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* Gratis Tijdschriften 2002 – Free Journals 2002


Academic Medecine

       - 01-2002 Two Perspectives on the Indicators of Quality in Psychiatry Residencies Program: Directors' and Residents'


Advances in Psychiatric Treatment

- 11-2002 Mental health of homeless children and their families

- 11-2002 Overcoming reduced activity and avoidance: a Five Areas approach

- 11-2002 Multi-sensory therapy in psychiatric care  - Commentary

- 11-2002 Treating people with learning disabilities after physical or sexual abuse - Commentary

- 11-2002 Attempted suicide in South Asian women

- 11-2002 Suicide in secure psychiatric facilities

- 11-2002 Cognitive linguistics

- 09-2002 Physical or mental? A perspective on chronic fatigue syndrome . Commentary 1 . Commentary 2 . Commentary 3

                - 09-2002 Identifying and challenging unhelpful thinking

                - 06-2002 Mental health of refugees and asylum-seekers . Commentary

                - 06-2002 Spiritual care and psychiatric treatment: an introduction . Commentary 1 . Commentary 2

                - 06-2002 Exercise therapy and mental health in clinical populations: is exercise therapy a worthwhile intervention?

                - 06-2002 Community rehabilitation orders with additional requirements of psychiatric treatment . Commentary

                - 06-2002 Using the Five Areas cognitive–behavioural therapy model with psychiatric patients


Alcohol Research & Health

            - 2002 Women and Alcohol: An Update

                - 2002 Alcohol and Comorbid Mental Health Disorders

                - 2002 Preventing Alcohol-Related Problems


American Journal on Mental Retardation

- 01-2002 Further Evidence on the Dynamics of Self-Injurious Behaviors: Impact Forces and Limb Motions.

- 01-2002 Early Risk Factors for Mental Retardation: Role of Maternal Age and Maternal Education.

- 01-2002 An Intervention Package to Support High School Students With Mental Retardation in General Education Classrooms.

- 01-2002 Characteristics and Qualities of the Play Dates of Children With Down Syndrome: Emerging or True Friendships?

- 01-2002 Cross-Cultural Comparison of Interpersonal Problem-Solving in Students With Mental Retardation


Archives of Disease in Childhood

- 12-2002 Long term behavioural outcome after neonatal arterial switch operation for transposition of the great arteries

- 12-2002 Breast feeding and allergic diseases in infants—a prospective birth cohort study

- 12-2002 Improving mental health through parenting programmes: block randomised controlled trial

- 12-2002 Need and demand for parenting programmes in general practice

- 11-2002 Association between breast feeding and growth: the Boyd-Orr cohort study

- 11-2002 Do behavioural treatments for sleep disorders in children with Down’s syndrome work?

- 11-2002 Male biased mortality among 1–2 year old children in rural Malawi

- 11-2002 Impaired cognition and schooling in adults with end stage renal disease since childhood

- 11-2002 The mental health of refugee children

- 10-2002 Are risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome different at night?

- 09-2002 Health services: who are the best advocates for children?

                - 09-2002 A visual motor psychological test as a predictor to treatment in nocturnal enuresis

                - 09-2002 Is there a "right not to be born"? Reproductive decision making, options and the right to information

                - 09-2002 Effects of maternal tobacco smoking, sleeping position, and sleep state on arousal in healthy term infants

- 09-2002 Population based, controlled study of behavioural problems and psychiatric disorders in low birthweight children at 11 years of age

- 08-2002 Breast feeding

- 08-2002 Growth charts for Down's syndrome from birth to 18 years of age

- 07-2002 Neonatal shaken baby syndrome: an aetiological view from Down Under


BMC Family Practice

                - 05-2002 Long term benzodiazepine use for insomnia in patients over the age of 60: discordance of patient and physician perceptions


BMC  Geriatrics

            - 05-2002 Use of neuroleptics in a general hospital


BMC International Health and Human Rights

            - 11-2002 Community based rehabilitation: a strategy for peace-building


BMC Neurology

- 12-2002 Cingulate cortex hypoperfusion predicts Alzheimer's disease in mild cognitive impairment

- 08-2002 To what degree does cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease predict dependence of patients on caregivers?


