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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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World Premiere: The Ubangi exhibition at the Berg en Dal Museum 

This exhibition Ubangi is the very first of its kind about this tribe . ( or read also the Dutch version Ubangi kunst)

Neuberger Museum gives African collection a new home


Ancestral Origins of African Masterpieces Explored

Sculptural Element from a Reliquary Ensemble. Kota peoples, Mindumu group; Gabon, Upper Ogooué river. 19th century. Wood, copper, brass. H. 15 ¾ in. (40 cm). Musée du Quai Branly, Paris 71.1884.37.22

Resonance from the Past at The Middlebury College Museum of Art 


More than 80 African sculptures comprise the Middlebury College Museum of Art's newest exhibition, including an intricately assembled masquerade dance costume.

Arts of Africa at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

The Brooklyn Museum of Art in the USA present an exhibition dedicated to the Arts of Africa, showcasing over 250 works, of great variety and quality, depicting more than 2500 years in the history of African Art.

african fang reliquary African Reliquary 
Ancestral Origins of African Masterpieces At The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will present a special exhibition of acclaimed sculptural masterpieces from the heart of Africa’s equatorial rainforest, beginning October 2, 2007.

African Art Takes Center Stage At Local Museum


Seattle Art Museum African art
Spirit and flesh fuse through art in Africa. SAM African art curator Pam McClusky brings home the message that ceremonial art is alive and well through.


find more about the Minneapolis benin head

Barbier-Mueller museum reopens with an exhibition of its "jewels"

The cultural institution, showcasing art from Africa, Asia and Oceania in the heart of Geneva's old town, celebrates its 30th anniversary after being closed for renovations.

Barbier-Mueller Jewels reopens(April 2007)

Kuyu Tribe 
Met acquires important Kuyu standing figure

Lot 202 Kuyu bought by the Metropolitan at the vente Vérité for 350,000 € + costs

African Colors

Maiden Siprit Mask (Mukuyi). Early 20th Century. Punu, Gabon. The Baltimore Museum of Art: Gift of Alan Wurtzburger, BMA 1954.145.63

Meditations on African Art Colors

April 18–August 19, 2007 Free exhibition


Unmasking the meaning behind color in African art

material journeys MFA

african vision New discoveries about African art Smithsonian unveils intriguing finds in legendary private collection

African Antiques newsletter March 2007

new Rietberg Museum opens with Emerald ceiling

African Art Patron Daniel Yohannes brings business and political connections to his seat on the Denver Art Museum's board of trustees.

illuminating African ArtBALTIMORE - The Baltimore Museum of Art is bringing African art into the light.

The exhibit, titled Meditations on African Art: Light, is the first in a three-part series that will examine the use of light, color and pattern in the objects of the BMA’s African art collection.

read : Illuminating African art

Dance Mask with Superstructure (D’mba). c. 1938. African, Guinea The Baltimore Museum of Art: Gift of Alan Wurtzburger, Baltimore. BMA


 Sackler Portugal Treasures: "Encompassing the Globe: Portugal and the World in the 16th and 17th Centuries," will have 300 objects from Brazil, the Persian Gulf, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan and China. The three-month show, which was formally announced at a news conference in Lisbon, will open June 23, 2007. The exhibit will take up so much space that some of it will overflow into the Smithsonian's adjacent National Museum of African Art.

Encompassing the Globe: Portugal and the World in the 16th and 17th Centuries 

african postcard Edmond Fortier Wolof girlAt the Museum of African Art, Images Deliver Reminder of Innocence Found, and Exploited 

read African postcards

Review: African architectural pieces offer many reasons to see them

Charles Wright DETROIT -- The mix was complex, to say the least. Indigenous architecture developed in Africa by fusing pragmatic concerns with native spiritual beliefs. In parts of the continent with international traffic, influences from the Middle East and Europe also contributed.

For the new director of the Centre for Black African Art and Civilization in Lagos culture are not only artifacts or crafts and all other kinds of visual products but also includes those other intangible aspects of life including languages, indigenous technologies, native science, traditional governance systems and religion. 

