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Addiction Treatment Forum

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American Family Physician

            - 07-2004 Evaluation and Management of Nonulcer Dyspepsia

- 06-2004 Club Drugs: MDMA, Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Rohypnol, and Ketamine

- 06-2004 Prevention and Treatment of Overweight in Children and Adolescents

- 05-2004 Depression in Later Life: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge

- 03-2004 Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

- 01-2004 Facilitating Treatment Adherence with Lifestyle Changes in Diabetes

- 01-2004 Diagnostic Approach to Tinnitus


Annals of general hospital psychiatry

- 08-2004 Electroconvulsive therapy and determination of cerebral dominance

- 06-2004 Can physical activity improve the mental health of older adults?

- 04-2004 The STRS (shortness of breath, tremulousness, racing heart, and sweating): A brief checklist for acute distress with panic-like autonomic indicators; development and factor structure

- 03-2004 Psychophysiology and psychoacoustics of music: Perception of complex sound in normal subjects and psychiatric patients

- 03-2004 Galvanising mental health research in low- and middle-income countries: Role of scientific journals


Annals of internal medecine (reviews free after 1 year)

                - 05-2004 Screening for Suicide Risk in Adults: A Sum­ma­ry of the Evidence for the U.S. Preventive Ser­vices Task Force

                - 05-2004 Screening for Suicide Risk: Recommendation and Rationale


Archives of public health




                - 07-2004 Restless legs: impact and treatment update

- 03-2004 Lifestyle modification and blood pressure

- 01-2004 Dosing and compliance?


BMC Family Practice

            - 06-2004 Smoking behaviour, knowledge and attitudes among Family Medicine physicians and nurses in Bosnia and Herzegovina

- 06-2004 Self-esteem, stress and self-rated health in family planning clinic patients

- 03-2004 Patients' preferences for involvement in treatment decision making in Japan


BMC  Geriatrics

            - 07-2004 Chronic pain self-management for older adults: a randomized controlled trial

- 07-2004 Effects of resistance and all-round, functional training on quality of life, vitality and depression of older adults living in long-term care facilities: a 'randomized' controlled trial

- 05-2004 The relationship between sensory impairment and functional independence among elderly


BMC Health Services Research

- 02-2004 Observed-predicted length of stay for an acute psychiatric department, as an indicator of inpatient care inefficiencies. Retrospective case-series study

- 01-2004 Unintended pregnancy and induced abortion among unmarried women in China: a systematic review


BMC International Health and Human Rights

            - 05-2004  Screening family planning needs: an operations research project in Guatemala


BMC Medical Ethics

            - 07-2004 Western medical ethics taught to junior medical students can cross cultural and linguistic boundaries

- 01-2004 The development of a brief and objective method for evaluating moral sensitivity and reasoning in medical students


BMC Neurology

            - 04-2004 Sleep assessment in a population-based study of chronic fatigue syndrome

- 01-2004 "Closing-in" phenomenon in Alzheimer's disease and subcortical vascular dementia


BMC Pediatrics

- 03-2004 Does routine child health surveillance contribute to the early detection of children with pervasive developmental disorders? – An epidemiological study in Kent, U.K.


BMC Psychiatry

- 07-2004 The Bipolar Affective Disorder Dimension Scale (BADDS) – a dimensional scale for rating lifetime psychopathology in Bipolar spectrum disorders

- 07-2004 Essential elements of an early intervention service for psychosis: the opinions of expert clinicians

- 05-2004 Subjective and objective evaluation of alertness and sleep quality in depressed patients

- 05-2004 Computerized adaptive measurement of depression: A simulation study

- 04-2004 Survey on schizophrenia treatment in Mexico: perception and antipsychotic prescription patterns

- 04-2004 Level of suicidal intent predicts overall mortality and suicide after attempted suicide: a 12-year follow-up study

- 04-2004 The contribution of embarrassment to phobic dental anxiety: a qualitative research study

- 04-2004 Ethnicity, sleep, mood, and illumination in postmenopausal women

- 03-2004 Suicide and no axis I psychopathology

- 03-2004 Thyroid function in clinical subtypes of major depression: an exploratory study

- 03-2004 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in patients with traumatic brain injury

- 02-2004 Prevalence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in elders of nursing homes and a senior center of Durango City, Mexico

- 02-2004 Prevalence of obsessive-compulsive disorder in Iran



- 10-2004 Childhood predictors of self reported chronic fa­ti­gue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis in adults: national birth cohort study

- 10-2004 Use of stimulants for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

- 10-2004 Recent developments: Suicide in older people

- 10-2004 Temporal relation between depression and cognitive impairment in old age: prospective population based study

- 10-2004 Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors remain useful drugs which need careful monitoring

- 10-2004 Promoting walking and cycling as an alternative to using cars: systematic review

- 09-2004 Narcolepsy and excessive daytime sleepiness

- 09-2004 Randomised controlled trial of physiotherapy compared with advice for low back pain

- 09-2004 Vulnerability to winter mortality in elderly people in Britain: population based study

- 09-2004 Re-engineering systems for the treatment of depression in primary care: cluster randomised controlled trial

- 09-2004 Can care management enhance integration of primary and specialty care?

- 09-2004 The journey: Parkinson's disease

- 09-2004 Alcohol drinking in middle age and subsequent risk of mild cognitive impairment and dementia in old age: a prospective population based study

- 08-2004 Effects of reduction in heroin supply on injecting drug use: analysis of data from needle and syringe programmes

- 08-2004 National questionnaire survey on what influences doctors' decisions about admission to intensive care

- 08-2004 Neurological sequelae in twins born after assisted conception: controlled national cohort study

                - 07-2004 Change in suicide rates for patients with schizophrenia in Denmark, 1981-97: nested case-control study

- 07-2004 Impact of counselling on careseeking behaviour in families with sick children: cluster randomised trial in rural India

- 07-2004 Effect of bottles, cups, and dummies on breast feeding in preterm infants: a randomised controlled trial

- 07-2004 Feasibility of integrating early stimulation into primary care for undernourished Jamaican children: cluster randomised controlled trial

- 07-2004 Antidepressants and suicide: what is the balance of benefit and harm

- 07-2004 Adverse drug reactions as cause of admission to hospital: prospective analysis of 18 820 patients

- 06-2004 "Not a university type": focus group study of social class, ethnic, and sex differences in school pupils' perceptions about medical school

- 06-2004 The standardised admission ratio for measuring widening participation in medical schools: analysis of UK medical school admissions by ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and sex

- 06-2004 Smokeless tobacco use, birth weight, and gestational age: population based, prospective cohort study of 1217 women in Mumbai, India

