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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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David Norden

African Art Antiques and discussion group.  

 Dear members ,

I will be very glad to meet those of you who could make it to TAF Amsterdam next week, the opening is on Thursday at 6pm . I will show you some fine pieces  from my collection.

Some news this month is related to the important gift of the Tishman  collection by Disney to the Smithsonian. I remember him coming to visit my mother when I was a little boy buying wonderful things now on display in the Louvre. It was clear to me that the Tishman collection wasn't where it should be in Disney World, when I visited it in Epcot last year, the section  wasn't visited by the Disney visitors. It has now found a much better destination.
Also those who are in New York next two weeks should not miss the Ethiopian art exhibition at PaceWildenstein. Read the interesting article from Holland Cotter, he explains Ethiopian art was Multicultural Before Multicultural Was Cool and why you don't hear much about it ?
... It is one of the reason it remains little studied. It requires scholars equally conversant in European, Islamic and African art - a tall multicultural order. ... David Norden

PS: And for the bad news, the famous artist and African Art collector Arman died in New York at the age of 76 last Saturday evening. He incorporated African art in his artist works, and was also know for his good collection and knowledge; we will miss him.

Discover also our BAD SITE of the Month, at the end of the newsletter. I called them, and the Museum conservator claims they don't know African Art and that it is a private collection showed as guest exhibition! If a Museum don't know what's real or not, who will ?? Tishhman Disney collection Is Donated to Smithsonian WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 - In a move that will expand a strapped museum's resources, the Walt Disney Company donated a 525-piece collection of mainly West African traditional art on Thursday to the Smithsonian Institution, with the works to go to its National Museum of African Art.

The art was amassed by Paul Tishman, the late New York real estate developer, and his wife, Ruth, in the 1960's and 70's and was sold to Disney two decades ago for $1 million. Experts' estimates of its current value vary wildly, from $20 million to $50 million.

"So we see this as a godsend gift of objects we would never be able to afford," she said.

 (...) So he decided about six weeks ago, he said, to give the collection to the Smithsonian because it was a national institution with a building - the National Museum of African Art - "that could display it right." His wife,
Jane Breckenridge Eisner, who accompanied him for the announcement, is a member of the Smithsonian's board of trustees.

African art specialists praised the collection, noting that it would be difficult
 to duplicate today given the rising prices for African art and the proliferation 
of fakes.
"It's the breadth of the collection and the choice pieces from around Africa that 
make this a historically important collection," said Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins, 
a California-based art scholar who was the curator of an exhibition of works 
from the collection last year at the
  Disney American Heritage Gallery at Epcot 
in Orlando, Fla. - the first time Disney displayed any of these pieces.

Tishman -Cameroon-ElisofonEliot Elisofon, 1970 
A figure of an early 19th-century king from Cameroon. 
At this moment in the Louvre 

Among the collection's other highlights are an 18th-century 
copper alloy from Zimbabwe, 
and from Cameroon, a life-size 19th-century statue of a
seated king holding a weapon and the head of an enemy.

"There are some key pieces in the collection," including the one from
Cameroon, which has been displayed at the Louvre for three years, said Susan
Vogel, an art historian at Columbia University and founder of the Museum of
African Art in New York. Ms. Vogel was a curator for an exhibition of works
from the collection for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1981.

Ms. Vogel said the collection could be worth $50 million "and probably

 (...) Ms. Patton said the additional pieces would allow the Smithsonian's
African museum to "make a 270-degree turn," mounting traveling exhibitions
while still maintaining a core exhibition of the quality that visitors
expect to see.  The museum will open a small exhibition of the works
immediately, she said, and then mount a full exhibition with a catalog in
February 2007.


Ethiopian art It Was Multicultural Before Multicultural Was Cool It Was Multicultural >   Before Multicultural Was Cool

... It is also one reason it remains little studied. 

