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Aids, fidelity abstinence and no Dans Movies

“The existence of mutually incompatible systems of values may create problems for children who are striving to learn appropriate patterns of behaviour. It is confusing when parents and authority figures state that adolescents should not engage in sexual intercourse and at the same time permit, encourage and actually arrange social affairs in such a way that both sexes spend great deal of time together.” (Dr G.Das) 

In some respects aids prevention awareness campaigns centered upon the use of condoms may hurt moral feelings as compared to methods such as abstinence and fidelity. 

This deadly disease which is destroying nations has since its identification in the 1980’s claimed the lives of more than 27 million people worldwide, while 40.3 million are currently believed to be infected with HIV. 

Factors such as lack of education, a polygamous lifestyle and taboos about sexually transmitted diseases amongst others makes of Africa the most affected continent with the record figure of 26 million cases for the sub Saharan region alone! 

Great Kenyan athletes like Paul Kipkoech, Bruno Masya and Chelimo are suspected to have died from aids though the official causes are different, most probably owing to the taboo surrounding the disease. This life-threatening situation calls for an exploration of all life-saving avenues. 

While abstinence and fidelity are most appropriate ways of fighting the disease , these methods should be consistent with our sets of values. 

We should walk the talk. For example, how would we be able to apply these methods when we endorse the western mass media, movies and songs which use sex and sexual instincts to meet their ends? Is it not true that such themes as fidelity,marriage and romanticism are almost absent in most western video clips and movies? Are we not light-years away from the generation of “La petite maison dans la prairie” ? 

To promote fidelity and abstinence as weapons against aids, immorality and other social disorders we should seriously reject other incompatible systems of values. 

Gandhi said that an “education which does not teach us to discriminate between good and bad, to assimilate the one and enshew the other, is a misnomer”. Hence we should with even more ardour educate our children at home,in church and at school about the many dangers of a «laisser faire» style of living which treacherously wears the cloak of freedom. 

Teach them when and why to say no to peer pressure with regard to pop stars whose behaviour does not conform with our ideals, condemn video clips and songs which suggest that there is nothing wrong with sex so long as both partners “wanna do it” . 

Parents should also avoid endorsing situations where youngsters are allowed to interact freely without adult supervision especially to tunes which suggest licentious behaviour. 

Unless we uproot the weeds which prevent the seeds of an amoral approach to sex from germinating, we won’t be able to grow in the fields of fidelity and abstinence. 

uncensored Dans movies offers me Free Movies no popups or bullshit 

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