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wholesale diamonafrica diamondsds in Antwerp

If you are a diamond dealer send me an email or if want to buy a diamond. Antwerp is a world town for Diamond business.

I am an African Art dealers but have many friends in the diamonds world since many of them have contacts with Africa, even if I don't have clients in the diamond world collecting African Art, many of them appreciate.

I created the Excellent Diamonds website.

David Norden

Africa diamonds Moving from charity to African empowerment: Diamonds provide sustainable economic development in Botswana and South Africa

It takes a child to raise a continent

When you look into the face of a young child in Africa, you should be able to see the future of a better world. Some may affirm it takes a village to raise a child. Yet for many reasons today in Africa, it takes a child with a good education, nutrition, health care and development opportunities to raise a village, a nation and a continent out of poverty and disease. read Africa diamond

I am specialised in african art but I have many friends in the diamond business in Antwerp.

A friend of mine Pierre Adler, a veteran Antwerp-based diamond manufacturer, he has introduced onto the market a new multi-faceted round diamond cut, which he has called the Brilliant Lady 21 cut.

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Antwerp diamantaire launches ‘Brilliant Lady 21’ cut

Another friend who likes African Art and also does wholesale diamonds is Danny from Diamonds News, call +32 3 227.35.40 if you have specific needs

Tell me if you are interested in it, we can deliver the quantity you need for wholesale diamonds or private investment, or if you need it for as diamond ring. David Norden

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by David Norden

Loose Brilliant Lady 21 diamond wholesaleWhereas the standard full-cut round brilliant diamond features 58 facets, including the culet, Adler's Brilliant Lady 21 cut includes 221 facets. These include 56 crown facets, 64 pavilion facets and a culet facet, as well as 100 minute facets on the girdle.

To produce the new design, Adler mobilized the services of Louis Verelst, one of Antwerp most experienced cutters, who is producing the Brilliant Lady 21 cut exclusively in his own factory.

Says Adler, "We are marketing the Brilliant Lady 21 as an exclusive 'Made in Antwerp' diamond. We already have downstream interest from jewellery chains abroad, and I can assure you that this lady will truly be an ambassador for the excellence of diamond cutting in Antwerp."

HRD Certificates has begun issuing diamond grading reports for the Brilliant Lady 21 cut, with its proprietary name printed clearly on each certificate

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Other cuts:

  Round Pear Oval Marquise Emerald Princess Heart Radiant Triangle Asscher


We can deliver the best quality at the sharpest price since you buy directly in Antwerp diamonds at wholesale diamond prices, I will forward your requests concerning the "Brilliant Cut" at Pierre Adler.

see below the page to mail me.

David Norden

PS: Since I am in Antwerp I can also help you to find other diamonds from wholesale diamond dealers, give me a pone call at +32 3 2273540 for an appointment.

Loose diamonds and engagement rings

Please let me know know what you are looking for, I'll do my best to help you:

- We deliver Diamonds cut or rough not

 - The rough diamonds are directly coming from the mines in several African countries where our offices are settled.

- We have experience dealing with the Asian Diamond market.

- Diamonds with High purity or industrial diamonds.

- Which color ? Fancy or not .

- certified HRD diamonds

- size , quantity, weight

- round traditional or fancy fantasy shapes.

- Antwerp Diamond Rings

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