USA Museum list articles in this section:

Virtual Museum ] African-Americans SF ] Chicago-ceramics ] Newark Museum ] Cleveland arms ] de Young-SF ] Museum of fine arts Boston ] Brooklyn Museum ] New Orleans Museum ] Detroit Institute DIA ] SAMA Artistry ] Museum for African Art ] Barbier-Mueller ] Cleveland ] Dallas-Museum-of-Arts ] Indianapolis ] Columbia-Urhobo ] NMAA Art-Treasures ] Baltimore-museum ] Dapper postcolonial ] Fine-arts-Houston ] Menil-Houston-Texas ] Louvres-Islamic art ] Minneapolis ] Metropolitan ] Israel Museum Jerusalem ] Orlando-Museum ] Cincinnati art museum ] Philadelphia-Museum ] Polk-Museum-of-Art ] african culture Portland ] Smithsonian-Washington ] SMA fathers New Jersey ] Tervueren ] UMKC-Belger Arts ] Whitman-New-Jersey ] West-Valley-Arizona ] Kunstkamera-Petersburg ] Ethnology-Vienna ] Irma-Stern-Museum ] Appleton museum Ocala ] UCLA-Fowler ] Benin Museum ] Weltkulture ] DuSable Museum ] Cuba museum ] fineartshouston ] Bowers museum ] Museu Afro Brazil ] airport art ] Nelson Atkins ] Zora Neale ] branly museum ] Longyear museum ] Douglas society Denver ] Denver art museum ] Centre Black African Civilization ] charles wright ] Seattle Art Museum ] Samuel Dorsky ] High museum Atlanta ]

Denver Art Museum new African Art department.

Longyear Museum

Colgate boosts local arts scene with exhibitions, forum

...The visual arts are alive and well in central New York, and Colgate is contributing much to several events and exhibitions — including three concurrent exhibitions showing African art from the Longyear Museum of Anthropology —all taking place in the coming week... 

  21st Annual African Marketplace and Cultural Fair
A. Sat., Sun., Mon., Sept. 2 - 4, 2006

Metropolitan photography Hidden Gems (150,000 of Them)

The Photograph Study Collection consists of more than 120,000 photographs dedicated to the arts of Africa, the Pacific Islands, and native and Precolumbian America. 

For some, Branly museum hits close to the heart 

PARIS When Patricia Mavoungou, a municipal employee from the Paris suburbs, brought her son to France's new museum of non-Western art, the first thing they did was search for artifacts from the Congo Republic, where she was born. And they found them: two Punu masks on dramatic display

Textile display gives peak into African culture

Colorful costumes serve special purposes in festival rituals at Zora Neale.

This detail of the Fante Asafo fighting flag from Ghana shows applique figures in scenes that represent the Fante resistance to Portuguese imperialism.

Nelson-Atkins African Art Collection


Bowers museum 


African Gold 

Gold Dazzles at the National Museum of African Art online exhibit :"African Gold"  on view for extended run in Washington Akan artist, Ghana  Sword handle of a hand holding a snake Gold leaf and wood

Albuquerque museum's first major exhibit of African sculptures, masks, ceramics and textiles shows how a culture's creations go to the core of its beingwestern city of Matanzas by painter Lorenzo Tomas Padilla Diaz. 

Chirac Museum Project Drives Paris Market...

Branly: discours de Jacques Chirac 

video BBC Branly Museum  

Arts premiers : Jacques Chirac rend hommage aux "peuples humiliés et méprisés"

Longyear Museum Colgate boosts local arts scene with exhibitions, forum

Nelson-Atkins African Art Collection

Brown University Bill Van Siclen: African exhibit illuminates depths below the surface

Gold Dazzles at the National Museum of African Art online exhibit :"African Gold"  on view for extended run in Washington 


Cuban Museum Receives Multi-Million Dollar African Art Donation

Havana, An African art collection valued in $3.2 million was donated to the Art Museum in Cuba’s 

Tatoos Skin Marks  
The exhibition "Skin Marks - Body Pictures", on display in the main building of the museum from the 29th April, 2006 to September, 2007 shows the human skin as a projection surface for artistic design. 

Indianapolis Museum of Art renovations

...Most of the 12,251 square feet of space is devoted to African art -- a total of 400 works, including 30 pieces that have never been shown in the gallery... 

Museum fur Volkerkunde in Vienna

New Benin museum to lure back sub-Saharan Africa's lost art

UCLA Fowler

Appleton museum Ocala

Art Institute of Chicago Ceramics

Storage Container, early/mid-20th century. Nuna; Burkina Faso. Collection of Keith Achepohl.

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- There's a special exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, but don't look for the bright hues of the French impressionism for which the museum is famous; the colors of these works are the muted earth tones of African mud and clay.