- 06-2004 Offending in psychiatric patients after discharge from medium secure units: prospective national cohort study

- 06-2004 The mortality of doctors in relation to their smoking habits: a preliminary report

- 06-2004 Mortality in relation to smoking: 50 years' observations on male British doctors

- 06-2004 General practitioners' perceptions of chronic fatigue syndrome and beliefs about its management, compared with irritable bowel syndrome: qualitative study

- 06-2004 What do patients receiving palliative care for cancer and their families want to be told? A Canadian and Australian qualitative study

- 05-2004 Psychological impact of human papillomavirus testing in women with borderline or mildly dyskaryotic cervical smear test results: cross sectional questionnaire study

- 05-2004 Hospital admissions, age, and death: retrospective cohort study

- 05-2004 Preventing childhood obesity by reducing consumption of carbonated drinks: cluster randomised controlled trial

- 05-2004 Review of instruments for peer assessment of physicians

- 05-2004 Interaction strategies of lesbian, gay, and bisexual healthcare practitioners in the clinical examination of patients: qualitative study

- 05-2004 Doctors' experience with handheld computers in clinical practice: qualitative study

- 05-2004 Health related virtual communities and electronic support groups: systematic review of the effects of online peer to peer interactions

- 05-2004 Soft networks for bridging the gap between research and practice: illuminative evaluation of CHAIN

- 05-2004 Patients' experience with a diabetes support programme based on an interactive electronic medical record: qualitative study

- 05-2004 Do patients with unexplained physical symptoms pressurise general practitioners for somatic treatment? A qualitative study

- 05-2004 Randomised controlled factorial trial of dietary advice for patients with a single high blood pressure reading in primary care

- 05-2004 Optimal search strategies for retrieving scientifically strong studies of diagnosis from Medline: analytical survey

- 05-2004 Impact of erectile dysfunction and its subsequent treatment with sildenafil: qualitative study

- 04-2004 Policy priorities for tobacco control

- 04-2004 Mortality among "never smokers" living with smokers: two cohort studies, 1981-4 and 1996-9

- 04-2004 Reduced incidence of admissions for myocardial infarction associated with public smoking ban: before and after study

- 04-2003 How acute and reversible are the cardiovascular risks of secondhand smoke?

- 04-2004 Motorcycle rider conspicuity and crash related injury: case-control study

- 04-2004 Doctors' communication of trust, care, and respect in breast cancer: qualitative study

- 04-2004 Efficacy and safety of antidepressants for children and adolescents

- 04-2004 Patterns and distribution of tobacco consumption in India: cross sectional multilevel evidence from the 1998-9 national family health survey

- 04-2004 Risk factors, prevalence, and treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders in Pakistan: systematic review

- 03-2004 The evidence base for shaken baby syndrome

- 03-2004 Shaken baby syndrome

- 03-2004 Mental illness in people who kill strangers: longitudinal study and national clinical survey

- 03-2004 Association between stressful life events and exacerbation in multiple sclerosis: a meta-analysis

- 03-2004 Preventing falls in elderly people

- 03-2004 Effectiveness of targeted falls prevention programme in subacute hospital setting: randomised controlled trial

- 03-2004 Association between depression and abuse by partners of women attending general practice: descriptive, cross sectional survey

- 03-2004 General practitioner management of intimate partner abuse and the whole family: qualitative study

- 03-2004 How the internet affects patients' experience of cancer: a qualitative study

- 03-2004 Cognitive ability in childhood and cognitive decline in mid-life: longitudinal birth cohort study

- 03-2004 Prospective study of type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline in women aged 70-81 years

- 03-2004 Preventing falls in elderly people

- 03-2004 Effectiveness of tar­geted falls prevention programme in subacute hospital setting: rando­mised controlled trial

- 02-2004 Treatments of homosexuality in Britain since the 1950s—an oral history: the experience of patients

- 02-2004 Treatments of homosexuality in Britain since the 1950s—an oral history: the experience of professionals

- 02-2004 Well informed uncertainties about the effects of treatments

- 02-2004 Management of ano­rexia nervosa revisited

                - 02-2004 The sudden death of a child

                - 02-2004 Investigating sudden unexpected deaths in infancy and childhood and caring for bereaved families: an integrated multiagency approach

                - 01-2004 Delivering interventions for depression by using the internet: randomised controlled trial

- 01-2004 Review of prevalence data in, and evaluation of methods for cross cultural adaptation of, UK surveys on tobacco and alcohol in ethnic minority groups

- 01-2004 Stable partnership and progression to AIDS or death in HIV infected patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy: Swiss HIV cohort study

- 01-2004 Effect of low doses of ionising radiation in infancy on cognitive function in adulthood: Swedish population based cohort study


Canadian Alzheimer Disease Review

                - 04-2004 When Should an Older Adult be Referred to Neuropsychology?

- 04-2004 Delusions in Alzheimer's Disease: A Literature Review

- 04-2004 The Emerging Spectrum of Parkinsonian Dementias

- 04-2004 Personal Revelations, Experiences and Reflections of an AD Caregiver

- 04-2004 On-line Support for People Living with Alzheimer Disease

- 01-2004 Diagnosis and Prevention of Delirium in Elderly People

- 01-2004 Screaming and Wailing in Dementia Patients (Part 1)

- 01-2004 Reporting from the Second Canadian Colloquium on Dementia

- 01-2004 Personal Revelations, Experiences and Reflections of an AD Caregiver

- 01-2004 2004 Awareness Campaign: Addressing the Myths of Alzheimer Disease

- 09-2003 Vascular Dementia: the beginning of a new era

- 09-2003 Vascular Dementia as a Treatable Illness

- 04-2003 Setting Treatment Goals Using Cholinesterase Inhibitors in AD

                - 04-2003 Is Dementia Inevitable?

                - 04-2003 Person-centred Dementia Care: A Vision to be Refined

                - 04-2003 Personal Revelations, Experiences and Reflections of an AD Caregiver

                - 04-2003 People in Early Stages Shaping the Future of their Care


Canadian Family Physician

                - 03-2004 Childhood anxiety disorders - Approach to intervention

- 03-2004 Women survivors of child sexual abuse - How can health professionals promote healing?

- 03-2004 Shared mental health care -  Bringing family physicians and psychiatrists together

- 03-2004 Shared mental health care - Model for supporting and mentoring family physicians


Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

- 09-2004 Community Treatment Orders: An Uncertain Step

- 09-2004 Why Are Community Treatment Orders Controversial?

- 09-2004 Involuntary Outpatient Commitment, Community Treatment Orders, and Assisted Outpatient Treatment: What’s in the Data?

