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* Gratis Tijdschriften 2001 – Free Journals 2001


Age and Ageing

            - 11-2001 Falls and Postural Stability

- 11-2001 Community surveys of late-life depression: who are the non-responders?

- 11-2001 Active and cognitive impairment-free life expectancies: results from the Melton Mowbray 75+ health checks

- 11-2001 Coping with activities of daily living in different care settings

- 11-2001 Risk communication and older people—understanding of probability and risk information by medical inpatients aged 75 years and older

- 11-2001 Withholding or withdrawing artificial administration of food and fluids in nursing-home patients

- 09-2001 Transient ischaemic attacks: under-reported, over-diagnosed, under-treated

                - 09-2001 Caring for the older person: an exploration of perceptions using personal construct theory

                - 09-2001 The impact of geriatric post-discharge services on mental state


Alcohol and Alcoholism

- 11-2001 Alcohol cue-reactivity in heavy and light social drinkers as revealed by event-related potentials

- 11-2001 Temperament and character inventory (TCI) personality profile and sub-typing in alcoholic patients: a controlled study

- 11-2001 Age-related differences in the course of alcohol withdrawal in hospitalized patients

- 11-2001 Female alcoholism: differences between female alcoholics with and without a history of additional substance misuse

- 11-2001 Naltrexone, a relapse prevention maintenance treatment of alcohol dependence: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

- 11-2001 A follow-up survey of alcohol consumption and knowledge in medical students

- 11-2001 Novelty-seeking behaviour and operant oral ethanol self-administration in wistar rats

- 11-2001 Increased novelty seeking and decreased harm avoidance in rats showing type 2-like behaviour following basal forebrain neuronal loss

- 11-2001 Taste responses in alcohol-dependent men

- 11-2001 Young people and alcohol: an international insight

- 09-2001 Frontal lobe changes in alcoholism: a review of the literature

                - 09-2001 Alcoholic polyneuropathy: a clinical and epidemiological study

                - 09-2001 At which drinking level to advise a patient? General practitioners' views

                - 07-2001 Altered frontal lobe function suggested by source analysis of event-related potentials in impulsive violent alcoholics

                - 07-2001 Prevalence and mortality of heavy drinkers in a general medical hospital unit


American Journal on Mental Retardation

- 11-2001 Reassessing Emotion Recognition Performance in People With Mental Retardation: A Review

                - 11-2001 Establishing Criteria for Sexual Consent Capacity

                - 11-2001 Age-Related Increases in Motivation Among Children With Mental Retardation and MA- and CA-Matched Controls

                - 11-2001 Early Development of Stereotyped and Self-Injurious Behaviors: I. Incidence.

                - 11-2001 Mothers of Adults With Developmental Disability: Change Over Time



- 12-2001 Decision-making in mania: a PET study

- 12-2001 Cortical and subcortical contributions to ideomotor apraxia: Analysis of task demands and error types

- 12-2001 Mechanisms of cognitive set flexibility in Parkinson's disease

- 12-2001 Unilateral temporal lobectomy patients show lateralized topographical and episodic memory deficits in a virtual town

- 11-2001 Increased visual after-effects following pattern adaptation in migraine: a lack of intracortical excitation?  

- 11-2001 Dissociated active and passive tactile shape recognition: a case study of pure tactile apraxia

- 11-2001 The gait disorder of advanced essential tremor

- 11-2001 Phantom movements and pain An fMRI study in upper limb amputees

- 11-2001 Dynamic organization of the somatosensory cortex induced by motor activity

- 11-2001 Dissociation between intentional and incidental sequence learning in Huntington's disease

- 10-2001 Pain and the body schema: Evidence for peripheral effects on mental representations of movement

- 10-2001 Identification of famous faces and buildings: A functional neuroimaging study of semantically unique items

- 10-2001 Prefrontal regions involved in keeping information in and out of mind

- 10-2001 Face processing occurs outside the fusiform `face area' in autism: evidence from functional MRI

- 09-2001 Appearances may not be deceiving: calculation deficits due to a brain structure abnormality in neurologically normal children