We are all African-Americans SAN FRANCISCO
Thousands preview African museum Moad in SF

Power Dressing : Men's Fashion and
Prestige in Africa
Newark Museum

San Francisco buzzes over new de Young museum

Even if with a controversial architecture, I think the de Young will give a new impulse to the African Art in California, and be a new attraction and extra reason for tourists to visit San Fransico .

It is not nice to hear about Smithsonian firing : African Art Director Cuts Five From Staff, Citing Cost, Priorities.

African Creativity, More About the Momentary Than the Monumental "Resonance From the Past: African Sculpture From the New Orleans Museum of Art" is at the Museum for African Art, 36-01 43rd Avenue, Long Island City, Queens, (718)784-7700, through May 29, 2005. 

It travels to the San Antonio Museum of Art (June 25 to Oct. 2); Arkansas Art Center (Jan. 20 to April 16, 2006); the Albuquerque Museum (May 14 to Aug. 13, 2006); and the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution (Oct. 5, 2006 to Jan. 28, 2007).

Musee Dapper new directions for a postcolonial museum

West Valley -Lengola maskAfrican art gave Picasso an idea 

JUNE 3 through JULY 31 2005

"SYMBOLS OF POWER AND AUTHORITY"  African Masks and Sculptures

Selections from the George Waterhouse Collection at the West Valley Art Museum


San Antonio Museum in Texas showing African artistry

June 25-October 2, 2005 Special Exhibition, Cowden Gallery
Resonance from the Past: African Sculpture from the New Orleans Museum of Art
... is comprised of approximately 100 works of art from this collection including masks, figures, ceramics, fabric and beadwork costumes from west and central Africa. The presentation is categorized into six geographical regions: Mali, Liberia Ivory Coast, Ivory Coast, Yoruba, Nigeria and Congo River Basin. .... Free with Museum general admission.

Birmingham Museum

"Highlights from the Walter and Molly Bareiss Collection of African Art" 

Muscarelle shows Animals in African Art from the
Collection of Wallace Gusler

Musée royal de l'afrique centrale - The Memory of Congo: the Colonial Era and Congo: Nature and Culture

In French, English, Kiswahili. Two temporary exhibitions (Feb. 4 - Oct. 9, 2005) on the colonial history of the Congo and Belgium and on Congo Nature and Culture. Includes audio clips of music from the Munganga of Luabo and of Mbuti pygmees. [KF] 

An extensive review of the exhibition is in the New York Times, February 9, 2005, B3, "Museum Show Forces Belgium to Ask Hard Questions About Its Colonial Past" by Alan Riding. "a remarkable exhibition here has set off a critical re-examination of Belgium's record in its only African colony."

read also Africa Museum Tervueren

Indianapolis Museum of Arts presents: 

Cycles: African Life Through Art  IMA—Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Road
Indianapolis IN 46208-3326  Tel: 317-920-2660


Background news articles and african art in Museums When you go on a page you'll find above the page all links in that section

State Museums USA: read also University news

African Art Museum of Maryland ( I think they have no website) Historic Oakland at Town Center
5430 Vantage Point Road - Post Office Box 1105- Columbia, Maryland 21044 tel 410-730-7106 or 301-596-0051
Open Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sun. 12 noon to 4 p.m. Admission: Phone for information on fees.  Exhibits, lectures, tours and workshops.

MUSEUM FOR AFRICAN ART  36-01 43rd Ave., Long Island City. (718) 784-7700. Sat.-Sun., 11-6; Mon., Thur.-Fri., 10-5.

Boston Museum first curator cast an eye toward sub-Saharan African art 

Frederick Scott-Boston Out of Africa: The colors and traditions of 'Nigerian Rhythms' in Sudbury.

Couples in African Sculptures.  A Metropolitan exhibition  

Barnes Foundation-Pennsylvania  Mostly an impresssionist paintings Museum, but with 200 african art and 60 American Indian native pieces in collection. One English and one French text.

Polk Museum-Lakeland-Florida Polk Museum Acquires Dozens Of Pieces of African Art.  A big collection of Southern African beaded headdresses, and other pieces.

Menil Museum- Houston- Texas. A Museum dedicated to surrealisme with  fine African art.

Baltimore African art adventures kicking off at BMA Baltimore Museum . Series includes bead project, films

Boca Raton, Florida.  Boca Raton Museum of Art A floor with art from Africa, Oceania and Native America.