- 09-2004 The Persistence of Folly: A Critical Examination of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Part I. The Excesses of an Improbable Concept

- 09-2004 Evaluation of a Children’s Temper-Taming Program

- 09-2004 Patient Opinions on the Benefits of Treatment Programs in Residential Psychiatric Care

- 09-2004 Client and Community Services Satisfaction With an Assertive Community Treatment Subprogram for Inner-City Clients in Edmonton, Alberta

- 09-2004 Stigma Impact on Moroccan Families of Patients With Schizophrenia

- 08-2004 Twenty-Year Course of Schizophrenia: The Madras Longitudinal Study

- 08-2004 The Boundary Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder: Current Concepts and Challenges

- 08-2004 Continuity of Care in Mental Health Services: Toward Clarifying the Construct

- 08-2004 Preventing Postpartum Depression Part II: A Critical Review of Nonbiological Interventions

- 08-2004 Assessing and Treating Problem Gambling: Empirical Status and Promising Trends

- 08-2004 The Road Less Travelled: Moving From Distribution to Determinants in the Study of Gambling Epidemiology

- 08-2004 Gambling: The Hidden Addiction

- 07-2004 Suicidal Ideation in Inpatients With Acute Schizophrenia

- 07-2004 Defining Best Practices for Specialty Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Services: Lessons for Implementing Mental Health Reform

- 07-2004 Surrogate Decision Making: Special Issues in Geriatric Psychiatry

- 07-2004 Driving and Dementia in Ontario: A Quantitative Assessment of the Problem

- 07-2004 Exploring the Links Between Depression, Integrity, and Hope in the Elderly

- 07-2004 Canadian Outcomes Study in Dementia: Study Methods and Patient Characteristics

- 07-2004 Geriatric Psychiatry: A Subspecialty Whose Time Has Come

- 06-2004 Stress and Psychological Impact on SARS Patients During the Outbreak

- 06-2004 Prevalence Studies of Substance-Related Disorders: A Systematic Review of the Literature

- 06-2004 Psychotherapeutic Interventions at the End of Life: A Focus on Meaning and Spirituality

- 06-2004 Palliative Care for Families: Remembering the Hidden Patients

- 06-2004 Structured Interview Assessment of Symptoms and Concerns in Palliative Care

- 06-2004 Palliative Care: An Opportunity for Mental Health Professionals

- 05-2004 Beliefs About Schizophrenia in Italy: A Comparative Nationwide Survey of the General Public, Mental Health Professionals, and Patients’ Relatives

- 05-2004 Patient Satisfaction With Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment: The Role of Diagnosis, Pharmacotherapy, and Perceived Therapeutic Change

- 05-2004 Mental Illness in Disney Animated Films

- 05-2004 Major Depression and Mental Health Care Utilization in Canada: 1994 to 2000

- 04-2004 Differences Between Only Children and Children With 1 Sibling Referred to a Psychiatric Clinic: A Test of Richards and Goodman’s Findings

- 04-2004 Spirituality and Psychiatry in Canada: Psychiatric Practice Compared With Patient Expectations

- 04-2004 Comparisons Between the South Oaks Gambling Screen and a DSM-IV–Based Interview in a Community Survey of Problem Gambling

- 04-2004 Forty Years of Deinstitutionalization of Psychiatric Services in Canada: An Empirical Assessment

- 04-2004 Integrative Dimensions of Psychotherapy Training

- 04-2004 Advances in Psychotherapy Education

- 04-2004 Implications of Psychotherapy Research for Psychotherapy Training

- 04-2004 Psychotherapy Education: Innovation and Evolution

- 03-2004 Barriers to Access to Mental Health Services for Ethnic Seniors: The Toronto Study

- 03-2004 Family Background and Genius

- 03-2004 Psychiatric Comorbidity and Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI) Profiles in Eating Disorder Patients

- 03-2004 Somatization and Conversion Disorder

- 03-2004 Non-Alzheimer’s Disease Dementias: Anatomic, Clinical, and Molecular Correlates

- 03-2004 The Neuropsychiatry of Multiple Sclerosis

- 03-2004 Neuropsychiatry: Grasping the Body–Mind and Mind–Body Problems

- 02-2004 From Counting to Un­der­standing: The Evol­ving Epidemiologic Ap­proach to Dementia

- 02-2004 More Than the Epide­miology of Alzheimer’s Disease: Contributions of the Canadian Study of Health and Aging

- 02-2004 Alzheimer’s Disease, Genes, and Environment: The Value of Interna­ti­o­nal Studies

- 02-2004 The 5-Factor Model of Personality and Antide­pressant Medication Com­pliance

- 02-2004 Social, Demographic, and Clinical Factors Rela­ted to Disruptive Beha­viour in Hospital

- 02-2004 Prevalence and Inci­den­ce Studies of Mood Disorders: A Systematic Review of the Literature

- 01-2004 Sociodemographic Factors Associated With Comorbid Major Depressive Episodes and Alcohol Dependence in the General Population

- 01-2004 Delineating the Population Served by a Mobile Crisis Team: Organizing Diversity

- 01-2004 Detecting Women at Risk for Postnatal Depression Using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale at 2 to 3 Days Postpartum

- 01-2004 Ethics in Psychiatric Research: Study Design Issues

- 01-2004 The Prevalence of Psychological Morbidity in West Bank Palestinian Children


Canadian Psychiatric Association Bulletin

- 06-2004 Use of Telepsychiatry for Child Psychiatric Issues: First 500 Cases

- 06-2004 The Impact of a Self-Help Group on People with Schizophrenia

- 04-2004 Collaboration Between Community Mental Health Workers or Counsellors and Psychiatrists in a Shared Care Setting

- 04-2004 Family Physician Satisfaction with Mental Health Services: Findings from a Community Survey

- 02-2004 New Developments in Cognitive- Behavioural Therapy for Depression

- 02-2004 Combining Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

- 02-2004 The Interpersonal Fulcrum— Interpersonal Therapy for Treatment of Depression

- 02-2004 Reasoning with Psychosis Patients: Why Should a General Psychiatrist Care about Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Schizophrenia?

- 02-2004 Evidence-Based Psychotherapies - Progress in Psychotherapy Research


Clinical Geriatrics (niet meer gratis sedert de zomer van 2004)

- 06-2004 Management of Nonmalignant Chronic Pain in Older Patients

- 06-2004 Consenting Adults: Sexuality in the Nursing Home

- 05-2004 Management and Treatment of Psychotic Manifestations in Older Patients with Alcoholism: Part II

- 04-2004 Management and Treatment of Psychotic Manifestations in Older Patients with Alcoholism: Part I

- 04-2004 Telling the Patient the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease: Is Truth-Telling Always Best?