British Journal of Psychiatry

- 12-2002 Long-term hospital attendance of children and adults who have undergone removal of normal or inflamed appendices

- 12-2002 Maternal recall bias, obstetric history and schizophrenia

- 12-2002 Advance directives for patients compulsorily admitted to hospital with serious mental illness - Randomised controlled trial

- 12-2002 Economic costs of post-natal depression in a high-risk British cohort

- 12-2002 Post-partum depression in a cohort of women from a rural area of Tamil Nadu, India - Incidence and risk factors

- 12-2002 Stigma by association - Psychological factors in relatives of people with mental illness

- 12-2002 Ethnic differences in prisoners - 1: Criminality and psychiatric morbidity

- 12-2002 Ethnic differences in prisoners - 2: Risk factors and psychiatric service use

- 12-2002 Expressed emotion: a cross-culturally valid concept?

- 12-2002 Stigma and expressed emotion: a study of people with schizophrenia and their family members in China

- 12-2002 Managing behavioural and psychological symptoms in dementia

- 12-2002 Preventing major depression in young people

- 12-2002 FISH, flexible joints and panic: are anxiety disorders really expressions of instability in the human genome?

- 11-2002 Long-term outcome of long-stay psychiatric in-patients considered unsuitable to live in the community

- 11-2002 Conduct problems, gender and adult psychiatric outcome of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

- 11-2002 Depressive symptoms and cognitive decline in elderly people

- 11-2002 Mental disorder and perceived threat to the public: people who do not return to community living

- 11-2002 Psychosis and drug dependence: results from a national survey of prisoners

- 11-2002 Adult psychosis, common childhood infections and neurological soft signs in a national birth cohort

- 11-2002 Social adversity and mental functions in adolescents at high risk of psychopathology -  Position paper and suggested framework for future research

- 11-2002 International differences in home treatment for mental health problems - Results of a systematic review

- 11-2002 Why are we not getting any closer to preventing suicide?

- 11-2002 Brain ageing and dementia: what makes the difference?

- 11-2002 Surviving disaster: what comes after the trauma?

- 11-2002 Survivors of the Piper Alpha oil platform disaster: long-term follow-up study

- 11-2002 Stress and the progression of the developmental hypothesis of schizophrenia

- 10-2002 Psychiatric effects of traumatic brain injury events in Cambodian survivors of mass violence

- 10-2002 Dropping out of care: inappropriate terminations of contact with community-based psychiatric services

- 10-2002 Thought and Language Index: an instrument for assessing thought and language in schizophrenia

- 10-2002 Use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco by people with schizophrenia: case—control study

- 10-2002 Deconstructing current comorbidity: data from the Australian National Survey of Mental Health and Well-Being

- 10-2002 Associations between premorbid intellectual performance, early-life exposures and early-onset schizophrenia: Cohort study

- 10-2002 Handedness, language lateralisation and anatomical asymmetry: relevance of protocadherin XY to hominid speciation and the aetiology of psychosis

- 10-2002 Randomised controlled trials investigating pharmacological and psychological interventions for treatment-refractory depression - Systematic review

- 10-2002 Social capital and mental health

- 10-2002 Euthanasia, assisted suicide and psychiatry: a Pandora's box

- 10-2002 Intellectual function and schizophrenia

- 09-2002 Global burden of depressive disorders: the issue of duration

                - 09-2002 Suicide among the elderly: the promise of telecommunications

                - 09-2002 Suicide among the elderly: the long-term impact of a telephone support and assessment intervention in northern Italy

                - 09-2002 Fatal and non-fatal repetition of self-harm: Systematic review

- 09-2002 Duration of major depressive episodes in the general population: results from The Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study (NEMESIS)

- 09-2002 Self-help for bulimic disorders: a randomised controlled trial comparing minimal guidance with face-to-face or telephone guidance

- 09-2002 Predictors of response to treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome

- 09-2002 The European First-Episode Schizophrenia Network

- 09-2002 Independent course of childhood auditory hallucinations: a sequential 3-year follow-up study

- 09-2002 Family history of psychiatric disorders and age at first contact in schizophrenia: an epidemiological study

- 09-2002 Distinguishing characteristics of subjects with good and poor early outcome in the Edinburgh High-Risk Study

- 09-2002 Subjective and objective neuropsychological abnormalities in a psychosis prodrome clinic

- 09-2002 Executive dysfunction in first-episode schizophrenia and relationship to duration of untreated psychosis: the West London Study

- 09-2002 Neurological soft signs in first-episode psychosis: a systematic review

- 09-2002 Duration of untreated psychosis and pathways to care in first-episode psychosis: Investigation of help-seeking behaviour in primary care

- 09-2002 Randomised controlled trial of early detection and cognitive therapy for preventing transition to psychosis in high-risk individuals: Study design and interim analysis of transition rate and psychological risk factors

- 09-2002 Neurocognitive dimensions characterising patients with first-episode psychosis

- 09-2002 Randomised controlled trial of cognitive—behavioural therapy in early schizophrenia: acute-phase outcomes

- 09-2002 OPUS study: suicidal behaviour, suicidal ideation and hopelessness among patients with first-episode psychosis: One-year follow-up of a randomised controlled trial

- 08-2002 Mind, brain and consciousness

- 08-2002 Hypomania: what's in a name?