Benelux Museums:


Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal is  known for his fine African Museum collection and outside Museum for African  architecture

Familiar Aliens is a text related on the Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal. Interesting reading on the background motivations and past story.

French Museums :

Louvres : L'avenir du Louvre : les projets de Chirac pour les arts d'islam 

Dapper : La collection d´art africain du Musée Dapper dans ses habits neufs. 35 rue Paul Valery 75116 Paris

tel 0033 (0)1 45 00 01 50 ----> 11 juillet 2004 :Parures de tête.

Musée des Arts Premiers Paris Quai Branly

Musée d'Arts Africains, Océaniens, Amérindiens

Arts plastiques conférence 03/06/2004 > 18/12/2004
Marseille France
Centre de la Vieille Charité
2 rue de la Charité, 13002, Marseille, France
tel. 04 91 14 58 38
fax. 04 91 14 58 82
Conservateur: Alain Nicolas
Courriel : anicolas*
Les Conférences du Musée d'Arts africains, Océaniens, Amérindiens de Marseille
deux samedis par mois un conférencier propose sa vision personnelle d'un ou plusieurs objets de la collection
entrée du musée : 2 euros. Visite gratuite.

Programme complet des conférences disponible auprès du musée.


Museum für Völkerkunde (Museum of Ethnology)
A-1010 Wien - Neue Burg
Tel. + 43 1 534 30
Fax + 43 1 534 30 - 230

Africa Museums

Burkina Faso

Musée de Manega pacere*

The Durban Art Gallery
Second Floor, City Hall, Smith Street, Durban, South Africa

Musée historique d'Abomey (Benin)
Date Founded: 1943 
Postal Address: B.P. 25, Abomey, Benin 
Telephone: (229) 50 03 14 

Kenya Phone: 254-20-3742131
Museum Hill .  Nairobi, Kenya Read also

Namibia National Museum 
Museum Acre, Robert Mugabe Avenue (opposite the Alte Feste Display Centre), Windhoek.  (Monday - Friday, 08h00 - 17h00). 
Phone: +264 61 276800; Fax: +276 61 228636


The National Natural History museum
The museum is situated at the end of the Boma road neighbouring the Arusha International Conference Centre, the Arusha Municipal Council, and the Arusha Regional Offices. Telephone: 057-7540 e-mail: nnhm*habari.
The Natural History Museum is one of the Museums comprising the National Museums of Tanzania. Others are the Dar es Salaam Museum along Shaaban Robert Street in Dar es Salaam, the Village Museum along old Bagamoyo road in Dar es Salaam, and the Arusha Declaration Museum in Kaloleni area near the "Uhuru" torch Monument in Arusha.
The Village Museum is an Open Air Museum situated along Bagamoyo road. It is about four kilometres from the town centre. The museum exhibits different kinds of traditional houses from all over Tanzania. there are about 16 houses now and the Museum is still on the process of having more structures depending of the availability of funds. Tel:255 51 700437, e-mail: village*


Famous Museums with African art:

Musée du Quai Branly - Paris  . Opens in 2006 (French website)
Musée Dapper - Paris 
Royal Museum for Central Africa - Tervuren - Belgium 
The Metropolitan Museum of Arts - New York 
British Museum - London (ex-coll Museum of Mankind)
Ethnological Museum - Berlin 
Barbier - Muller Museum - Geneve 
Museum Rietberg - Gablerstrasse 15, CH 8002 Zürich Tel 01 206 31 31, Fax 01 206 31 32 (German site)
Museum fur Völkerkunde - Wien 
National Museum of Lagos - Lagos (Nigeria)
Cambridge Museum of Archeology and Anthropology
National Museum of African Art - Washington -is part of Smithsonian Institutions

Afrikamuseum, Berg en Dal, Netherlands

Nationalmuseum Denmark

Louvre - Paris 

Some smaller Museums with fine african art  : 

Antwerp Museum Suikerrui 19 B2000 antwerp +32-(0)3-220.86.00

More about Antwerp

Lisbon has a nice museum of African Art  

Museu Nacional de Etnologia Av. Ilha da Madeira 21 304 11 60

Bergamo in northern Italy (click on "Il Museo e Villaggio" and then on "Galleria Fotografica" or "Visita virtuale") via G.B. Peruzzo, 2  - IT 24059 Basella di Urgnano Tel.035.894670 Fax. 035.894819 curator: 

the Israel Museum in Jerusalem (African, Oceanian, Pre-colombian and American Indian art)

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