- 03-2004 The Older Adult with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

- 02-2004 Restoring Appetite in the Elderly

- 01-2004 Caring for an Older Adult with Chronic Schizophrenia

- 01-2004 Update on Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease--Part II: Management of Noncognitive, Psychiatric, and Behavioral Complications



Clinical Psychology Newsletter (free after six months)

- 02-2004 Beck never lived in Birmingham: Why CBT may be a less useful treatment for psychological distress than is often supposed
Win-win organisation for psychology services: Why service managers really need the professional group
Welcome to the UK! Or whose equivalence is it anyway? A critique of the Society’s  approach to examining for the Statement of Equivalence in Clinical Psychology
Welcome to the UK! A response to Martin Seager
The challenges and successes of clinical work with people seeking asylum in the UK
Justice and empowerment for people with learning disabilities who have been abused
A model of multi-agency psychology consultation
Three key perspectives for user satisfaction in child work: working in parallel with Chi
The journal-reading habits of adult mental health clinical psychologists

- 01-2004 The experiences of clinical psychologists in Assertive Outreach
Hand in hand: user and carer involvement in training clinical psychologists
Providing an anger management service through psychoeducational classes – and avoiding therapy
To attend or not to attend: ‘seasonal’ and school term influenced variation in non-attendance rates at a CAMHS outpatient clinic
The Outlook summer group: a social skills workshop for children with a different appearance who are transferring to secondary school
A sign of our times: clinical psychologists’ awareness, concerns and interest in supervising a deaf trainee
Debt: Who gets into it, who gets out of it and what can clinical psychology do to help?

- 12-2004 Early non-attendance as a predictor of continued non-attendance and subsequent attrition from psychological help
Experiences of two assistant psychologists piloting the role of graduate mental health workers in primary care
Training deaf clinical psychologists
A focus group of primary care (Tier 1) staff in child and adolescent mental health services
Warning: Psychotherapy may damage your health
Psychological therapy: deadly toxin or healing balm? A response to Christopher Willoughby

- 11-2004 Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000: Implications for clinical psychology
‘Tell us what you think!’ Children’s explanations of attendance at CAMHS
Evaluating a psychological liaison service: Easier said than done
Consent to intervention in mental health rehabilitation: Who knows best?
Pilot evaluation of a clinical child psychology consultancy service to Highland Region New Community Schools
Just another technique? Possibilities and paradoxes in working with mindfulness
Forging a career as a psychologist in Australia


Contemporary Pediatrics

- 08-2004 Counseling parents on infant day care: How to do it effectively

- 08-2004 Tourette syndrome: Much more than tics, part 1: Diagnosis .  part 2: Management

- 06-2004 Guide for parents: Teaching your child to deal with anger

- 06-2004 Guide for parents: You can teach key social skills to your child

- 05-2004 Guide for parents: 10 tips for talking with children about a parent’s life-threatening illness

- 04-2004 Guide for parents: Stool holding: When your child holds back bowel movements and is not toilet trained

- 04-2004 Guide for parents: Using incentives to motivate your child

- 04-2004 Toilet training problems: Underachievers, refusers, and stool holders . Guide for parents

- 03-2004 The medical evaluation of a child with develop­mental delay

- 03-2004 Shaken baby syndrome: Recognizing and responding to a lethal danger

- 03-2004 Toilet training: Getting it right the first time . Guide for parents

- 02-2004 A framework and strategy for understanding and resolving colic

- 01-2004 Getting into adolescent heads: An essential update

- 01-2004 How an assistance dog can enhance the life of a child with a disability



- 04-2004 The number space and neglect

- 04-2004 Geographic information has to be spatialised to be neglected: A representational neglect case

- 04-2004 Impaired working memory for location but not for colour or shape in visual neglect: A comparison of parietal and non parietal lesions

- 04-2004 The anatomy of anosognosia for hemiplegia: A meta-analysis

- 04-2004 Auditory deficits in visuospatial neglect patients

- 04-2004 “Mind the gap”: The size-distance dissociation in visual neglect is a cueing effect

- 04-2004 Judging the angles formed by visible and imaginary clock hands: A study of hemispatial effects in healthy volunteers

- 04-2004 Perceptual and premotor neglect: Is there an ideal task to categorise patients?

- 04-2004 Acceleration perception and spatial distortion in a left unilateral neglect patient

- 04-2004 Developmental neglect dyslexia in a Hebrew-reading child

- 04-2004 Auditory neglect: What and where in auditory space

- 04-2004 The role of vision in spatial representation

- 04-2004 Cognition in dyschiria: Edoardo Bisiach’s theory of spatial disorders and consciousness

- 04-2004 Hermann Zingerle’s “Impaired perception of the own body due to organic brain disorders”. An introductory comment, and an abridged translation

- 04-2004 Hemispatial neglect and visual search: A large scale analysis

- 04-2004 Visual neglect can be object-based or scene-based depending on task representation

- 04-2004 A Festschrift for Edoardo Bisiach (and spatial neglect)

- 02-2004 Reaction and movement times in individuals with chronic traumatic brain injury with good motor recovery

- 02-2004 Influence of task complexity on manual asymmetries

- 02-2004 Comprehension of spatial language terms in Williams syndrome: Evidence for an interaction between domains of strength and weakness

- 02-2004 Straight-ahead pointing correlates with long-line bisection in neglect patients

- 02-2004 Adult crossed aphasia in dextrals revisited

- 02-2004 Anosognosia for plegia: Specificity, extension, partiality and disunity of bodily unawareness

- 02-2004 Anosognosia: The neurology of beliefs and uncertainties


Current Psychiatry

- 10-2004 Adolescent risk taking: When and how to intervene

- 10-2004 How the evidence tipped SSRIs’ risk-benefit balance for pediatric depression

- 09-2004 How to help nicotine-dependent adolescents quit smoking

- 09-2004 Is depression neurochemical or neurodegenerative?

- 08-2004 Bedside psychotherapy: Brief and surprisingly effective

- 07-2004 Suicide risk assessment: Questions that reveal what you really need to know

- 06-2004 Post-stroke depression: Rapid action helps restore lost function

- 06-2004 8 steps to manage recurrent abdominal pain

- 06-2004 Exercise for depression: Here’s how to get patients moving

- 05-2004 Posttraumatic stress disorder: Nature and nurture?

