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Fish - Derek William Dick



This web site is dedicated to the man with the gift of words.


  • A career of over twentyfive years on stage
  • Music to fill complete shelves
  • Acting in several mayor movies
  • Writer, singer, entertainer and a complete warm human being

© Cristel Brouwer - Lluky Gallery

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For those who have been waiting...

All the info on 13th Star - the new album / on Arc of the Curve - the new single / and the mail section has been updated




Suffer my pretty warriors, Suffer my fallen child...

The waiting has been long, pages filled with emptiness to make the hunger grow.

I didn't wanted to know, didn't wanted to hear the whispers of the blind guardian.

Now time can't tick fast enough... the new Fish cd is ready...



The time has come to conquer and I'll provide your end...

Tomorrow the full update will take place, if I still remember how to do so :-)

Fish his mails will be added and the space for the 13th star will be born out of this void

We march !




Take a taste before you order :
Do you need to hear a sample of 13th Star to be convinced ? Visit Fish's MySpace

Do you want to see the brilliant artwork before you desite on the limited edition ? Visit The Masque

Fishy friend and collaborator on Fellini Days John Wesley is now giving away his music for free!

Read about his latest thoughts on his MySpace blog: "Share The Wes"

-->My entire catalogue is now available through links on this site as MP3 downloads – at no cost.




First - the most important -

Fish is a Happy man, he's getting married again. You can read his happy tale here in the 2007 mail section.
Congratulations to Fish & Heather ! ... I hear a song coming on :-)
You can send your wishes to the happy couple at the company site

Second - album news.
"Communion", the live CD from the acoustic gig at St. Mary's Church during the Convention is now available (advance orders) from the Shop. It will be released as a double CD on 3 panel digipak and will be priced at £11.99 plus VAT (where applicable) plus postage. Deliveries to the Studio are expected in mid-April and orders will be dispatched as quickly as possible after that. (ONLY AVAILABLE BY MAIL ORDER)

More information about the album on the left side and more information on the albums "Communion" and "Thirteenth Star" in Fish's NEW mail


Fish is a Deejay!

Until June, Fish is presenting 'Fish On Fridays' from 6pm - 8pm GMT on Planet Rock Radio from Friday 2nd March. It is repeated on Sundays from 7pm - 9pm GMT as 'Another Fish Supper'. To listen, you can either go to Planet Rock and click "LISTEN NOW" at the top left, or tune in via Windows Media Player, or Sky Channel 0110 or Cable TV Channel 924. There's a competition: A chance each week to win Fish's back catalogue. Each entry will then be put into a grand prize draw to visit Fish's studio and hear his new album.
Direct link on the left side




Long overdue update

First: "Thirteenth Star" is the title of the NEW CD that Fish is working on at the moment.
Details will follow but for now all we have to go on is the e-mail we've got from Fish in January and a few new interviews
"The album is intended to be finished by July and released to retail around October.
Calum Malcolm is on hold to record the project here at the Studio in May and June.
The tour that will start this summer will be called "Clutching at Stars" and will be bigger than last ones because Fish can profit from a raised profile after the Return To Childhood shows.
The tour list grows almost every day, so a link to TC Scotland to follow up these dates was a better idea then displaying them here.
The link is on the left side.
More exact details if a Belgian concert shows up




Hello my dearest readers,

Thank you for all the kind words regarding this web site and rewarding me with more then 100.000 page views so far.
All the best from me, your webmaster, to all of you for all the years to come.

Fish has written a funny Xmas wish on 25/12 that can be found in the Fish mail section
Slowly the toxic clouds of alcohol bliss and the fumes of burned turkey are clearing the room and already the first gig rumors are emerging. More to come on this subject when it is a little more official



This space looks empty without news from tour dates and forthcoming releases.
It could be that this stays the same if the giant from Scotland wasn't Fish... But we all know better.

For those who want to go back on memory lane; here are some links to sites with pix from this last part of the tour:

    • Bydgoszcz on October 1st by Marek Hofman
    • Aula Magna on November 11th, Lisbon by Vasco Leiria
    • Aula Magna on November 11th, Lisbon by Mónica Guerra Leiria
    • Zoetermeer on November 21th, Holland by Nick Askew

First the facts: The release of the back catalogue by Snapper is going on a steady course.
The quality of the goods (deluxe digipack format) makes you wonder why they have not been released like this before!
The dates are in place, hopefully the distribution will work ok this time so we can actually buy them.

Fish is currently writing... first a tour diary... that will be posted here of course, the a new album.

Planning stage 2007:

A acoustic release of the fanclubgig from St. Mary's Church (Company Scotland Convention) this summer, and maybe a small acoustic tour to support it. Also the possibility of a promotional release inside a newspaper is still in the pipeline
Clutching at Straws 20th anniversary and the tour for the next CD will be combined so we can all bring out our sugar mice and our short straws
The year is going to it's end. So if you thing about what to buy for yourself (because nobody else will) visit the F.I.S.H. shop.

Return to Childhood' has featured in some lists of top albums and DVDs of 2006. It came in at number 11 (out of 25) in the best live DVD of 2006 and there was also a feature in Classic Rock magazine, which gave a great review. The album appeared at number 3 in Bob Johnson's 'Future Legends' top albums of 2006 on Caithness FM 102.5.


Older news can be found in the archives 2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002 - 2001



I do need some help to make this project complete: - please take a look and mail any corrections you might want to see added.

Time Line & Live Line


Field of Crows LIVE: Scattering Crows goodies can be bought directly from The Company @ the F.I.S.H. shop

Field of Crows
Scattering Crows
Scattering Crows DVD
Scattering Crows BONUS

Field of Crows

Full CD

Scattering Crows Live

Scattering Crows


FREE Bonus

Live CD

Scattering Crows DVD is filmed at the Town & Country, Bradford 2004 and Malta July 31st 2004.
Scattering Crows Live 2CD is a recording from Bradford England April 6th 2004
Scattering Craws Bonus CD is a live recording from Robin 2, Bilston England February 18th 2004

Buy the Scattering Crows DVD in the F.I.S.H. shop along with the Scattering Crows 2CD within the same order and get the Bonus CD

These pages are created by Alex Michelet of "The Company Belgium"
This is the Official Belgian section of the worldwide network of Fish fanclubs.

The Belgian fan base is a bit small, but very loyal and we will continue to believe in the man with the gift of words.
Our goal is to make the rest of the world realize that a true artist is making music for over 20 years without any recognition then from his own fans. Brilliant music and superb lyric are his trademark since early 1982.

If you think you can handle becoming addicted after listening to his lyric, then there is the one and only advise we can give you:
Go to see this man perform on stage or listen to his music...

You won't regret it a second!

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