- 08-2002 Work, personality and mental health

- 08-2002 Evidence into practice: Application of psychological models of change in evidence-based implementation

- 08-2002 Neuroimaging findings in post-traumatic stress disorder: Systematic review

- 08-2002 Psychosocial factors at work, personality traits and depressive symptoms: Longitudinal results from the GAZEL Study

- 08-2002 Neuroticism, extraversion, life events and depression: The Cardiff Depression Study

- 08-2002 Temporal lobe volume changes in people at high risk of schizophrenia with psychotic symptoms

- 08-2002 Effects on the brain of a psychological treatment: cognitive remediation therapy: Functional magnetic resonance imaging in schizophrenia

- 08-2002 Sexual molestation of males: associations with psychological disturbance

- 08-2002 Brief screening instrument for post-traumatic stress disorder

- 07-2002 Outcome measurement in mental health — welcome to the revolution

- 07-2002 Outcomes research in mental health: Systematic review

- 07-2002 Assessing the evidence on case management

- 07-2002 Explanatory models for mental distress: implications for clinical practice and research

- 07-2002 Estimating the relationship between disease progression and cost of care in dementia

- 07-2002 Pathways to care in children at risk of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

- 07-2002 Sexual dysfunction in patients taking conventional antipsychotic medication

- 07-2002 Neurasthenia: prevalence, disability and health care characteristics in the Australian community

- 07-2002 Behavioural symptoms among people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities: a 26-year follow-up study

- 07-2002 Sudden death and suicide: a comparison of brain weight



Clinical Psychology Newsletter (free after six months)



Future of children

                - 09-2002 Children, Youth, and Gun Violence


International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

- 2002 Access to Higher Education for the Mentally Ill: A Review of Trends, Implications, and Future Possibilities for the Americans With Disabilities Act and The Rehabilitation Act

- 2002 Make yourself at home: People living with psychiatric disability in public housing

- 2002 Psychosocial rehabilitation in Brazil:  the impact on everyday life

- 2002 Cognitive-behavioral treatment of a patient with vertigo and unusual sensitivity to smells: A case report

- 2002 Developing Housing For Persons With Severe Mental Illness: An Innovative Community Foster Home

- 2002 Depressive Symptoms and Family Functioning in the Caregivers of Recently Hospitalized Patients with Chronic/ Recurrent Mood Disorders.

- 2002 Psychiatric Rehabilitation: The Need for a Specialized Approach


Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

- 12-2002 Genetics of the dementias

- 12-2002 Prediction of post-traumatic complaints after mild traumatic brain injury: early symptoms and biochemical markers

- 12-2002 Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale (MSIS-29): reliability and validity in hospital based samples

- 12-2002 Perceived health in a population based sample of victims of the 1956 polio epidemic in the Netherlands

- 12-2002 Distinct neuropsychological characteristics in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

- 12-2002 Apathy in Parkinson’s disease

- 12-2002 The Parkinson’s disease sleep scale: a new instrument for assessing sleep and nocturnal disability in Parkinson’s disease

- 12-2002 The internet - Review

- 11-2002 The neural basis of Charles Bonnet hallucinations: a hypothesis

- 11-2002 Relation between medial temporal atrophy and functional brain activity during memory processing in Alzheimer’s disease: a combined MRI and SPECT study

- 11-2002 Chronic alcohol use and first symptomatic epileptic seizures

- 11-2002 Bilateral hemispheric alteration of memory processes in right medial temporal lobe epilepsy

- 11-2002 Charles Bonnet hallucinations - Cortical bricks and mortar

- 11-2002 Meaningful treatment outcomes in Alzheimer’s disease

- 11-2002 Hippocampal atrophy and neocortical dysfunction in early Alzheimer’s disease

- 10-2002 Changes in appetite, food preference, and eating habits in frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

- 10-2002 Testing cognitive function in elderly populations: the PROSPER study

- 10-2002 Potentially reversible conditions in 1000 consecutive memory clinic patients