- 05-2004 Treating affective illness in patients with chronic pain

- 05-2004 Psychological first aid: Emergency care for terrorism and disaster survivors

- 04-2004 How to reduce aggression in youths with conduct disorder

- 04-2004 Hypnosis: Brief interventions offer key to managing pain and anxiety

- 04-2004 Binge-eating disorder - Where medications fit in the comprehensive treatment of eating disturbance, obesity, and depression

- 03-2004 Anorexia nervosa: Dual therapy can bring patients back from the brink

- 03-2004 Brain/body connection: Treating depression in patients with cardiovascular disease

- 03-2004 Treatment-resistant depression: Choices that improve response rates

- 02-2004 Using antipsychotics in patients with dementia

- 02-2004 Bipolar update: Evidence is driving change in mania, depression algorithms

- 02-2004 Is this patient dangerous? 5 steps to assess risk for violence

- 01-2004 Psychotic depression: State-of-the-art algorithm improves odds for remission

- 01-2004 Omega-3 fatty acids: Do 'fish oils' have a therapeutic role in psychiatry?

- 01-2004 Bulimia nervosa: Persistent disorder requires equally persistent treatment


Current research in social psychology

- 10-2004 Self-directed negative affect: the distinct roles of ingroup identification and outgroup derogation

- 09-2004 The effects of government-issued terror warnings on presidential approval ratings

- 06-2004 Assessing the Affective Simon Paradigm as a Measure of Individual Differences in Implicit Social Cognition about Death

- 06-2004 Employees' Personal Motives for Engaging in Citizenship Behavior: The Case of Workers in Nigeria's Agriculture Industry

- 04-2004 Would You Save an Uncaring Relative from a Burning Building? Considerations of Relatedness and Previous Care in Predictions of Altruism

- 04-2004 Justice, Politics, and Prejudice Regarding Immigration Attitudes

- 04-2004 Educational Attainment and the Payoff of Education: Black Male Suicide in the United States, 1947-1998

- 03-2004 Response to September 11: Anxiety, Patriotism, and Prejudice in the Aftermath of Terror

- 03-2004 Facial Make-Up Elicits Positive Attitudes at the Implicit Level: Evidence from the Implicit Association Test

- 02-2004 Men and Women Prefer Risk Takers as Romantic and Nonromantic Partners

- 01-2004 Moderation of Intergroup Memory Bias via Crossed Categorization

- 01-2004 An Examination of Racial Subtypes versus Subgroups


Disability World

            - 04-2004 Issue nr 23 (pdf-file  200 pp)

- 01-2004 Issue nr 22


Early Childhood – Research & Practice

- 04-2004 Mentoring for Change: A Time Use Study of Teacher Consultants in Preschool Reform

- 04-2004 Correlates of Family Routines in Head Start Families

- 04-2004 Getting from Here to There: To an Ideal Early Preschool System

- 04-2004 A Whale of an Interest in Sea Creatures: The Learning Potential of Excursions

- 04-2004 Seymour Papert’s Vision for Early Childhood Education? A Descriptive Study of Head Start and Kindergarten Students in Discovery-based, Logo-rich Classrooms

- 04-2004 How Do Children Tell Us about Their Childhoods?

- 04-2004 Looking at the Trees around Us


Electronic Journal of human sexuality

                - 07-2004 Family life education in maine public schools: a ten year look at changes in topics, policy, and procedure

- 06-2004 “Baring the Body in the Bedroom”:  Body Image, Sexual Self-Schemas, and Sexual Functioning among College Women and Men

- 05-2004 Predicting the use of Sexual Initiation - Tactics in a Sample of College Women


Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology

- 04-2004 Self-regulation of learning through the PRO & REGULA program

- 04-2004 Stories that show how to study and how to learn: an experience in the Portuguese school system

- 04-2004 Self-regulated learning procedure for university students: the "meaningful text-reading strategy"

- 04-2004 Gender differences in academic motivation of secondary school students

- 04-2004 Motivation, Quality University and Counseling Services at the University of Granada

- 04-2004 Epistemological Understanding and Inductive Inference: A study of physics in Early Childhood Education

- 04-2004 Recent perspectives in the study of motivation: the Theory of Goal Orientation

- 04-2004 Self-Regulated Learning: Current and Future Directions

- 04-2004 A tribute to Paul R. Pintrich's Contributions to Psychology and Education


Evolutionary Psychology

                - 08-2004 Which Infidelity Type Makes You More Jealous? Decision Strategies in a Forced-choice Between Sexual and Emotional Infidelity

- 05-2004 Cheaters Are Looked At Longer and Remembered Better Than Cooperators in Social Exchange Situations

- 05-2004 The Matthew Effect: Evolutionary Implications

- 05-2004 Sexual selection and the Male:Female Mortality Ratio

- 02-2004 Semen Displacement as a Sperm Competition Strategy in Humans


Future-drugs: Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics

                - 01-2004 Verbal memory deficit in patients with schizophrenia: an important future target for treatment


Future of children

                - 01-2004 Children, Families, and Foster Care


Geriatric Times

- 07-2004 Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer's Disease: New Treatments

- 05-2004 Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer's Disease: A Comparative Overview

- 01-2004 Legal and Ethical Issues for Patients With Dementia and Their Families

- 01-2004 MCI as a Useful Clinical Concept

- 01-2004 Who Will Care for the Elder Orphans?



                - 09-2004 Did President Reagan have mild cognitive impairment while in office?

- 09-2004 Alcohol abuse and dependence - A clinical update on alcoholism in the older population

- 07-2004 Apathy in the older adult - Why you should care

- 05-2004 Psychomotor disadaptation syndrome - A new clinical entity in geriatric patients

- 05-2004 Sharing the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease: methods and expectations.

- 04-2004 Misplacing empathy and misdiagnosing depression - How to differentiate among depression’s many faces

- 03-2004 A sleep review of systems - Evaluating the effects of medical disorders on sleep in the older patient

- 02-2004 In the meantime… How to help patients while waiting for a psychiatric consultation

- 02-2004 Insomnia, depression, and aging - Assessing sleep and mood interactions in older adults

- 01-2004 Sleep talk with your doctor

- 01-2004 Sleep, health, and aging - Bridging the gap between science and clinical practice

- 01-2004 Sleep disorders in older adults  - A primary care guide to assessing 4 common sleep problems in geriatric patients


Geriatrics & Aging (steeds minder gratis artikelen)

                - 01-2004 Considerations for Assessment of Medical Competence to Drive in Older Patients


German Journal of Psychiatry

                - 07-2004 Marital Status in Morbidity Obese Patients after Bariatric Surgery

- 07-2004 Psychiatric Disorders and Traumatic Life Events

- 07-2004 Quality-of-Life Issues in Mental Health Care: Past, Present and Future

- 05-2004 Antisocial Personality Disorder and its correlate in the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test

- 05-2004 Depressive Mood and Craving during Alcohol Withdrawal: Association and Interaction

