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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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STOLEN African Art Alerts from collectors, museums and dealers.

Stolen african and oceanic art. Lost and found.

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These African Art figures have been stolen in a Museum in Namur-Namen (Belgium)- betwen 2006 and 2009-

if any information please mention REF : BRI-RIB 2500/09 (A09-27)

These are African Art figures stolen a Museum in Namur-Namen (Belgium)- betwen 2006 and 2009- REF : BRI-RIB 2500/09 (A09-27)

Stolen in Netherland (May 23, 2009):

stolen tschokwe mask
This Tsjokwe mask has been stolen and is property of Kathy & Steven

If you know anything about it or if it has been offered to you, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Kathy & Steven.

Galerie Kathy van der Pas & Steven van de Raadt
Watergeus straat 115 B 3025HN Rotterdam
Tel. +31 (0)10 4256427 Fax +31 (0)10 4778266.
Email Site:

Dan figure 33.5 cm - 13 inch.Geneva stolen: Thieves take Beuys painting, stolen African art in $1.9 million geneva Swiss collection heist

bacquart stolen African Art 

stolen in London 3 April 2007

Dan figure 33.5 cm - 13 inch. see all Bacquart stolen items


stolen patu mukaThis Maori basalt patu muka was stolen along with 2 A4 size B/W phtographes of atomic explosions on 19 November 2006 around 9 PM Paris time from an exhibitors booth at the PARIS PHOTO fair in Paris. If you have any information about these pieces please contact me, AJP Meyer, Jean Edouard Carlier and your local Police. A financial reward is offered for the return of this material.
Thank you

We are looking for M. Fernando Urzua-Cuevas who vanished on February 1, 2006 with 36 pieces of African art belonging to us. 
We request all the galleries having had contact with this person to contact us and refer to the local authorities. Olivier Silva

RECOVERED STOLEN ITEMSZimbabwe museum stolenRecovered Items stolen from Zimbabwe museum, reward offered. HARARE, Zimbabwe, Oct. 8, 2004 (UPI) -- Police in Zimbabwe are investigating the disappearance of animal skins and historic artifacts from one of the country's leading museums. June 6, 2006 theft from NATIONAL GALLERY, ZIMBABWE RECOVERED THANKS TO THE INTERNET. FOUND BACK IN November 2006 in FINLAND !

In September 2005, 35 African sculptures were stolen from the Fundación Folch in Barcelona, among them many Fang Byeri statues. You can read more information (spanish) at

Dan-Toma maskDan-Toma mask.
Height: 32 cm

Stolen at the GALERIE ALAIN BOVIS in Paris on 11 January 2006 .

Songye Stolen from David Norden during the Bruneaf 2005. Songye 10.5 cm

 The University of Bayreuth asked to put the information of the stolen african art collection of Dr. Ernst Dammann, Pinneberg stolen instrument stolen lutestolen pot

These Swahili Artifacts were stolen from the house of the Afrikanistik Professors Dr. Ernst Dammann  who died in 2003, in Pinneberg,Germany.

The pieces were stolen in March 2005. The pieces, especially the lute, have an important significance for the Tanzanian people and Swahili speakers. The lute was made by the famous poet and singer Kijumwa Masihi from Lamu. After the death of Dammann the pieces should by gifted to the museum in Lamu. 

The pieces were promised to the Tanzanian government and the local museum in Lamu.

Stolen YaureA rare Yaure Mask (size: 20 cm) has been stolen from the Ethnological Museum in Munich (Völkerkundemuseum) the 22th of December 2004. The mask was collected 'in situ' by the German anthropologist, Hans Himmelheber, in 1934. For recovering of the mask there will be a reward.

If you know anything about this mask please contact us. Reward for information leading to the recovery of this mask.

masque-salampasu-volé.jpg (51644 bytes)Stolen in Brussels at Alain Guisson on Monday January 19th 2004 :  2  Salampasu masks, one with a basket on top filled with cotton (see illustration), the other with copper and one classical western Pende  mask with lines on the face.


ashanti-stolen-shoesashanti-stolen-shoes-backThe lot on the cover of the catalogue of the last dec03 Christies' auction in Paris was stolen before the viewing started. It was an Ashanti pair of slippers with gold decoration and protective shamanic text  (text which didn't work, yet again) .