- 10-2002 Neck muscle vibration induces lasting recovery in spatial neglect

- 10-2002 Cognitive neuroscience and brain rehabilitation: a promise kept

- 09-2002 Long term psychosocial outcomes after mild head injury in early childhood

                - 09-2002 Impact of early intervention on outcome following mild head injury in adults

                - 08-2002 Clinically important change in quality of life in epilepsy

                - 08-2002 Visual association test to detect early dementia of the Alzheimer type

                - 08-2002 Sensitivity of clinical and behavioural tests of spatial neglect after right hemisphere stroke

                - 08-2002 Effectiveness of bed rest after mild traumatic brain injury: a randomised trial of no versus six days of bed rest

                - 08-2002 Cognitive dysfunction after isolated brain stem insult. An underdiagnosed cause of long term morbidity

                - 08-2002 Viewing less to see better

                - 06-2002 Presenile dementia syndromes: an update on taxonomy and diagnosis


International Journal of Transgenderism

            - 2002 The Aesthetic Vulva: Perineal Cosmesis in the Male-to-Female Transsexual

- 2002 Satisfaction of MtF Transsexuals with Operative Voice Therapy – A Questionnaire-based Preliminary Study

- 2002 Transgender Identity Affirmation and Mental Health

- 2002 What I Did For Love: Temporary Returns to the Male Gender Role

- 2002 Media Roles in Female-to-Male Transsexual and Transgender Identity Formation

            - 2002 The Desire to have Children and the Preservation of Fertility in Transsexual Women: A Survey


Learning & Memory

- 11-2002 Postextinction of Conditioned Fear: Between Two CS-Related Memories

- 11-2002 Learning Directions of Objects Specified by Vision, Spatial Audition, or Auditory Spatial Language

- 11-2002 The Differential Role of Premotor Frontal Cortex and Basal Ganglia in Motor Sequence Learning: Evidence From Focal Basal Ganglia Lesions

- 11-2002 Memory for Extinction of Conditioned Fear Is Long-lasting and Persists Following Spontaneous Recovery

- 11-2002 How do People Solve the "Weather Prediction" Task?: Individual Variability in Strategies for Probabilistic Category Learning

- 11-2002 Cognitive Procedural Learning in Patients With Fronto-Striatal Lesions

- 11-2002 Habit and Skill Learning in Schizophrenia: Evidence of Normal Striatal Processing With Abnormal Cortical Input

- 09-2002 Different Functions for Different Medial Temporal Lobe Structures?

                - 09-2002 Recognition Memory for Single Items and for Associations Is Similarly Impaired Following Damage to the Hippocampal Region

                - 07-2002 It's Time to Pay Attention to Attention in Aging

                - 05-2002 The Hippocampus and Memory of Verbal and Pictorial Material

                - 05-2002 The Time Course of Neural Changes Underlying Auditory Perceptual Learning



Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  (free after six months)



Psychiatric Bulletin

- 12-2002 The WPA World Congress in Yokohama and the issue of political abuse of psychiatry in China

- 12-2002 The labelling of dissent — politics and psychiatry behind the Great Wall

- 12-2002 Commentary: the alleged abuses of human rights in Chinese psychiatry

- 12-2002 Benzodiazepines and disinhibition: a review

- 11-2002 Clinical governance in the asylum

- 11-2002 Acute wards: problems and solutions: Their fall and rise

- 11-2002 A survey of violent and threatening behaviours within an in-patient learning disability unit

- 11-2002 Attitudes of psychiatrists to evidence-based guidelines: A questionnaire survey

- 11-2002 Creating the infrastructure for mental health research

- 11-2002 Commentary: research into health services needs a new approach

- 11-2002 Commentary: rethinking research in community mental health — service change first, research later?

- 11-2002 Commentary: the top three plus one

- 11-2002 Commentary: putting mental health services research on the map

- 10-2002 Service innovations: rethinking in-patient provision for adolescents: A report from a new service

- 10-2002 Acute wards: problems and solutions: A rehabilitation approach to in-patient care

- 10-2002 Acute wards: problems and solutions - Creating a psychotherapeutic culture in acute psychiatric wards

- 10-2002 Acute wards: problems and solutions: Modern milieux: therapeutic community solutions to acute ward problems

- 10-2002 Do we listen or do we assume?: What teenagers want from a post-abuse service

- 10-2002 Researchable questions to support evidence-based mental health policy concerning adult mental illness-

- 10-2002 Information and communication technology in mental health — opportunity or threat?

- 10-2002 The benefits and costs of continuous inspections: At what point does patient care suffer?

