Tatoos Skin Marks  


Body Pictures / Piercing / Körperkunst. 

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Museum der Weltkulturen, 
Amt 45G 
Schaumainkai 29-37 
60594 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: 069-212-45115 
Fax: 069-212-30704  


Tatoos Skin Marks  
The exhibition "Skin Marks - Body Pictures", on display in the main building of the museum from the 29th April, 2006 to September, 2007 shows the human skin as a projection surface for artistic design. 

E-Mail: julia.rajkovic-kamara@stadt-frankfurt.de 

Duration: 29th April, 2006 - 9th September, 2007

Press conference: Thurs. 27th April,.2006, 11am

Opening: Fri. 28th April, 2006, 7:30pm

Museum der Weltkulturen, Schaumainkai 29

Over the last thirty or so years, a renewed general interest in body styling can be determined among the various cultures of the West. Body modifications comprise a whole range of practices to which belong branding, scarification, implantation, deformations of the skull, the foot binding, beauty operations and body painting. With the discovery of the body as a bearer of sign languages signifying existential orientation and individuality, body interventions have recently experienced renewed acceptance. Especially among the various groupings within youth culture, piercing and tattooing can be expressions of personality but also of group membership. 

In this connection, recourse to "tribal" models of non-European cultures is especially popular, even though their social and cultural contexts have, for the most part, not been assimilated by such groups. The exhibition displays examples of tattoos, decorative scarification and body painting from the oceans of Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. The exhibition seeks to describe these in their respective mythological, religious and social contexts. The exhibits, the majority of which are drawn from collections belonging to various Frankfurt museums, are supplemented by an extraordinary range of photographic material. Five additional museums in the Rhine-Main region, each with their own exhibitions and programs relating to this thematic complex, will participate at alternating times at both local and regional levels. 

Cooperations partner: Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt am Main, Deutsches Ledermuseum Schuhmuseum Offenbach, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt, Dommuseum Frankfurt am Main, Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt, Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikastudien der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Evangelische Stadtkirchenarbeit/Museumsarbeit, Katholische Akademie Rabanus Maurus, Buchhandlung Wendeltreppe, drauf & dran Tattos-Mode-Piercing Frankfurt am Main, living art tattoos Herborn, Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Afrikaforschung der Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main (ZIAF), Unity, Stadtbücherei Frankfurt am Main.

Media partners: TätowierMagazin, hr2 kultur 
The exhibition is supported by: Dezernat Kultur und Freizeit, FraPortAG, IgnazCLub der Mainova, 1822-Stiftung. 

Best regards 

Julia Rajkovic-Kamara M.A. 
-Öffentlichkeitsarbeit/ Public Relations- 

Stadt Frankfurt am Main 
Museum der Weltkulturen 
Amt 45G 
Schaumainkai 29-37 
60594 Frankfurt am Main 

Tel.: 069-212-45115 
Fax: 069-212-30704 
E-Mail: julia.rajkovic-kamara@stadt-frankfurt.de 

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