Being a small office, we mainly focus on consultancy rather than on full scale (final) design. Below, you can find some of the typical topics we are involved in. We provide services like:

  • Preliminary design
  • Control of design calculations
  • Proposals for laboratory and/or in situ testing
  • Analysis of testresults
  • Parameter determination
  • Scientific backing of non-standard design, construction and/or materials (specific small scale research project, reports on scientific state-of-the-art...)
We also act as geotechnical expert in lawsuits.

Through associations we can offer specific services like on-site construction QC, even abroad.

We also have a wide network of connections to the world's experts in all fields of (environmental) geotechnics who can act as external consultants, assuring that we can offer the highest level of support on any problem you may encounter.

Foundation Engineering

  • Deep foundations, pile group behaviour and piled raft solutions
  • Deep excavations
  • Soil structure interaction problems
  • Assistance in developments of piling (design, testing and capacity analysis)
  • Deep foundations in difficult conditions (sensitive soils, crushable sands ...)
  • Lateral loading issues
  • Pile driveability analysis
  • Ground improvement

Environmental Geotechnics

  • Analysis of geoenvironmental investigations
  • Groundwaterflow modelling (pumping test analysis, general groundwaterflow problems, contaminant transport using MODFLOW code)
  • Barrier, liner and cover design (HELP code) and QC
  • Testing advice for liner design, analysis of testresults
  • Geotechnical issues on waste materials (MSW, phosphogypsum,tarsand,...): proposals for testing, analysis of test results, stability analysis,...
  • Large strain consolidation analysis

Off-shore Geotechnics

  • Dredging feasibility
  • Soil parameter analysis
  • Underwater ground improvement
  • Accelerated consolidation issues
  • Foundation engineering in underwater conditions (including lateral loading of piles and pile groups)
  • Liquefaction problems

Training Courses

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