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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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terracotta vessels and nok art

Earth and ore
Author: Karl-Ferdinand Schädler . When available this book from 1997 is the Bible if you collect terra-cotta and Metal from Africa

The Nok Culture: Art in Nigeria 2500 Years AgoThe Nok Culture : Art in Nigeria 2500 Years Ago (Hardcover)

Author: Gert Chesi, Gerhard Merzeder;

Book Description
In 1928 in central Nigeria tin miners uncovered clay shards which, when reconstructed, were found to be fragments of terracotta sculptures. The unique representations of human heads and other figures date from 500 BCE and are attributed to a culture known today as Nok. One hundred authenticated pieces, many shown here for the first time, are collected in this exciting introduction to an enigmatic culture that is thought to be the oldest known organized civilization in sub-Saharan Africa. While much about the Nok people remains unknown, their craftsmanship and attention to detail speak volumes about their talents, understanding of beauty, and sophistication. Lavishly illustrated throughout and with essays discussing Nok art, this collection offers an intriguing glimpse into an important chapter in the history of African art.

About the Author
GERT CHESI is the founder of the Ethnographical Museum in Schwaz, Austria. The author of many pioneering books on African art and cultural practices, he has lived in Africa for many years.

GERHARD MERZEDER is a photographer and avid collector of African art.

Product image for ASIN: 2876602423The Birth of Art in Africa
Author: Bernard De Grunne; 

report by Jose Javier: Although there is no much scientific information, this catalogue gives a good revision of the different styles and characteristics of Nigerian terracotta's from Nok culture, and also from Sokoto and Katsina ones. The book allows you the access to a good amount of superb photographs (I think about 65)from which you can catch all the details you miss in the majority of the current books about African art.

& Ancient Terracottas from West Africa

Product image for ASIN: 0192842617Early Art and Architecture of Africa
Author: Peter Garlake; Buy New: $19.34

Book Description
This new history of over 5000 years of African art reveals its true diversity for the first time. Challenging centuries of misconceptions that have obscured the sophisticated nature of African art, Peter Garlake uses the latest research and archaeological findings to offer exciting new insights. All the main regions are covered: southern Africa, Nubia, Aksum, the Niger River, West Africa, Great Zimbabwe, and the East African coast. Acknowledging the universal allure of the African art object, this book restores it to its original social and historical context, helping us to understand more about the ways in which this art was produced, used, and received.

About the Author
Peter Garlake was Inspector of Monuments, Rhodesia, 1964-70; Senior Research Fellow, University of Ife, Nigeria, 1971-3; Nuffield Research Student, British Institute in Eastern Africa, 1962-4; and Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University College London, 1976-81. He has done archaeological fieldwork in Rhodesia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, and Somali coasts, Qatar. He has spent the last ten years doing research on the rock art of Zimbabwe.

Treasures of Ancient Nigeria
Author: Ekpo Eyo

Yoruba : Nine Centuries of African Art and Thought (Hardcover)

From Publishers Weekly
Arising around A.D. 800, the ancient, walled Yoruba kingdoms were complex city states headed by sacred rulers, both male and female. Their modern descendants, Yoruba-speaking peoples of Nigeria and Benin, have preserved traditional art forms rooted in a view of the cosmos as alive and in constant flux. The stunning catalogue of a traveling exhibition, this volume serves as a window onto a world where "character is beauty," where rebirth occurs continuously and where spirits, gods and the life force are all-pervasive. Naturalistic terracotta heads, beaded crowns, ceremonial staffs topped with stylized birds, and objects in ivory, bronze, stone and wood display rare artistry. Many of the pieces shown are best understood in a ritual context, provided by Drewal, an art historian at Cleveland State University, and Pemberton, a professor of religion at Amherst.
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal
Robert Thompson has called the study of Yoruba art "the Shakespeare studies of African art" because so much research has been focused on this one African culture. This book, which accompanies a major exhibition, fully justifies all that scholarly attention. Yoruba-speaking peoples are the largest ethnic group in Africa, one which has been urbanized for over 1000 years. The visual arts of the Yoruba are thoroughly explored as aesthetic objects in their social, religious, political, and historical contexts. This book, which deserves the highest recommendation, may well be the finest example of African art scholarship yet published.
- Eugene C. Burt, Seattle
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Superb overview of Yoruba art,useful for all interest levels, November 29, 1999
Reviewer: A reader
This examination of Yoruba art covers a lot of ground, temporally and geographically. It covers the Yoruba kingdom by kingdom, looking at historical objects within each area. Accessible even to those without any knowledge of African art, it also has lots to interest the specialist--some controversial views on women's roles in Ife art, assignment of Esie carvings to the Yoruba and some previously unassigned bronzes to Ijebu, identification of particular artists' work and more. Written by three experts who specialize in different Yoruba areas, the writing is seamless and well-edited, neither talking down to the reader nor unduly academic in tone. The accompanying illustrations are superb, and many are contextual images. This book introduces Yoruba philosophy, religion, oral literature, and political organization interwoven with art, providing an excellent cultural overview. I use it as a university text, but it would serve as a beautiful addition to the library of anyone interested in Africa, particularly those who want to know more about this creative ethnic group which has left such an impact on the cultures of the Americas.

History of sokoto Hajji Saïd

by H.A.S. Johnston by William Russ

Keramik aus Schwarz-Afrika und Alt-Amerika
Author: Karl-Ferdinand Schädler; Keramik aus Schwarz-Afrika und Alt-Amerika: Die Sammlung Hans Wolf, Zürich = Ceramics from Black-Africa and ancient America : the Hans Wolf Collection, Zurich (Edition Primart AG Zürich)

Earth and ore
Author: Karl-Ferdinand Schädler

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Product image for ASIN: 8876242848Arts of Africa
Author: Ezio Bassani; Buy New: $40.95
Product image for ASIN: 076432005XAfrican Art in American Collections
Author: Warren M. Robbins, Nancy Ingram Noot...; Buy New: $60.76

Product image for ASIN: 3791320041Africa
Author: Tom Phillips, Royal Academy of Arts ...; Buy New: $32.97

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The Tribal Arts of Africa

The Tribal Arts of Africa
Author: Jean-Baptiste Bacquart

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