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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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Yale University Art Gallery- van Rijn Archive of African Art



For many years professionals consulted Guy van Rijn's archive on African Art. Through the sponsoring of the American collector Jim Ross the files found a new home in 2000 and Guy became the first "Archivist of the Yale University Art Gallery-van Rijn Archive of African Art". 


Dear friends,

Now that it is announced in public:

The Yale Art Gallery-van Rijn Archive of African Art is a collaborative project based in Brussels. Currently, a copy resides at the Yale University Art Gallery. Yale University has plans for a future on-line version, when and how it will be accessible is, due to legal issues such as copyrights, not yet known.

These files are unique.

Well over 100,000 photos have been scanned and stored with associated provenance data. Circa 90% of all auction catalogues (World-wide) are scanned. Many private files are incorporated; auction houses, dealers, collectors, scholars and public institutions have contributed with photo material and information. Each year a few scholars with specific expertise are hired to help to reorganize a region/ethnic groups. For this year Dr. Hans Witte is working on Yoruba, and Hans Hamers is working on African ceramics at large. Frederick Cloth who is a computer wizard helped to build the technical expects of the database, he is also an expert on brass covered reliquary figures.

Frederic Lamp, the Curator of the Yale University Art Gallery, has placed an announcement on The Net:

"We are looking for images of brass-covered reliquary figures from Gabon and Congo for a special project identifying the style and distribution of these figures. This is a project conducted for the Yale University Art Gallery by Guy van Rijn and Frederic Cloth in Brussels, for a digital image archive analyzing stylistic components in relation to documented sites of appearance and collection. Photos of objects in collections, as well as field photos of the objects, would be very welcome."

Please send digital images with front and back views and all available data


For non-digital images, please send to:

Guy van Rijn .Van Rijn Documentation Centre. 
Avenue de Broqueville 225 
Woluwe-St. Lambert 
Brussels 1200 

For many years I am a user and contributor of these files, during this time Guy became a personal friend of mine, I would urge people to contribute to these files (Many of my members do already). If you contribute with material, you will always get an answer. It is not uncommon that collectors receive a nice surprise if an old provenance or publication that was lost is recuperated. It is also possible that your object could be a subject for a future exhibition. Names of owners are kept confidential, and in case of a possible publication, you will be first contacted if you want to.

David Norden

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