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Other Software Publishes by Mabsoft

Next to the Net Tools project I have some smaller projects running, mostly in Visual Basic and C++. These tools can be used by you. If you engage any illegal activities using this tool, I can't be hold responsible for it. There are still projects in progress... Soon these projects will be put online. I thank you for your patience.

Process & Port Linker 1.1

This tool allows you to list all the processes used on your PC (microsoft OS), and see what port the process is using. So all processes will be linked to a certain port.

[ download ]

Port Scanner 1.0

This port scanner has the ability to scan multiple ports, multiple IPs, and is very fast. It has a very fast scan engine.

[ download ]

EXE Joiner 1.0

With this application you can join/add/bind two executables, so the joined EXE will execute both EXEs when run. However the most AV will detect the result as trojan.dropper. You can use packers or other techniques to resolve this issue and make the EXE undetectable. You can also see the tutorial on how to bind EXEs using Visual Basic 6.0.

[ download ]

Web Server 1.0

Web Server is an application that has the ability to make your computer a total server. Because of that users can browse to your local website on your hard drive. Next to that this application has the ablility to send anonym E-mails without an SMTP server input, because it will let your PC be one. Here are a few screenshots that help you doing this: [1] [2] [3] [4]

[ download ]



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