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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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Sothebys Sale Of African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art


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Sotheby's African art department
1334 York Avenue at 72nd St
New York, New York 10021
USA Tel: (212) 606-7000

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Sotheby's African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art , New York
SALE N08320 Session 1:  Thursday, 17 May 07, 10:00 AM
Session 2:  Thursday, 17 May 07, 2:00 PM

The Saul and Marsha Stanoff Collection SALE N08386 Session 1:  Thursday, 17 May 07, 10:00 AM 

Saul and Marcha Stanoff collection

High results at the Sotheby's May 17 '07 auction from this collection. A few highlights below.

Sotheby's American Indian Art Sale N08384  18 May 07, New York

Past Sotheby's auctions

Sotheby's New york November 2006 
Africa, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art 

Maya Shell Pendant Sothebys New York
A Maya Shell Pendant, Late Classic, ca. A.D. 550-950, of unusual and evocative form (est. $15/25,000).

NEW YORK.- On November 17th, 2006, Sotheby’s will hold its fall various-owners sale of African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art, featuring a number of private collections, including approximately 80 lots originally in the collection of the English artist Jacob Epstein, 70 lots from the late New York collector Carol Meyer and a number of works from the Collection of Josephine & Walter Buhl Ford II. ...



08 May 06 American Indian Art [N08210]New York

09 May 06 African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art [N08199]New York

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Yoruba-Bowl-SothebysOlowe of Ise Yoruba Bowl  
sold to the
Dallas Museum of Arts

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News found at April 28, 2004

NEW YORK, NEW YORK.-On May 14, 2004, Sotheby’s New York will hold its sale of African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art, a historically rich offering including traditional and ceremonial works of art, ranging from Nigerian and Central African to Mexican and Peruvian. Highlighting the sale is Rare and Important Yoruba Bowl by Olowe of Ise, representing what is now only the third-known bowl of this type carved by the famous Yoruba sculptor Olowe (1870s - 1938), making this an extraordinarily rare work (est. $150/250,000). The property will be on exhibition at Sotheby’s from May 8th to the 13th at 1 PM, and the sale is expected to fetch approximately $2 million. 

The discovery of the previously unknown Rare and Important Yoruba Bowl by Olowe of Ise represents one of the most important works of African art to come to auction in recent years. The artist, widely known as the most famous carver in Africa, was a sculptor to the kings and wealthy patrons in the region. The bowl was acquired in Nigeria by Edwin Holland, who worked for the Posts and Telegraphs office in Nigeria from 1912-19, and descended through the family. Olowe, an innovator within the canons of the Yoruba (Nigeria) style, created his own distinctive style characterized by elongated forms, angled dimensions, dynamic depth and ornately patterned surfaces and layered polychrome finishes. This bowl is supported by a kneeling female figure of highly refined proportions, and the surface is painted with multiple layers of yellow, red, green and black pigment. While two well-known bowls are now in the collections of the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution and the Walt Disney-Tishman African Art Collection, no one knew that another bowl of this exquisite quality existed. It is estimated to sell for $150/250,000. 

Another important work included in the May sale is an Important Songe, Bekalebwe, Male Community Power Figure (pictured left). The figure was collected in what was then the Belgian Congo in 1939 by the famed art historian and anthropologist Hans Himmelheber and was the most prized work in his personal collection (est. $170/270,000). A Fine and Rare Senufo Male Rhythm Pounder will also be featured, which was used during funerary rites of the important Senufo poro secret society (est. $90/120,000). This exceptional male rhythm pounder is extraordinary in two respects - it represents a male figure, which is rare, and it is possibly the only-known example of its type from the Western Senufo style (pictured right). 

Several male and female pairs will be offered, including A Fine and Rare Songe Ivory Male and Female Pair (est. $50/70,000). Fine ivory carvings are well-known throughout Central Africa, although they are rare among Songe-related groups. This pair belonged to Carel van Lier of Amsterdam who was the first person to "show African art as art" in a significant way in the 1920s (pictured left). Another exceptional male and female pair, A Fine and Rare Dogon Tellem Male and Female Pair, made of wood with a grayish brown patina, will also be offered, representing the concept of male and female harmonious interdependence which is central to Dogon ideology (est. $40/60,000). 

Highlighting a group of Oceanic works is A Fine New Guinea, Lower Sepik River, Singrin, Male Figure formerly in the collection of the well-known Surrealist sculptor Maria Martins. Martins’ association with mentor André Breton most likely sparked her appreciation for African, Oceanic and American Indian works of art. The male figure, with a mask-like face and finely carved and stylized features, is estimated to sell for $25/35,000. 

The sale will also include a fine selection of Pre-Columbian objects from several European and American private collections, including Mayan carved vessels, Peruvian and West Mexican ceramics and fine Central American gold breastplates. A highlight from a California collection is a Zapotec Figural Urn of the Goddess Quetzal, ca. A.D. 400-600, an example of the large ceramic urns made to accompany rulers and dignitaries in the afterlife (pictured left). It is estimated to sell for $20/40,000. Also to be offered is an Olmec Stone Mask, Middle Preclassic, ca. 900-600 B.C. from a Belgian private collection (pictured right). The Olmec people celebrated their status and power with fine carvings of the human face and body, and this mask is a fine example of the Olmec style emphasizing the archetype of the human face (est. $30/40,000). Another highlight of this section is A Large Moche Portrait Head Vessel, ca. A.D. 500-700, a voluminous head of a youthful dignitary (est. $10/15,000). The May sale also includes examples of gold breastplates from Costa Rica and Panama, including a finely hammered Diquís Gold Pectoral, ca. AD 800-1200, which depicts well-defined creatures, including three spiders, two lizards and a turtle (pictured left). On Christopher Columbus’ voyage in 1502 in which he sailed from Honduras down to Panama, he noted the enormous quantity of gold seen on the inhabitants and how he bartered with the natives for such objects as this one, which is estimated to sell for $25/35,000 





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