It requires scholars equally conversant in European, 

Islamic and African art - a tall multicultural order. ...   ...With 50 objects, the show covers centuries of Africa's oldest Christian

In antiquity, Ethiopia was a mix of African people and Semitic people who had crossed the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia. According to tradition,  the first Ethiopian emperor, Menelik, son of the Queen of Sheba and King  Solomon, brought the Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem to establish  Ethiopia as the new Israel. .. 

read Ethiopian art

Power Dressing : Men's Fashion and Prestige in Africa Newark Museum
October 19th, 2005 -January 22nd 2006  San Francisco buzzes over new de Young museum

Workmen finish up the landscaping outside the new M.H. de Young 
Memorial Museum in San Francisco, Tuesday Oct. 11, 2005. 
The new M.H. de Young Memorial Museum won't open to the public 
until this weekend, but for months critics have had a field day 
finding creative ways to deride the architectural design of San Francisco's fine arts showplace. 
(AP Photo/Eric Risberg) 
 Even if with a controversial architecture, I think  the de Young will give a new impulse to the 
African Art in California, and be a new attraction and extra reason for tourists to visit 
San Francisco



SALE N08132  11 Nov 05 New York



44. Tribal-Art-Auction

26th November 2005  

Kota reliquary guardian  figure  Prov.:  Alexander M. Bing
New York


Serge Reynes

22/11/2005 Vente Fondation Dosne -Thiers, 75009 Paris, 

Métro Saint Georges Maitre Jouan -  -  7/11 au 19/11/2005 de 11h à 19h00 sur RDV


Neumeisters Moderne - African Arts from the Walter Bareiss Collection
Neumeister Münchener Kunstauktionshaus, München, Barerstr. 37
3. - 8.11. Vorbesichtigung
10.11. Auktion
Expert in change: Dr. K.-F. Schädler

 Rock art sites in  remote locations like Mfangano 

Island are attracting visitors, but also at  risk.  

 Whoever carved those names seems to have 

disregarded the site's status as a  cultural treasure. 

Authorities responded to the defacement by erecting  warning signs and metal 

fencing around the rock face and declaring it a  monument.  

 But that has not stopped numerous copycats from slipping under the  bars 

and scrawling their names for posterity.

 Kuba mwaash aMbooy masked dancer, Kuba peoples, Muentshi, 

Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), 

Photograph by Eliot Elisofon, 1972, Image no. EEPA 4032,
Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives, National Museum of African Art,

Smithsonian Institution at Cincinnati

 "African Art African Voices " at Cincinnati art museum



Ijaw people live   on the coastal delta of the Niger River, 

a location advantageous to trade.
When European merchants began voyages to Africa in the fifteenth century,

the Ijaw served as middlemen in the exchange of gold, ivory, and slaves for   

European products.   

Travel to Australia     

Australia Tribal art's not all pig stickers and hornbill skull head-dresses.
At least, that's what the enthusiasts will tell you.
11,000 Years of Aboriginal reel big fish

American Indians honor heritage, history 
Aboriginal painting

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Currently  there are over 12,000 guided and self-guided travel packages 

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Metha collection comes to Montgomery 

Traveling the African continent for many years, Dileep and Martha Mehta of Atlanta 

have acquired more than And they have agreed to share some of the highlights 

of their vast collection with Montgomery  Museum of Fine Arts visitors. 

The exhibition "Africa Celebrates the Art of Living: 

From the Collection of Dileep and Martha Mehta" opened runs through July 2006. 


Africa screams Evil in Cinema, Art and Ritual   

Museum der Weltkulturen Schaumainkai 29-37 60594 Frankfurt am Main

The exhibition features nearly 250 works from the 20th century, mainly from  

Western Africa (Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon) as well as from South Africa, 

creating a connection between the two African worlds which exist  today in our minds: 

war, corruption and catastrophe on the one hand and music, art and culture on the other. 

Not suitable for people younger than 16 !!


Here is the website of a newly published book about the private collection on Gabun objects near Heidelberg:

Voelkerkundemuseum Heidelberg  
Hauptstr. 235 (Palais Weimar)
69117 Heidelberg

Incredible that a Völkerkundemuseum museum can show this even as a guest show,  
publish and exhibit a collection without any provenance.
They did not research, did not ask anybody and now they surprised the world....  
 So now they are punished with a collection of copies (not even fakes) and imaginary material.
Good photography, and if you ever buy the book, you know immediately what not to buy for "Gabon Art" .
"Dem Auge des Ästheten" is not enough when you collect African art !

                   And don't forget, join us at the Tribal art Fair Amsterdam 27, 28,29,30 October 2005  

Location: De Duif Prinsengracht 756 Amsterdam

The Tribal Art Fair in Amsterdam is organized by two Amsterdam dealers
Finette Lemaire and Willem Zwiep.

There will be 16 mainly Dutch dealers who will show Tribal Art from Africa,
Oceania and Asia. The fair is held in an impressive 18th century church and
the contradiction of Tribal Art in the religious iconography makes this
event very special. 

The opening is next thursday at 6 p.m. 

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