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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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Discusses about African art

In this section you'll find some texts about more controversial subjects about African art pieces, like dealing in items on the Unesco Red list, etc...

 David Norden.

Valuing African Art

Are we forgetting our heritage? The importance of valuing art

valuing african art

The trade and exhibition of African art on the international market is a large scale business on a global scale, while it is undervalued and its importanc e overlooked in many African countries. Read valuing African art


African Traditions on Bonfire

Pentecostal doctrine quickening loss of valuable Nigerian artifacts
 ACHINA, Nigeria: Born in a family of traditional priests in southeastern Nigeria, 52-year-old Ibe Nwigwe converted to Christianity as a boy. Under the sway of born-again fervor as a man, he gathered the paraphernalia of ancestral worship — a centuries old stool, a metal staff with a carved wooden handle and a carved god figure — and burned them as his pastor watched. read African traditions on bonfire in Nigeria

Daughters of the DustRobert Farris Thompson comments on the symbols, aesthetics and spiritual meanings in Julie Dash's African-American movie Daughters of the Dust.

(Already gave impressions about descriptions on E-Bay rap - but ok, yesss, David, let's talk again about one of the Gorgona of your nightmares : E-Bay and its Sheherazades.)

Art Rageendangered species OUT OF AFRICA: Kim Johnson says an undercover agent entrapped her. She stands accused of selling products made from endangered species. OUR NAMES and genealogy were taken away by slavery, but the scramble for art has also removed important pieces of Africa’s historical jigsaw.

"art rage" comment: The Africans are still not happy with the past. Not everything is black or white, gray is also a shade of color, and African People also are dealing in African Art, or sold things in the past. Not all African Art comes from "punitive expeditions" or is art rage looted.

David Norden

Tusk Luck : What's gray, has a trunk and could send you to prison for 40 years? read endangered species 

OUT OF AFRICA: Kim Johnson with a modern Tschokwe mask in her hand says an undercover agent entrapped her. She stands accused of selling products made from endangered species.

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 J. Paul Getty TrustGetty grant: Getty Foundation Announces Grant for New York's Museum for African Art

Funding Allows Publication and Documentation of African Art and Culture

papoua new guinea |  De YoungPapua New Guinea claims the San Francisco museum doesn't have a right to items in an exquisite collection. It adds a twist in the debate over cultural treasures.

The De Young reopened in October with Marcia and John Friede’s collection of Papoua New Guinea art put on display upstairs.

Battle for return of stolen Kenyan African art

Kenyan art battleMany years ago, thousands of priceless craft were looted and shipped overseas. A few are back now, on a short loan from Britain. They have a strange cheer around them ... but they will be spirited away again to cold and alien cages.

South-Africa Looting

Modern-Day Looting of the Treasures of the Past


Looting African Art Archeologists broadly support UNESCO's simple equation, cultural property = national patrimony. But The Why Files chanced upon a contrary opinion from Kwame Anthony Appiah, a professor of philosophy at Princeton University, who proposes a different approach (see "Whose Culture..." in the bibliography). Instead of insisting that antiquities remain at home, he prefers that countries regulate them in a way that promotes local museums, allow some exports to foreign museums, and earns money for local people at the same time.

Art of Africa This year's African art exhibitions were meant to make us think again about the continent. But if admiring art was enough to change the world, Africa would have got justice long ago, says Jonathan Jones. He decided to go in search of the art that doesn't get into galleries, but has real function in the lives of ordinary Africans

Art teaching Giving African Art teaching an Example of What It Is Due 
A century from now, art historians will shake their heads in disbelief at what universities were teaching circa 2005. How, they will wonder, could scholars have been so obtuse? 

De Morgen In Belgium you can buy without problem African archaeological treasures that never should have left Africa  . 

Pandora-Box-on-fakes I live in Africa and I am visited on a regular basis by dealers who roam the country side and frequently come up with true gems. Nevertheless, some of the regular dealers I am now shunning as they have - due to the rapidly declining supply of good and genuine pieces - increasingly reverted to knowingly selling brand new pieces that have very skillfully been made to look old. 

Unesco We asked George Ortiz what he thought of the pillaging of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad... 
"On the 19th of March 2003, the US invaded Iraq, foreseeable for months before. The  looting of the Baghdad Museum three weeks later is horrifying.

Artefacts seized Smuggled African historic art and archaeological objects of incalculable value, said to be enough to fill a museum, were put on show by French customs Saturday after being seized on their way from Niger to Belgium. 

African weapons in Museums, Galleries and in Literature 
Weapons cannot on their own be used to explain the complexities of and the reasons for conflict. Nonetheless, it is pertinent to note that anthropologists have only recently begun to be forthcoming on the subject of warfare.

The Ancient Rock Art of Africa, at Risk 
KAKAPEL, Kenya - There are two markedly different manmade etchings on a rock face here, and it is hard to decide which is the more jaw-dropping.

african rock art threat International experts in early human art are calling for greater protection to save many of these ancient paintings from destruction. 
They say rock paintings by early man in Africa are particularly at risk, as human populations grow, and expose sites to vandalism and graffiti. 

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The Tribal Arts of Africa

The Tribal Arts of Africa
Author: Jean-Baptiste Bacquart

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