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Klinische Psychologie België






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Academic Medecine

       - 01-2002 Two Perspectives on the Indicators of Quality in Psychiatry Residencies Program: Directors' and Residents'


Advances in Psychiatric Treatment

                - 03-2003 Psychiatry and the media

- 03-2003 Contribution of forensic psychotherapy to the care of forensic patients

- 03-2003 Combining cognitive therapy with medication in bipolar disorder

- 03-2003 Working through interpreters

- 03-2003 Sensory impairment and mental health

- 03-2003 Current issues in child and adolescent psychopharmacology. Part 1: Attention-deficit hyperactivity and affective disorders

- 01-2003 Misdiagnosing sleep disorders as primary psychiatric conditions

- 01-2003 Telemedicine and telecare: what can it offer mental health services?

- 01-2003 Assessment of carers’ psychological needs

- 01-2003 Mental health of the ageing immigrant population

- 01-2003 The evidence base for cognitive–behavioural therapy in depression: delivery in busy clinical settings

- 01-2003 Drug treatment of depression: reflections on the evidence


Alcohol Research & Health

            - 2003 Epidemiology in Alcohol Research


 Archives of Disease in Childhood

- 04-2003 Psychological management of two cases of self injury on the paediatric intensive care unit

- 04-2003 Evaluation of cultural competence and antiracism training in child health services

- 03-2003 Cognitive development at 5.5 years of children with chronic lung disease of prematurity

- 03-2003 Breast feeding and respiratory morbidity in infancy: a birth cohort study

- 02-2003 Sudden infant death syndrome: bed sharing with mothers who smoke

- 02-2003 Preventing sleeping problems in infants who are at risk of developing them

- 02-2003 How to distinguish between neglect and deprivational abuse

- 02-2003 Classification of child abuse by motive and degree rather than type of injury

- 02-2003 Parenting programmes

- 01-2003 Describing the phenotype in Rett syndrome using a population database

- 01-2003 Postnatal depression and infant growth and development in low income countries: a cohort study from Goa, India

- 01-2003 Altered arousal response in infants exposed to cigarette smoke

- 01-2003 Low back pain in schoolchildren: the role of mechanical and psychosocial factors


British Journal of Psychiatry



Clinical Psychology Newsletter (free after six months)

- 02-2004 Beck never lived in Birmingham: Why CBT may be a less useful treatment for psychological distress than is often supposed
Win-win organisation for psychology services: Why service managers really need the professional group
Welcome to the UK! Or whose equivalence is it anyway? A critique of the Society’s  approach to examining for the Statement of Equivalence in Clinical Psychology
Welcome to the UK! A response to Martin Seager
The challenges and successes of clinical work with people seeking asylum in the UK
Justice and empowerment for people with learning disabilities who have been abused
A model of multi-agency psychology consultation
Three key perspectives for user satisfaction in child work: working in parallel with Chi
The journal-reading habits of adult mental health clinical psychologists

- 01-2004 The experiences of clinical psychologists in Assertive Outreach
Hand in hand: user and carer involvement in training clinical psychologists
Providing an anger management service through psychoeducational classes – and avoiding therapy
To attend or not to attend: ‘seasonal’ and school term influenced variation in non-attendance rates at a CAMHS outpatient clinic
The Outlook summer group: a social skills workshop for children with a different appearance who are transferring to secondary school
A sign of our times: clinical psychologists’ awareness, concerns and interest in supervising a deaf trainee
Debt: Who gets into it, who gets out of it and what can clinical psychology do to help?

- 12-2004 Early non-attendance as a predictor of continued non-attendance and subsequent attrition from psychological help
Experiences of two assistant psychologists piloting the role of graduate mental health workers in primary care
Training deaf clinical psychologists
A focus group of primary care (Tier 1) staff in child and adolescent mental health services
Warning: Psychotherapy may damage your health
Psychological therapy: deadly toxin or healing balm? A response to Christopher Willoughby

- 11-2004 Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000: Implications for clinical psychology
‘Tell us what you think!’ Children’s explanations of attendance at CAMHS
Evaluating a psychological liaison service: Easier said than done
Consent to intervention in mental health rehabilitation: Who knows best?
Pilot evaluation of a clinical child psychology consultancy service to Highland Region New Community Schools
Just another technique? Possibilities and paradoxes in working with mindfulness
Forging a career as a psychologist in Australia

- 10-2003 How much do service users want to be involved in planning local mental health services?