- 05-2004 Treatment of Heroin Dependence

- 01-2004 Emotional and Behavioral Problems Among Male Saudi Schoolchildren and Adolescents Prevalence and Risk Factors

- 01-2004 Bosch’s Cases: a 40 years Follow-up of Patients with Infantile Autism and Asperger Syndrome


International Electronic Journal of Health Education

- 07-2004 Priority Health Behavior Practices Among Chinese Undergraduate Students

- 07-2004 The Impact of A Computerized Dietary Assessment On Nutrition Knowledge

- 05-2004 Readability of Health Sites on the Internet

- 03-2004 Influence of Self-Efficacy On Fat-Related Dietary Behavior In Chinese Americans

- 03-2004 HIV and STD Knowledge, Sexual Behaviors and Drug Taking Behaviors of Adolescents in Southern Russia

- 01-2004 Acceptability and Appeal of a Web-based Smoking Prevention Intervention for Adolescents


International Family Planning Perspectives

- 09-2004 In South Africa, Wives' HIV Prevention Beliefs Affect Condom Use with Spouse

- 09-2004 Consistent Use Is Crucial to Efficacy of Condoms in Prevention of STIs

- 09-2004 Partner Violence Elevates the Risk of HIV Infection for South African Women

- 09-2004 Heavy Use of Tobacco and Caffeine Are Among Factors That May Reduce a Woman's Chance of Conceiving

- 09-2004 The Future of the Female Condom

- 09-2004 Family Planning Programs: Getting the Most for the Money

- 09-2004 Needs and Preferences Regarding Sex Education Among Chinese College Students: A Preliminary Study

- 09-2004 Are Partner and Relationship Characteristics Associated With Condom Use in Zambian Nonmarital Relationships?

- 09-2004 Exploring the Socioeconomic Dimension of Adolescent Reproductive Health: A Multicountry Analysis

- 06-2004 Stigma Against People Infected with HIV Poses A Major Barrier to Testing

- 06-2004 In Brazil, Women Who Lack Knowledge About Fertility Control Are Those Most Likely to Become Sterilized

- 06-2004 Low Birth Weight Is Linked to Timing of Prenatal Care and Other Maternal Factors

- 06-2004 In India, Son Preference Declines with Ideal Family Size, but Remains Strong

- 06-2004 Improving Maternal Health Care Could Reduce Early Infant Mortality in Nepal

- 06-2004 Increase in Sexual Activity Among Young Colombian and Peruvian Women Exceeds Rise in Contraceptive Use

- 06-2004 Does Discussion of Family Planning Improve Knowledge of Partner's Attitude Toward Contraceptives?

- 06-2004 Provision of Family Planning Services in Lesotho

- 06-2004 Family Planning and Women's Lives in Rural China

- 06-2004 Behavior Change Evaluation of a Culturally Consistent Reproductive Health Program for Young Kenyans

- 03-2004 Unintended Pregnancy Among Newly Married Couples In Shanghai

                - 03-2004 Compression of Women's Reproductive Spans In Andhra Pradesh, India

                - 03-2004 Religious Affiliation and Extramarital Sex Among Men in Brazil

                - 03-2004 Political Management in the Indonesian Family Planning Program

                - 03-2004 Whatever Happened to Family Planning And, for That Matter, Reproductive Health

                - 03-2004 Plateaus During the Rise of Contraceptive Prevalence

                - 03-2004 In Bangladesh, a Woman's Risk of Death Is Elevated For Two to Three Years After the Birth of Each Child

                - 03-2004 Antenatal Education Helps Turkish Women Adopt Health-Promoting Behavior

                - 03-2004 After Vasectomy, Sperm Clearance May Occur Later Than Previously Thought

                - 03-2004 Midwife Care Is as Safe as Physician-Led Care for Nepalese Women with Low-Risk Pregnancies

                - 03-2004 Indian Women Who Have Daughters but No Sons Face an Increased Risk of Marital Dissolution

                - 03-2004 Filipino Couples' Traits Are Tied to Spousal Agreement On Pregnancy Wantedness

                - 03-2004 Long-Term Use of Female Condom May Hinge Partly On Depth of Instruction


International Journal of MS Care

                - 03-2004 Cognitive Function in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: Impairment and Treatment

                - 03-2004 Exploring Rehabilitation and Wellness Needs of People with MS Living in  South Florida: A Pilot Study



International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

                - 2004 Peer Support Groups for People With Bipolar Disorders in New Zealand: A Pilot Study on Critical Success Factors

- 2004 A slab over my head: Recovery Insights from a Consumer’s Perspective

- 2004 Managing Neuroleptic Weight Gain: Consumers' Perspectives

- 2004 Second Generation Neuroleptic Weight Gain: Evaluating Early Intervention Strategies – A Feasibility Study

- 2004 Sex Differences in Sex Attitudes Among Hispanic College Students: Findings From a Texas University Near Mexico

- 2004 Factors Predicting Overall Life Satisfaction for People with Long-Term Mental Illness

- 2004 A Table Tennis Tournament in the Psychiatric Hospital: description and suggestion for salutogenic implications

- 2004 Hegel’s Dialectic and Reflective Practice – A Short Essay

                - 2004 Instrumentalism in occupational therapy:  An Argument for a pragmatic conceptual model of practice

                - 2004 Ethical and Social Dilemmas Surrounding Community-based Rehabilitation in Costa Rica

                - 2004 Psychotherapy Treatment of Torture Survivors

                - 2004 Assessing Coping in Schizophrenia

                - 2004 Correlates of Psychological Distress in Discharged Patients Recovering from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in Hong Kong

                - 2004 Instrumentalism in Occupational Therapy: Guidelines for Practice

                - 2004 Instrumentalism in occupational therapy: A theoretical core for the Pragmatic Conceptual Model of practice

                - 2004 Evaluation of Integrated Treatment Outcomes at Places for People

                - 2004 Socio-Emotionally Intelligent Development Politics

                - 2004 Coping with Stress among Middle-Aged and Older Women and Men with Arthritis


International Journal of Transgenderism

                (laatste artikel in 2002)


Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine

                - 06-2004 A psychoanalytic psychotherapist working within psychiatry: covert and overt functions

- 06-2004 Mental Health Policy in Ireland 1984-2004: theory, overview and future directions

- 06-2004 Mania in elderly people

- 06-2004 A tariff system for nervous shock: introducing the total impact score

- 06-2004 Attitudes to visits by children to parents hospitalised with acute psychiatric illness

- 06-2004 SSRIs, aggression and suicide – a cause for concern or the result of media hype?

