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A fine Eastern Pende Panya-Gombe African mask. Coll.: David Norden

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All Items RECOVERED and returned from Zimbabwe museum

Thanks to the internet the objects where found back in Finland and returned to the Museum in November 2006. David

Zimbabwe Museums & 

The Natural History Museum 
Leopold Takawira Avenue 
Centenary Park 
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Phone +263 (0)9 230 046 
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June 6, 2006 theft from NATIONAL GALLERY, ZIMBABWE

found at 

Headrest from Zimbabwe (Mutsago). The size is 12 x 15 x 4 cm. It is Shona origin

Makonde mask similar to the two that were stolen. Object was dated from around 1880 and is of Tanzanian origin.

helmet, wood, 24 x 22 cm x 18 cm, c.1880, tanzania (makonde), pc - 6400 - 0159

mask helmet, wood, 26x 23 cm x 19 cm, c.1880, tanzania (makonde), pc - 6400 - 0160

Report of Theft from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe

On Tuesday 6 June in the middle of the morning a Caucasian man entered the gallery shop and asked to see antiques for sale. He expressed dissatisfaction with the items for sale and expressed a wish to visit the Exhibiton upstairs. He was directed to the entrance where he paid his entry fee. He had a bag and upon being asked to deposit the bag he answered that as there was money in the bag he could not leave it behind.
He then proceeded upstairs where he then entered the North Gallery where apparently there was none of the attendant staff in sight. He proceeded to untie 4 of the headrest that were fastened to one of walls and to remove two additional ones and place them in a corner out of view. In addition he removed two other masks. The thief then placed the 6 works in his bag and literally ran out of the gallery leaving the two stools stashed away in a corner. He was spotted running out of the gallery and immediately the attendants were alerted to look into the Exhibiton hall to check. It was at this point that it was noticed that items had indeed been removed.
The security guard then gave chase to the suspect who after some time managed to corner to corner the suspect. Unfortunately the general crowd on seeing him grab the suspect proceeded to beat him in the belief that he in fact was the culprit. He then reported the matter to the police. (Ref. No.: 060498).
In the meantime, the staff at the gallery called the police on site and an additional police report was filed (ref No: number: 060489).


Great Zimbabwe Conical TowerGreat Zimbabwe Conical Tower

found at

HARARE, Zimbabwe, Oct. 8, 2004 (UPI) -- Police in Zimbabwe are investigating the disappearance of animal skins and historic artifacts from one of the country's leading museums.

The Chronicle, a newspaper in Harare, says that the missing items from the Bulawayo Natural History Museum could be sold for millions of dollars in South Africa. The loss was discovered by a storekeeper several weeks ago.

The Chronicle reports that museum officials turned the matter over to the Zimbabwe Republic Police after an internal investigation failed to get anywhere. Police have fingerprinted museum employees.

The newspaper says that the museum, guarded by police 24 hours a day, has a history of thefts.

"This is a well orchestrated scam, it has been going on for a long time and this is a tip of the iceberg, we must have lost more through these clandestine deals," a source told the paper.


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