So if its presented to you, it was not unsold, it was stolen.

Please see images above (click to view larger) and read the complete description about the stolen Ashanti Christies shoes

Senufo-statue-stolen-dartevelle-Yale0017091~01.jpg (62064 bytes)This Senoufo statue, +/- 30 cm, sweating patine, has been stolen from Pierre Dartevelle,  Bruxelles, on the 12th of December 2003. 
It is registered at Yale University under number 0017091~01 

Recovered: The Senufo belonging to P. Dartevelle, Brussels was recovered thanks to our last "Stolen Alert" on 20 december 2003.

It was presented in a Shop in Paris, and the dealer recognised it, he said he would call the Police, the thief ran out of the Shop leaving the Senufo behind.

This is PROOF that our system works, so please ask your friends interested in African art to join the newsletter, and let us know that which you know, that is worth sharing.


Lost contacts

"To all dealers: when you buy from Titan (African  guy) or have offers from him, remind him please that he failed to pay me for several items he got from me at consignment. Luba janus staff, Mbala statue and Luba Janus staff figure" He is from Quebec, Montreal .  David Norden

Same story for Eric Montheillet, France. He still owes me around 20,000€ and don't pay me already more than three years I am waiting. (nov 2006). He got Two Kota's  from me,  20 lega masks, and other pieces. He failed to pay me several items ( From Jo DB, a Luba fetish, Ovimbundu staff, Pre-Bembe, Luba Janus -ex Rollin, etc...) and I found a working phone number from him, he never called me back.

Also I heard, after my previous message, that Mr.Eric Montheillet ended up in jail in France for having deceived many dealers in Europe. 

I had him on the phone last, so he could be out of jail now, but he did as if he didn't know what I was speaking about. I recommend to be VERY cautious with him, since he doesn't seem to have good intentions. 

If you meet  them Tell him to give for money or merchandise if he wants this message removed from my site, someone told me he is dealing in Paris, don't trust him on his words. Ask them  to pay David Norden for the items they took on consignment or deliver the unsold  items back, and to give me a phone call.

If hit by conscience, and you wish to "abandon" your ill gotten stolen african art gain, please tell us where it can be safely found.  Confidential information will be passed to the appropriate authorities.  
You can also visit for other general stolen art information's or Stolen archaeological, ethnographic, or ancient materials.
Listings & notices of stolen artifacts sorted by culture area
stolen-Dan-Mau-mask1.jpg (39615 bytes) TAMBARAN GALLERY. 

A mask was stolen from us last september 14th 2003 in Paris, while exhibiting at Galerie Darga & Lansberg, 36 rue de Seine, 75006.

Dan/Mau Mask, Ivory Coast
H: 12 inches (30.5cm)
Reward for information leading to the recovery of this mask.



wpe10.jpg (34652 bytes) Stolen on the Sablon Brussels 11 April 2003


Pende-mask-70cm.jpg (140172 bytes)October 2002: It seems that Brussels has a plague of thefts, I hope that we will be able to caught the thieves, and that in anycase we will make them selling the items difficult.   Stolen from a private collection in Brussels, a fine Pende mask 70cm high.   


September 2002: Stolen at Jernander Brussels, a collection fine Ivory's, please report us any useful information. Click on pictures to view larger

stolen ivory's 1 from Jernanderstolen ivory's 2 from Jernanderstolen ivory's 3 from Jernanderstolen ivory's 4 from Jernander

 To report any information you have:


- Kevin Conru: 
- Dogon wood statue provenance "Han Coray" # 11 and published in CONRU Catalogue, #1;  33 cm
- Easter Island Lizzard wood figure, MOKO, approx. 60 cm
- Senufo seated female wood figure from Oetker Collection, published in CONRU Catalogue #12; size is 49 cm

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