                - 09-2001 Calculation difficulties in children of very low birthweight: A neural correlate

                - 09-2001 Pathological laughter and crying: A link to the cerebellum

                - 09-2001 Changes in brain activity related to eating chocolate: From pleasure to aversion

                - 09-2001 Material-specific lateralization in the medial temporal lobe and prefrontal cortex during memory encoding

- 08-2001 Theoretical and practical implications of dual-task performance in Alzheimer's disease

                - 08-2001 Attentional control in Alzheimer's disease

                - 08-2001 The nature of semantic memory deficits in Alzheimer's disease - New insights from hyperpriming effects

                - 08-2001 Refractory dyslexia - Evidence of multiple task-specific phonological output stores

                - 08-2001 Brain anatomy, gender and IQ in children and adolescents with fragile X syndrome

                - 08-2001 The neural representation of nouns and verbs: PET studies

                - 08-2001 Behavioural relevance of atypical language lateralization in healthy subjects

- 07-2001 Paediatric head injury

                - 07-2001 Neuropathology of inflicted head injury in children - I. Patterns of brain damage

                - 07-2001 Neuropathology of inflicted head injury in children - II. Microscopic brain injury in infants

                - 07-2001 Consciousness

- 07-2001 Left minineglect in dyslexic adults

                - 07-2001 Impaired temporal contrast sensitivity in dyslexics is specific to retain-and-compare paradigms

- 07-2001 Comprehension of metaphors and idioms in patients with Alzheimer's disease -  A longitudinal study

- 06-2001 Explaining the unexplained: understanding hysteria

                - 06-2001 Functional neuroanatomical correlates of hysterical sensorimotor loss

                - 06-2001 Functional MRI of phonological and semantic processing in temporal lobe epilepsy

                - 06-2001 Differential extrageniculostriate and amygdala responses to presentation of emotional faces in a cortically blind field

- 05-2001 Frontal lobes and human memory - Insights from functional neuroimaging

                - 05-2001 Neuropathological abnormalities in schizophrenia: evidence from magnetization transfer imaging

                - 05-2001 Cortical activation by tactile and painful stimuli in hemispherectomized patients

                - 05-2001 Cortical deafness to dissonance

- 05-2001 Behavioural profiles of children and adolescents after pre- or perinatal unilateral brain damage

                - 05-2001 The role of the striatum and hippocampus in planning - A PET activation study in Parkinson's disease

                - 04-2001 Auditory neglect and right parietal cortex

                - 04-2001 Semantic dementia: relevance to connectionist models of long-term memory

                - 04-2001 Two types of auditory neglect

                - 04-2001 A double dissociation between accuracy and time of execution on attentional tasks in Alzheimer's disease and multi-infarct dementia

- 04-2001 Altered brain functional connectivity and impaired short-term memory in Alzheimer's disease

- 04-2001 Functional changes of the primary somatosensory cortex in patients with unilateral cerebellar lesions

                - 04-2001 The neural correlates of person familiarity - A functional magnetic resonance imaging study with clinical implications

- 03-2001 Focal autobiographical amnesia in association with transient epileptic amnesia

                - 03-2001 The functional anatomy of single-word reading in patients with hemianopic and pure alexia

                - 03-2001 Size perception in hemianopia and neglect

                - 03-2001 `Theory of mind' impairments and their relationship to executive functioning following frontal lobe excisions

- 02-2001 `Theory of mind' and the prefrontal cortex

                - 02-2001 The frontal lobes are necessary for `theory of mind'

                - 02-2001 Dissociation between `theory of mind' and executive functions in a patient with early left amygdala damage

                - 02-2001 Regional cerebral correlates of global motion perception - Evidence from unilateral cerebral brain damage

                - 02-2001 Memory and executive function in sporadic and familial Parkinson's disease

- 02-2001 Depth of processing effects on neural correlates of memory encoding - Relationship between findings from across- and within-task comparisons

- 01-2001 Characterizing the neural mechanisms of skill learning and repetition priming - Evidence from mirror reading

                - 01-2001 Stability of the preclinical episodic memory deficit in Alzheimer's disease

