Fish - Derek William Dick

This man made a lot of music in his career...

so much it had to be split up into pieces:


  • Marillion albums
  • Marillion singles
  • Marillion live albums
  • Marillion best of compilations
  • Video - DVD


Fish solo

  • Fish albums
  • Fish singles
  • Fish live albums
  • Fish best of compilations
  • Video - DVD

Outside projects

  • with Marillion
  • being a solo artist

Most details can be found by browsing a section from above. Then select the album.
If you pick a track from the track-listing hopefully the lyric will appear.
Please note that this is copyright material.
Covers were kept small in size to prevent illegal duplication

Collectors: Visit THE MATRIX for detailed information what was released where


These pages are created by: "The Company Belgium" This is the Official Belgian section of the worldwide network of Fish fanclubs.

The Belgian fan base is a bit small, but very loyal and we will continue to believe in the man with the gift of words.
Our goal is to make the rest of the world realize that a true artist is making music for over 20 years without any recognition then from his own fans.
Brilliant music and superb lyric are his trademark since early 1982.

If you think you can handle becoming addicted after listening to his lyric, then there is the one and only advise we can give you:
Go to see this man perform on stage or listen to his music...

You won't regret it a second!