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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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New African art links

Back to African art links A list of african art sites linking to me:


Cebra online real antique South African ethnic tribal jewellery. 7/3/2006

1. Art Gallery Worldwide - fine art oil paintings - Artwork of thousands artists in abstract art, landscape art, oil painting and many other styles and media. Website has service to buy and sell art.

2. Brownrigg Interiors.
Antiques Shop in Petworth, West Sussex, England, offering a mix of antiques,decorative antique and contemporary furniture of highest quality, including paintings lighting and sculpture.

3. PAADA Antiques. Petworth Art and Antique Dealers Association, PAADA, represents the vast majority of the many antique shops,centres and dealers in Petworth, Sussex.

4. Angel Antiques
17th, 18th and 19th century English Country furniture, paintings and ceramics and decorative items in a large showroom in Petworth, England.

5. Antiques resources is a directory of antiques related websites and discussion groups.

6. Tribal Art Galerie Thomas Nielsen offers a broad selection of  art and ethnographica, with an emphasis on quality.

7. A brush with africa Simon Stevenson, his paintings are now collected across the world. Images painted in Tea and dry Ochre by acclaimed wildlife artist Simon Stevenson.

8. About the Bruneaf

9. Chinese Art
Wonderful selection of traditional contemporary Chinese paintings plus lots of information about Chinese art and culture. All paintings are originals and available for purchase. 



11. A site on Nigerian politics news and culture

12. Where lovers of African tribal art can share their knowledge and enthusiasm.
Articles and discussion of tribal art from Africa, for all collectors, novice through expert. TIP

13. Adam prout African Aboriginal Oceanic Fine art, low prices

14. Art link list. Thesis and Dissertation AdvisorsComplete Art link list. Thesis and Dissertation Advisors On Call: Research and Writing Guidance, Content Editing

15. a collection of african art  pieces in the traditional style.
16. Countries: population, area, statistics, maps, flags, religions, languages, information
countries, country, population, area, statistics, maps, flags, religions, languages, infant mortality, life expectancy, population growth, people, government, france, germany, italy, england, united kingdom, uk, ukie, literacy, fertility, birth rate, death rate, information


18. Jackson Preparatory School Art Resources
Art Museums and resources, link list

19. Art Market, Marché de l'art 

20. Tip. "Before it was Art, it was life" A dealer, friend from Florida.


22. Genesee Valley  Classroom Visual art Web Page Information on African masks

23. Kilimanjaroworld - Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
Climbing diary of Mount Kilimanjaro including a wealth of information, photos, facts and links.

24. the Alaska Art site  features Native American art, Eskimo art, and Alaskan art. They have three types of handmade art kayaks, and two different Native American art masks, and fur mandalas with art prints for sale. 

25. Crawfurd Homepage - Jacob Crawfurd
A personal website dedicated to film, photo, arts, culture, Africa and world issues. You will find that these pages are stuffed with photos, video, links and usefull information.

26. a good educational site with masks explanations from the entire World.

27.  Archaeology, Anthropology, Ancient Civilizations - Social Studies .Provides those interested in archaeology, anthropology, and ancient civilizations hundreds of reviewed resources for any research project

28. Ethiopianism Online Revival
Ethiopianism Online Revival. Good Benin art link resource

29. Dushenkov African art links

30.Florida International University: Miami's Public Research University July 2006 seminar: black performativity and cultural production

31. Galerizarra : Art africain, masques africains
Vente en ligne dart africain et de masques africains avec une approche de leur signification religieuse et symbolique .  French website TIP

32. Ganapit Kids kids educational site to explore their interests, Prehistoric page.

33. Rob's Travel Photos and other things

Panoramic photos of Africa taken in Tanzania

34. These watercolours were completed in The British Museum, Sainsburies' African Galleries.

35. Brough's art links Brough's link list on African art, airbrush and other things.

36. Drafting Art Supply - online directory for drafting and art supply.Small African art Galleries and center list. Drafting and art supply company.

37.  Ancient Nubians art  in Ancient Egypt Africa: History, Culture and Art, ancient Africa Black Kingdoms.

Tudor Rose Antiques Centre
Tudor Rose Antiques Centre in Petworth, West Sussex, offers a wide range of antiques including sofas and chairs, country furniture, silver, pictures, ceramics and painted and decorative furniture.

39. Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History 

Understanding Non-Western Cultures in Asia, Africa, India, Latin America, and the Middle East . Comprehensive list site, with categories like Africa today, Africa history, Religion, arts, writing,...

40. Westchester Library System
Westchester Library System.Usefull link page with descriptions

41.Masks, African Art and Primitive Paintings, Enjoy
It is about masks and more. Masks painted by me but also African, wooden masks. Im really crazy about the primitive art! You can see an exhibition of my paintings and illustrations, but you can also see some beautiful photos I made in New Zealand. Have a nice time on the web!

42.  Mungu Art Mungu Art page. Art History study page, illustrated art movements from the old Stone Age to the Pop Art.

43. Spirit Dimension  Directory of Spiritual Development and Art Resources. African Art. Masks, Curios, Sculpture, Contemporary Art. Spiritual growth. Art. Artists, Art Galleries, Art Stores, Oriental Art.

44. Art and Artist Vacation Packages , the best deals compared, classified by country. Ask a brochure !

45. Peter Natan, has been collecting and dealing with African art for almost 50 years. Denver, Colorado.

46. Africa and more Africa and more .com  provide ethnographic and tribal artifacts on line.  African art, trade beads and collectible jewelry from Yemen. Masks, figures, currency, weapons, trade beads, archeological objects, ancient beads and antique Bedouin and Yemini jewelry. Also have hand woven textiles, beaded items and ornamental wear. 

47.Ohio State University Libraries, Osu Black history pages. Osu Black history. News from Africa history

48. Südwestrundfunk - German website with general info about Africa. Entdecken Sie den schwarzen Kontinent!

49.  Mythology Site

50.African Masks Project created by Leilani Carbonell Pedroni

Why are masks important to African traditions and cultures? This is an educational site hosted by My eCoach  that details an African Mask research project where students re-create an African mask using paper mache and learn about the uses of the mask and the people of Africa. My eCoach provides resources for teachers and students including professional development, elibrary of free educational materials, and low-cost technology tutorial guides. TIP


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The Tribal Arts of Africa
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