                                ‘Have you got children of your own?’

                Clinical psychology for in-patient settings: principles for development and practice

                                Establishing prior consent: an audit of referrals into a clinical psychology service for people with learning disabilities

                                User perspective on information leaflets for children, adolescents and their carers

                                War and the ‘oblivion pill’: Do psychologists have an opinion?

- 09-2003 What is this thing called psychotherapy ?

                        Is it helpful for patients to read their own reports? A qualitative evaluation of feedback from participants on a self-management programme for chronic back pain

                Should we abandon the concept of mild learning disability?

                                Experiences of an emotional awareness group for adults with  learning disabilities

                                Services to support general practitioners in the management of people who have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury: review and recommendations

- 08-2003 Six threats tot the sustainability of clinical psychology

                                Fact,hypothesis and infallibility

                                Farmers in context: a psychosocial approach of rural stress

                                A pilot study of the use of Wais III with people with a learning disability

                                Clerical participation in psychological treatment

                                Clinical governance and clinical practice: our experiences o a support group for parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders

                                Perils of race and culture for clinical psychology trainees: the missionary position in the 21ste century

                - 07-2003 Special Issue: Reflective practice



Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry



Learning & Memory




Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  (free after six months)

- 06-2003 Effective behavioral treatment of focal hand dystonia in musicians alters somatosensory cortical organization

- 06-2003 Evidence for neurogenesis in the adult mammalian substantia nigra

- 06-2003 Selective impairment of hippocampal neurogenesis by chronic alcoholism: Protective effects of an antioxidant

- 06-2003 Social interaction shapes babbling: Testing parallels between birdsong and speech

- 06-2003 Competition and representation during memory retrieval: Roles of the prefrontal cortex and the posterior parietal cortex

- 05-2003 Different time courses for visual perception and action priming

- 05-2003 A quantitative model for transforming reflectance spectra into the Munsell color space using cone sensitivity functions and opponent process weights

- 04-2003 Speech-sound-selective auditory impairment in children with autism: They can perceive but do not attend

- 04-2003 Posterior parietal cortex and the filtering of distractors

- 04-2003 Real-time semantic compensation in patients with agrammatic comprehension: Electrophysiological evidence for multiple-route plasticity

- 03-2003 Persistence and brain circuitry

- 03-2003 The evolution of altruistic punishment

- 03-2003 The impact of the certainty context on the process of choice

                - 03-2003 Neural deficits in children with dyslexia ameliorated by behavioral remediation: Evidence from functional MRI

                - 02-2003 Multiple routes to memory: Distinct medial temporal lobe processes build item and source memories



Psychiatric Bulletin



Psychiatric Services

- 12-2003 Public Health and Therapeutic Aspects of Smoking Bans in Mental Health and Addiction Settings



Psychologist (The) – free after 6 months

                - 04-2003 State of the art – Synaesthesia

                - 04-2003 Psychology in Spain

                - 04-2003 Peer commentary - To prescribe or not to prescribe - Is that the question?

                - 03-2003 Positive psychology - Special issue

                - 03-2003 Forever a student of psychology (Philip Zimbardo)

                - 02-2003 Illegal drug problems and their treatments

                - 02-2003 In a sickle-cell and thalassaemia centre

                - 02-2003 The crack in the biomedical box

                - 02-2003 Developing an identity

                - 02-2003 What do you get when you cross a communication aid with a riddle?

                - 02-2003 Force for change

                - 02-2003 The trouble with boys

                - 01-2003 The Food Dudes to the rescue!

                - 01-2003 Against cognitive psychology

                - 01-2003 How do we recognise good research?











Tobacco Control




Western Journal of Medecine







Gratis na twee jaar – free after two years



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