- 01-2001 Selective impairment of verb processing associated with pathological changes in Brodmann areas 44 and 45 in the motor neurone disease–dementia–aphasia syndrome

- 01-2001 Tactile apraxia - Unimodal apractic disorder of tactile object exploration associated with parietal lobe lesions

- 01-2001 Prefrontal regions supporting spontaneous and directed application of verbal learning strategies - Evidence from PET

- 12-2000 The neurological basis of developmental dyslexia - An overview and working hypothesis

                - 12-2000 Identification of a pathway for intelligible speech in the left temporal lobe

                - 12-2000 Handedness and hemispheric language dominance in healthy humans

                - 12-2000 Brain responses to nouns, verbs and class-ambiguous words in context


International Journal for Quality In Health Care

- 12-2001 Performance indicators from all perspectives

- 12-2001 Indicators without a cause. Reflections on the development and use of indicators in health care from a public health perspective

- 12-2001 Measuring quality: from the system to the provider

- 12-2001 Performance measurement for ambulatory care: moving towards a new agenda

- 12-2001 Improving performance using indicators. Recent experiences in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia

- 12-2001 Seeking consumer views: what use are results of hospital patient satisfaction surveys?

- 12-2001 The advantages and disadvantages of process-based measures of health care quality

- 12-2001 Process versus outcome indicators in the assessment of quality of health care

- 12-2001Statistical issues in reporting quality data: small samples and casemix variation

- 12-2001Methodology Matters. From a process of care to a measure: the development and testing of a quality indicator

- 10-2001 Patient satisfaction in relation to age, health status and other background factors: a model for comparisons of care units

- 10-2001 Asthma care and factors affecting medication compliance: the patient's point of view

- 10-2001 The external review of quality improvement in health care organizations: a qualitative study

- 10-2001 Physician-reviewers' perceptions and judgments about quality of care

- 08-2001 Public-private collaborations in health care: lessons from India

                - 08-2001 Getting more from private health care in poor countries: a missed opportunity

                - 08-2001 Low quality of care in low income countries: is the private sector the answer?

                - 08-2001 Privately funded quality health care in India: a sustainable and equitable model

                - 08-2001 Screening inappropriate hospital days on the basis of routinely available data

                - 08-2001 Evaluation of the consumer model: relationship between patients' expectations, perceptions and satisfaction with care

                - 08-2001 Development process of an evidence-based guideline for the treatment of obesity

                - 08-2001 Improving the quality of the admission process in a French psychiatric hospital: impact on the expertise of the professional team


Psychosomatic Medecine

- 11-2001 Elevated Cortisol Levels in Cushing’s Disease Are Associated With Cognitive Decrements

- 11-2001 Sex Differences in Glucocorticoid Sensitivity of Proinflammatory Cytokine Production After Psychosocial Stress

- 11-2001 Phobic Anxiety Changes the Function of Brain-Gut Axis in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

- 11-2001 Endocrine Levels at the Start of Treatment Are Associated With Subsequent Psychological Adjustment in Cancer Patients With Metastatic Disease

- 11-2001 A Twin Study of Chronic Fatigue

- 11-2001 Cardiovascular Reactivity to Mental Stress in the Stockholm Female Coronary Risk Study

- 11-2001 Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine: The Company They Keep

- 10-2001 Interoception: The Inside Story—A Model for Psychosomatic Processes

- 10-2001 Blood Pressure Reac­tions to Acute Psycho­lo­gical Stress and Future Blood Pressure Status: A 10-Year Follow-Up of Men in the Whitehall II Study



QJM: An International Journal of Medicine

            - 12-2001 Improving the measurement of quality of life in older people: the York SF-12

- 12-2001 What does involving consumers in research mean?

- 01-2001 Impact of first myocardial infarction on self-perceived health status

                - 11-2000 Patterns and problems of deliberate self-poisoning in the developing world

                - 11-2000 Do depression and anxiety predict recurrent coronary events 12 months after myocardial infarction?

- 10-2000 Neurological deficits in solvent-exposed painters: a syndrome including impaired colour vision, cognitive defects, tremor and loss of vibration sensation




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