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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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Small little treasures

small little treasures"Small Little Treasures" an exhibition related to miniature masks, statues, heddle pulley and other small little treasures produced in Africa.


online exhibition

Note: Not all items from the Josef Herman collection are sold, if you are interested send me an email. (link on your left)

DAVID NORDEN presents between 8 and 12 June 2005 at : 

Gallery J. Geerts in the Rue Lebeau 27 ( it is the street going down from the Sablon. )

These miniatures can be really refined little treasures.

All showed objects will be guaranteed 50 years old or more and created in a tribal context.  A certificate of authenticity will be delivered on request.

You will see miniatures in wood, metal, terracotta, from the following African tribes: 

Central Africa (Tschokwe, Luba, Bena Lulua, Bacongo, Songye, ...) and also the rest of Africa ( Dogon, Baule, Burkina Faso, ...).

David Norden

Opening on 8 June at 2 p.m.

I won't do reservations on the items, if you want them you should come visit me during the Fair. But if you really want an item on this page, send me an email with a copy and paste of the item you like , after the show you can have it on a first in, first sold base, if it wasn't sold. 

I remember that you that you'll get free delivery worldwide and 15 days guarantee, no questions asked.

Lot 1 to 13 are coming from the Josef Herman collection and where sold to Peter Westerdijk around 1975. Click on images to view larger

Hope you'll enjoy the show and come meet me in Brussels.

AFTER the Show you can always visit me by appointment in Antwerp. 30 Minutes from Brussels

David Norden 
St Katelijnevest 27 
B2000 Antwerpen. 
Tel +32 (0)3 227 35 40


NR. picture description
1. Mumuye1-J-Herman Mumuye,, 21 cm
Prov.: Josef Herman
2. Tabwa -J-Herman. Tabwa, 15 cm
Prov.: Josef Herman


3. Tchokwe-J-Herman. Tschokwe, 9.5 cm Maternity, has a child in the back.
Prov.: Josef Herman


4. Lussambo -J-Herman Lussambo, 13cm
Prov.: Josef Herman


5. Fang-J-Herman. Fang, 9.5 cm
Prov.: Josef Herman


6. Kusu-J-Herman. Teke
7. Dogon-bronze-couple-J-Herman Dogon bronze, 7.5 cm
Prov.: Josef Herman
8. Lobi-group8 J-Herman. Lobi group (5 pieces), 11cm to 19 cm
Prov.: Josef Herman


Lobi on plexi stand. 16 cm
Prov.: Josef Herman

about this statue please read the comment at

10. Luba-kamina-stamp-J-Herman Luba Kamina stamp. 17cm
Prov.: Josef Herman
11. Pende ivory J Herman Pende-Ivory. 4.5 cm (real size on screen) used as pendant (hole in back)
Prov.: Josef Herman
12. Luba Josef Herman Luba 11 cm
Prov.: Josef Herman
13. Hemba-rattle-J-Herman Hemba rattle 21 cm
Prov.: Josef Herman


Herman, Josef (3 January 1911, 19 February 2000)
Artist/coll. Suffolk-England. 
He was born in Warsaw, as the son of a Jewish cobbler. 
Left Poland for Brussels in 1938. 
Settled in Glasgow in 1940, went to London in 1943. 
Settled at Ystradgynlais in 1944 and became British subject in 1948. 
Lived in London from 1953, than in Suffolk. 

Bought his first African object, a Mende female figure, in 1945. 

Book: African and New Guinea Sculpture from the Josef Herman Collection; 
Paintings and Drawings by Josef Herman. 
Edinburgh: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 1969. 

SALE: Christie’s-Amsterdam, 12 December 2000. 

(c) Who's Who in African Art

Thz following items are coming from other collections (all sold):

14. Songye-whistle Songye Whistle 14cm sold
15. Nok-Janus Small Nok terracotta Janus head 10 cm
Prov.: Carlo Bold
16. Praying Nok Praying Nok terracotta 200BC-500AC 

h17 cm

17. Djenne-Heinemans Djenne terracotta XIVth 6cm
Prov.: H.Heinemans



18. Komaland head A fine Komaland head 6.5 cm
19. Dan-masquette  A very small Dan masquette 5.5 cm sold
20. Dan masquette2 Dan masquette 2.  7.5cm  
21. Abron Abron bronze 48mm & 30mm
Prov.: Ten Houte


Available 600€ each

22. Senufo-firespitter-mask Senufo firespitter mask 6.5cm
23. Yombe. A small Yombe statue, 16 cm
24. Tschokwe 12 cm . Etiquette on base tells:

"Chockwe angola 198/1969 sssw"

25. Songye Luba Songye-Luba 12,5 cm 1400€
26. Songye Songye 10.5 cm

STOLEN during the Bruneaf 2005

27 Bamana-bronze Bamana Bronze. High 5cm large 10cm 900€
28. Yoruba-obogni-bronze-cup.jpg (61991 bytes) Yoruba obogni bronze cup. 12.5 cm 2500€
29. Nkisi-soapstone Nkishi soapstone figure. 14 cm 500€

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