African Movies?!

Yes, they do exist. But can you actually sum up some African movies?
Wrong answer, "Out of Africa" is one of the many American blockbusters...

Europe is expanding and the policies it agrees on are too. Agriculture, politics, economics... all of them receive a European lay-out. But what about the audiovisual policy? European movies receive financial aid thanks to the Media Programme but has this Programme also any impact on the African film industry?
On this website, you can dive into the following topics:

  • Why are African movies important to Europe and to Africa itself?
    Is it not remarkable that since the Academy Awards in 1927, not one single African cinematographer has won this price? During the 77 years of its existence, only three Afro-American actors have received this prestigious little statue...
  • A problem overview of the production process
    The problems that prevent the growth of African cinema into a global player are manyfold and they are situated at different stages of the production process such as production & financing, shooting & editing and the distribution.

  • European Aid
    An African cinematographer can receive some European help through co-productions, the Media Programme and the European Commission's ACP-cinema support programme.

  • Some prominent collaborators of the African film industry
    When starting with the research for this project, I contacted 4 collaborators of the African film industry. These were: Peter Davis, Jef Laenen, Guido Convents and Ellen Valkenborghs.

  • Bibliography

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