes are on the list for two years, because homeowners make small payments or progress enough to stop foreclosure immediate proceedings. ... 

How Do Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) Work?

In past decades, many people have been trained to think that a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is the only way to go when it comes to getting a mortgage. They look negatively on adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) because they fear the adjustable part. But there are advantages to having an ARM and times where a long-term fixed-rate mortgage doesn't really make as much sense.

Hud apparaisals  
Velazquez's Fight to Preserve Affordable Housing

Economic Indicators hud housing in odessa texas 'spectacular'

Ingham said the Midland-Odessa construction sector "was simply on fire all year long" and wasn't slowing down at the end of the year with the nearly $370 million in construction projects offering economic stimulus for up to the next two years. 

Short sale

Millions of Americans are faced with the possibility of foreclosure

Short sale Millions of Americans are faced with the possibility of foreclosure yet do not realize they have definite and reliable options to save their home. Short sales expert, Eli Tene is working to inform distressed property owners of these viable alternatives, the foremost being a short sale transaction.


Forex Dollar Trading held on to its gains after the stronger than expected US services sector

business credit card small business 
Sweeping change to the credit card system in the European Union...

accept credit card  HSBC Credit Card Services has launched a mobile phone payments pilot, in partnership with MasterCard and ViVOtech.

credit card
Fighting off credit card debt

Hate the house? Get a construction mortgage loan

Love the neighborhood, hate the house. That is a common enough complaint from both current homeowners and prospective homeowners.

Lenders have an increasingly attractive alternative for people in this situation: renovation loans. With these, a borrower who wants to move into an existing home need not compromise on quality, and the homeowner who has outgrown the house but does not want (or cannot afford) to move can upgrade more economically.


mortgage foreclosure florida 
Real Estate: The Next Hot Market
In 26 years of doing it, I still get surprises, and there is money to be made in it.”--Julian Dominguez, Real Estate Investor

construction mortgage loan for house foreclosure that have



capital one online payments 

The credit trap When Bruce Minor moved nearly $5,000 in debt to a low-interest credit card in 2004, he expected to pay off the balance transfer in a few years. One $95 monthly payment at a time, Minor chipped away at what he owed. Until late 2005.
That's when he slipped up.
He missed one payment by a day when Chase, the card issuer, changed his due date. Then his check bounced. He replaced the money six days later. But it was too late.

His rate of 5 percent skyrocketed to 28 percent.

Housing defaults, foreclosures listings rise in Fresno

hud approved lender  Foreclosure fraud is becoming a common problem in the United States, according to experts and law enforcement officials. Here are 5 foreclosure tips on how to avoid these scams


foreclosure data florida , soar nationwide Home foreclosures rose in Florida data and nationwide during 2006, up 42 percent nationwide and 2 percent in Florida, according to a national survey released Thursday by RealtyTrac, a California-based company.

Savannah Real Estate  

8 Points to avoid hud foreclosure ?

business credit cards 

Credit card hawkers inceasingly eager to get smaller business accounts

Houses for sale stand vacant

Slowdown leaves half of homes on market unoccupied

hud housing in odessa texas


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