Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you'll see further.
Persian Proverb


You can contact me in several ways.

  • IRC
  • E-mail
  • MSN
  • Webmail


IRC is the fastest way to contact me, you just connect to a server, join a certain channel and *boom* I'm there... normally. I normally use the nick mab or _mab, not mab[number], since these are users that are connected to the server via Net Tools or this very website. You can connect to IRC via mIRC (client), or Java applet. My IRC channel #h@x is located on Dalnet.


Send me an E-mail to


You can also chat with me on MSN.


Send me an E-mail via a web form. This can be done anonymously. Click here to be redirected to the webform.



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