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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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five days in Paris

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a story in images

pictures and text by David Norden

First the Vérité...


Shiwaras-verite1,9 M€ à une divinité Nimba Baga de Guinée (lot 159)
Three Shiwara's in a row

Alain de Monbrison perfectly orchestred this event that became the biggest African Art auction ever with 44 Million euros sold costs included. 

If you have a fast connection you can download the 55MB pdf catalogue and the result list

15.000 people visited Drouot in two days  to see the perfectly presented 514 object! 

Ligbi - lot 64 veriteEven if it had some native restorations I liked very much a Ligbi mask lot 64, it sold for 58.000 €
Baule mask-lot 134- Verite.Baule mask-lot 134- Verite. sold for 63,000€

.... Then Branly 

Chirac inaugure BranlyOn tuesday morning Chirac inaugurate the Branly museum in presence of Australian artists, Mr Koffy Annan, Claude Lévi-Strauss,  etc.. He held an inaugural speach.

Jean Nouvel -(c)David NordenA happy Jean Nouvel-the architecte of the Quai Branly- in front of the glass wall quai Branly. (photo David Norden)

shiwara-branlyThis is how the Shiwara are on view in the Branly Museum
file quai branly.Friday the entrance was free so I thought I will go back to see how people react, but when I arrived it was a madhouse, the Museum was surrounded. The official day of the inauguration you had to wait 3 hours to visit the quai Branly. That day 9000 visitors got into the Museum. I was happy to have visited it on Tuesday.

Sotheby's auction

They did quite well, and sold for 9M €Urhobo-Sothebys

sothebys Pais june 06.jpg (53928 bytes)

This huge Urhobo is welcoming the visitors invited at the Sotheby's reception, it sold for 1,000.000 € without costs.

Bangwa-Sothebys A Belgian dealer paid 850,000 euros without costs for this fine Bangwa in the same auction.

An African interviewed at SothebysAn African interviewed at Sothebys, the Songye nr 110 in his back sold for 290.000€ without costs 

Gallery's in Paris

Most dealers had quite interesting exhibitions Mumuye-Flack 

Un défilé de Mumuyes chez la Galerie Flak rue des Beaux-arts, avec un catalogue bien interessant par écrit par Neyt.

John MawurndjulWayuk Waterlili John MawurndjulAfrican Muse Gallery gave a party in presence of John Mawurndjul the Aboriginal artist who painted a roof at the Branly Museum

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