- 03-2004 The imperative in PTSD: integrating biology and clinical practice

                - 03-2004 Problems experienced by young men and attitudes to help-seeking in a rural Irish community

                - 03-2004 Persistence of psychological problems in adolescence: a one year follow-up study

                - 03-2004 Social function, clinical symptoms and personality disturbance


Italian Journal of pediatrics

- 08-2004 Parental attitudes about the most common symptoms/pathologies in pre-school children

- 08-2004 School problems among immigrant students

- 08-2004 Behavioral and cognitive outcomes of ex-preterm children

- 08-2004 Palliative care in children: problems and considerations

- 04-2004 Long-term neurodevelopmental outcome of children exposed to illicit substances during pregnancy: the role of home environmental factors

- 02-2004 Internet and andrological health risks for the youth

                - 02-2004 Children exposed to opiates in utero: 24 years' experience


Journal of Rehabilitation, Research & Development

- 07-2004 Reliability and validity of the Family Satisfaction Scale with survivors of traumatic brain injury

- 07-2004 Ambulatory activity in men with diabetes: Relationship between self-reported and real-world performance-based measures

- 07-2004 Cerebral and cerebellar sensorimotor plasticity following motor imagery-based mental practice of a sequential movement

- 05-2004 How strong is the relationship between functional status and quality of life among persons with stroke?

- 02-2004 Attributional style and symptoms as predictors of social function in schizophrenia

- 01-2004 Predicting consistency of pain over a 10-year period in persons with spinal cord injury


Methods of Psychological Research



Monitor on Psychology

                - 02-2004 Programmed for psychopathology?

- 02-2004 Helping with post-conflict readjustment

- 01-2004 Multiple relationships and APA's new Ethics Code: values and applications

- 01-2004 California psychologists prepare for hospital-privileges battle

- 01-2004 Battling obesity



- 04-2004 Help Me Help You: Support Groups in Cancer Therapy

- 02-2004 Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Cancer




- 10-2004 Maternal Smoking and Infantile Gastrointestinal Dysregulation: The Case of Colic

- 10-2004 A Systematic Review of Interventions to Prevent Childhood Farm Injuries

- 10-2004 Adolescents’ Beliefs About the Risks Involved in Smoking "Light" Cigarettes

- 10-2004 Parental Feeding Attitudes and Styles and Child Body Mass Index: Prospective Analysis of a Gene-Environment Interaction

- 10-2004 Effects of a Primary Care-Based Intervention on Violent Behavior and Injury in Children

- 09-2004 Puberty and the Onset of Substance Use and Abuse

- 09-2004 Watching Sex on Television Predicts Adolescent Initiation of Sexual Behavior

- 08-2004 Dating Violence and Associated Sexual Risk and Pregnancy Among Adolescent Girls in the United States

- 08-2004 Decreased Arousals Among Healthy Infants After Short-Term Sleep Deprivation

- 08-2004 A Modified Screening Tool for Autism (Checklist for Autism in Toddlers [CHAT-23]) for Chinese Children

- 07-2004 Neonatal Procedural Pain and Preterm Infant Cortisol Response to Novelty at 8 Months

- 07-2004 Physical Aggression During Early Childhood: Trajectories and Predictors

- 07-2004 Predicting Preschooler Obesity at Birth: The Role of Maternal Obesity in Early Pregnancy

- 07-2004 Use of Practice Guidelines in the Primary Care of Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

- 07-2004 Once-Daily Atomoxetine Treatment for Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Including an Assessment of Evening and Morning Behavior: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

- 06-2004 Legalization of Marijuana: Potential Impact on Youth

- 06-2004 Shifts in Percentiles of Growth During Early Childhood: Analysis of Longitudinal Data From the California Child Health and Development Study

- 06-2004 A Brief Screening Questionnaire for Infant Sleep Problems: Validation and Findings for an Internet Sample

- 06-2004 Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs of School Nurses and Personnel and Associations With Nonmedical Immunization Exemptions

- 06-2004 Psychiatric Hospitalizations Among Children and Youths With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

- 06-2004 Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Infant Health Practices Among Low-Income Women

- 06-2004 During Toilet Training, Constipation Occurs Before Stool Toileting Refusal

- 06-2004 Does an Isolated History of Loss of Consciousness or Amnesia Predict Brain Injuries in Children After Blunt Head Trauma?

- 05-2004 Trichotillomania in Childhood: Case Series and Review

- 05-2004 The Genetics of Autism

- 05-2004 Failure to Thrive and Cognitive Development in Toddlers With Infantile Anorexia

- 05-2004 Breastfeeding and the Risk of Postneonatal Death in the United States

- 05-2004 Living With Classical Galactosemia: Health-Related Quality of Life Consequences

- 05-2004 Mothers' and Clinicians' Perspectives on Breastfeeding Counseling During Routine Preventive Visits

- 04-2004 Cerebellar Infarction in Adolescent Males Associated With Acute Marijuana Use

- 04-2004 How Should Parents Protect Their Children From Environmental Tobacco-Smoke Exposure in the Home?

- 03-2004 Transition to Adulthood: The Important Role of the Pediatrician

- 02-2004 Termination of Life Support After Severe Child Abuse: The Role of a Guardian ad Litem

- 02-2004 Does Breastfeeding Protect Against Pediatric Overweight? Analysis of Longitudinal Data From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System

- 01-2004 Survival and Long-Term Neurodevelopmental Outcome of Extremely Premature Infants Born at 23–26 Weeks’ Gestational Age at a Tertiary Center



Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

            - 07-2004 Practitioners' Perspectives on Effective Practices for Hispanic Teenage Pregnancy Prevention

- 07-2004 Use of Commercial Sex Workers Among Hispanic Migrants In North Carolina: Implications for the Spread of HIV

- 07-2004 A Comparison of Hispanic and White Adolescent Females' Use of Family Planning Services in California

- 07-2004 A Randomized Study of a Pregnancy and Disease Prevention Intervention for Hispanic Couples

- 07-2004 Norms That Encourage Young Adolescents Not to Have Sex Tied to Reduced Odds of Becoming Sexually Active

- 07-2004 Heavy Use of Tobacco and Caffeine Are Among Factors That May Reduce a Woman's Chance of Conceiving
- 07-2004 Consistent Use vs. Ever-Use of Condoms: Which Measure is More Useful?
- 07-2004 Teenagers Who Think Sex is Important May Wait Less Time with New Partners
- 07-2004 Consistent Condom Use Offers Protection for Those With an Infected Partner
- 07-2004 Teenagers Who Abstain from Sex Cite Similar Reasons Regardless of Whether They Have Ever Had Intercourse
- 05-2004 Teenage Pregnancy and Associated Risk Behaviors Among Sexually Abused Adolescents

- 05-2004 "Throwing the Dice": Pregnancy Decision-Making Among HIV-Positive Women in Four U.S. Cities

- 05-2004 The Acceptability of the Female and Male Condom: A Randomized Crossover Trial

- 05-2004 The Future of the Female Condom

- 05-2004 Covert Use of Topical Microbicides: Implications for Acceptability and Use

- 05-2004 Recent Childbirth or Acquisition of New Partner Boosts Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk in Female Teenagers
- 05-2004 Teenagers Given Advance Emergency Contraception Still Use Pill and Condoms

- 05-2004 Postpartum Sexual Problems Are Similar for Depressed And Nondepressed Women, but Prevalence Differs

- 05-2004 For Teenage Women, Having Had Multiple Recent Partners Is Linked to a Cluster of Negative Behaviors

- 03-2004 Parents' Beliefs About Condoms and Oral Contraceptives: Are They Medically Accurate?

