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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the general FAQ. If you still have questions, contact me.


I downloaded something from this site, but when i try to run it I get an error, what can I do?
Quite simple, download it again. All files are uploaded correctly and being downloaded by the web administrator and controlled.

Do you ask money for your project, or do you get money for your efforts?

Where did you learn to code the programming languages and stuff?
Mainly on college and own hunger for knowledge in my free time.

What is IRC?
IRC is a method to interact with other people mainly via chat. Using this method to contact me will connect you to a chat server and let you join a channel where other people are gathered.

I get a warning when I want to use the chat function on your site, was it for, should i click "yes"?
Yes you should, that warning is for that java applet that gives you the ability to chat on the IRC network using your internet browser.

I get 'corrupt file' error when I downloaded one of the downloads on your site? What can I do?
Quite simple, download it again. All files are uploaded correctly and being downloaded by the web administrator and controlled.

Which version of Net Tools should download? What would your recommend me?
Net Tools 4 is the most recent version at the moment, so you should download that.

I get errors when I'm installing one of the Net Tools, why and what is the sollution?
1) The installer will try to install some files that some users already have (from other apps)
2) That error just tells you that you already have that file and that it is in use, so you should ignore those errors.

The startup sound and shut down sound of Net Tools 5.0 doesn't work, why?
Check if in the directory of the main .exe the map 'sounds' is located with "startup.wav" and "shutdown.wav" in it. You can modify the sounds if you want, you can change startup.wav and shutdown.wav by other sounds, but the name must stay the same.

Can I edit the 'message of the day' and other stuff for my IRC server?
Yes you can, read the help included in the program about creating an IRC server.

Should i delete files that are located in the same directory as the Net Tools 4 EXE?
And what should I do if I did that and when It doesn't work properly anymore?

1) You shouldn't delete any files in that directory next to logs, it can cause some deffects for Net Tools 4. Logs will always be created by Net Tools so they can be deleted.
2) If you have deleted a file there, and have problems and weird behaviour of Net Tools; uninstall Net Tools 4 and reinstall it.

I still have questions, what should I do?
Contact me. I recommend you to join our IRC channel and ask there.
Channel: #h@x


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