- 03-2004 Attitudes and Intentions of Future Health Care Providers Toward Abortion Provision

- 03-2004 Acceptability of the Vaginal Diaphragm Among Current Users

- 03-2004 U.S. Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives and the Impact Of Contraceptive Coverage Mandates, 2002
- 03-2004 The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Adolescents: Legal Questions and Clinical Challenges

- 03-2004 Source and Perceived Quality of Information Are Linked To Users' Odds of Discontinuing Hormone Therapy

- 03-2004 Power in Relationship and Pressure to Have Sex May Affect Women's Use of Emergency Contraception

- 03-2004 Teenage Pregnancy Risk Rises with Childhood Exposure to Family Strife

- 03-2004 Family Planning Clinic Visits Present Opportunities For Providers to Screen for Mental Health Problems

- 03-2004 Sexual Inexperience Does Not Preclude Some Risk Of Bacterial Vaginosis

- 03-2004 Most Women Are Unlikely To Experience Premenstrual Mood Change with Pill Use

- 01-2004 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among American Youth: Incidence and Prevalence Estimates, 2000

- 01-2004 The Estimated Direct Medical Cost of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among American Youth, 2000

- 01-2004 Adolescent Clinic Visits for Contraception: Support from Mothers, Male Partners and Friends

- 01-2004 Characteristics of Men Receiving Vasectomies In the United States, 1998-1999

- 01-2004 Some Teenage Mothers Place High Priority on Avoiding Repeat Pregnancy in Their Early Postpartum Months

- 01-2004 Women with HIV Have Changing Odds of Antiretroviral And Substance Abuse Treatment Around Time of a Birth

- 01-2004 Long-Term Use of Femal Condom May Hinge Partly on Depth of Instruction

- 01-2004 Relationship Type, Goals Predict the ConsistencyOf Teenagers' Condom Use

- 01-2004 Reports to Police of Abuse During Pregnancy Signal Risk of Adverse Outcomes

- 01-2004 Pregnancy Outcomes and Infant Health Suffer When A Woman's First Two Children Have Different Fathers

- 01-2004 Odds of Single Motherhood Are Increased if a Child Is Valued as a Social Resource

- 01-2004 Heavy Drinking Is More Strongly Related to Fetal Growth Than Is Bingeing


Psychiatric News



Psychiatric Times

- 09-2004 The Psychiatrist's Role in Assessing and Treating Pain

- 09-2004 The First Session With an Adolescent

- 09-2004 Addressing the Interface Between Pediatrics and Psychiatry

- 09-2004 Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Sexually Abused Children

- 09-2004 Adopting Evidence-Based Treatments

- 08-2004 Applications of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Therapy in Psychiatry

- 08-2004 Educational Issues in Neuropsychiatry

- 08-2004 Exploring the Gene-Environment Nexus in Anorexia, Bulimia

- 08-2004 The Indelible Inseparability of Brain and Thought, of Mind and Body

- 08-2004 Treating Eating Disorders: the Pitfalls and Perplexities

- 07-2004 Assessing Suicide Risk in Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder

- 07-2004 Beyond 'Handholding': Supportive Therapy for Patients With BPD and Self-Injurious Behavior

- 07-2004 Borderline Personality Disorder: An Overview

- 07-2004 DHEA Lessens Depressive Symptoms, NIMH Study Shows

- 07-2004 Guideline to Aid Treatment of Suicidal Behavior

- 07-2004 New Knowledge and New Conceptions

- 07-2004 Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer's Disease: New Treatments

- 07-2004 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders

- 06-2004 The Case for Cosmetic Psychiatry: Treatment Without Diagnosis

- 06-2004 Forensic Psychiatry as a Specialty

- 06-2004 New Approaches to Preventing Incarceration of Severely Mentally Ill Adults

- 06-2004 Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer's Disease: A Comparative Overview

- 06-2004 Researchers Tackle the Underdiagnosis and Undertreatment of Late-Life Depression

- 06-2004 Transcultural Psychiatry for Clinical Practice

- 05-2004 The Role of Cortisol and Depression: Exploring New Opportunities for Treatments

- 04-2004 Psychological Debriefing Does Not Prevent Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

- 04-2004 Preventing Violence in Schools

- 04-2004 Posttraumatic Growth: A New Perspective on Psychotraumatology

- 04-2004 A New Appreciation of ECT

- 04-2004 Issues in Dual Diagnosis: Diagnosis, Treatment and New Research

- 04-2004 Intervention and Prevention of Morbid Psychosocial Outcomes

- 04-2004 Considering PTSD in the Treatment of Female Victims of Intimate Partner Violence

- 03-2004 Suicide Ideation in the Elderly

- 03-2004 The Interface of Depression and Dementia

- 03-2004 The Impact of Antipsychotics on Cognitive Functioning in Schizophrenia

- 03-2004 Is ECT an Ethical Treatment?

- 03-2004 The Effects of Age on Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia

- 03-2004 The Complex Interaction of Cognitive Issues

- 03-2004 Child Psychiatry Faces Workforce Shortage

- 03-2004 Assessing and Treating Men With Eating Disorders

- 02-2004 Treating Insomnia in Patients With Substance Use/Abuse Disorders

- 02-2004 Social Developmental Overview of Heavy Episodic or Binge Drinking Among U.S. College Students

- 02-2004 Preventive Interventions for Children of Divorce

- 02-2004The History of ECT: Unsolved Mysteries

- 01-2004 Guilty of Mental Illness

- 01-2004 The Debate Over Physician-Assisted Suicide Continues

- 01-2004 Cultural Influences in Psychiatric Treatment

- 01-2004 Hormones for Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Depression

- 01-2004 Hormonal Treatments for Women With Schizophrenia

- 01-2004 Gender Differences in Panic Disorder



Psychology in Spain




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