- 09-2002 A survey of opinions on the management of individuals who express suicidal ideation while intoxicated with alcohol

                - 09-2002 Intensive day programme treatment for severe anorexia nervosa — the Leicester experience

                - 08-2002 What is the future of the psychiatry of learning disability?

                - 08-2002 Unemployment rates among patients with long-term mental health problems: A decade of rising unemployment

                - 08-2002 Psychiatry of learning disability — a future with mental health?

                - 07-2002 Underdetection of comorbid drug use at acute psychiatric admission

                - 07-2002 The clinical management of a patient with depressive disorder: a case vignette study to examine general practitioners' views



Psychiatric Services

- 12-2002 An Analysis of Cue Reactivity Among Persons With and Without Schizophrenia Who Are Addicted to Cocaine

- 12-2002 The Effects of Copayments on Substance Abuse Treatment Expenditures and Treatment Reoccurrence

- 12-2002 The Impact of Managed Care on Cross-System Use of Mental Health Services by Veterans in Colorado

- 12-2002 Factors Associated With Receipt of Behavioral Health Services Among Persons With Substance Dependence

- 12-2002 Patient and Contextual Factors Related to the Decision to Hospitalize Patients From Emergency Psychiatric Services

- 12-2002 The Effect of Intensive Case Management on the Relatives of Patients With Severe Mental Illness

- 12-2002 A Rapid-Response Outpatient Model for Reducing Hospitalization Rates Among Suicidal Adolescents

- 12-2002 Evidence-Based Health Policy Versus Evidence-Based Medicine

- 11-2002 Preadmission Care as a New Mental Health Performance Indicator

- 11-2002 Predictive Models and the Effectiveness of Strategies for Improving Outpatient Follow-Up Under Managed Care

- 11-2002 Patients' Perceptions of Intensive Case Management

- 11-2002 Evidence-Based Practices in Geriatric Mental Health Care

- 10-2002 Research on the Influence That Communication in Psychiatric Encounters Has on Treatment

                - 10-2002 The Police and Mental Health

                - 10-2002 Illness Management and Recovery: A Review of the Research

                - 10-2002 Recidivism and Use of Services Among Persons With Mental Illness After Release From Prison

                - 09-2002 Correlates of ADHD Among Children in Pediatric and Psychiatric Clinics

                - 09-2002 Gambling Disorders Among Homeless Persons With Substance Use Disorders Seeking Treatment at a Community Center

                - 09-2002 Cost-Effectiveness of Two Vocational Rehabilitation Programs for Persons With Severe Mental Illness

                - 09-2002 A Pilot Study of Community Mental Health Care for Depression in a Supermarket Setting

                - 09-2002 A Review of Interventions to Reduce the Prevalence of Parasuicide

                - 09-2002 Smoking Cessation Approaches for Persons With Mental Illness or Addictive Disorders



Psychologist (The) – free after 6 months




Psychology in Spain

- 2002 Body shape and eating disorders in a sample of students in the basque country: a pilot study

                - 2002 Metaevaluation of a total quality management evaluation system

                - 2002 Coping strategies in psychotics: conceptualization and research results

                - 2002 Teamwork in different communication contexts: a longitudinal study

                - 2002 Family intervention programme in schizophrenia: two-year follow-up of the andalusia study

                - 2002 Anticipatory anxiety in women recalled for further mammogram breast cancer screening

                - 2002 Quality of life parameters in terminal oncological patients in a home care unit

                - 2002 Methodological forms and customs in spanish psychology: an analysis through the life of psicothema

                - 2002 Body-image disturbance in eating disorders: a meta-analysis

                - 2002 Programme for the improvement of metamemory in people with medium and mild mental retardtion



                - 10-2002 Predictors of Severe Stroke - Influence of Preexisting Dementia and Cardiac Disorders

- 10-2002 Incidence, Manifestations, and Predictors of Brain Infarcts Defined by Serial Cranial Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Elderly - The Cardiovascular Health Study

                - 10-2002 Personality and Vulnerability to Depression in Stroke Patients: A 1-Year Prospective Follow-Up Study

                - 08-2002 Is Mild Cognitive Impairment Prodromal for Vascular Dementia Like Alzheimer’s Disease?

                - 08-2002 Neuropsychological Predictors of Incident Dementia in Patients With Vascular Cognitive Impairment, Without Dementia

                - 08-2002 Assessment of Functioning and Disability After Ischemic Stroke




                - 09-2002 Psychological consequences of segregation resulting from chronic Burkholderia cepacia infection in adults with CF

                - 09-2002 Independent validation of the Sleep Apnoea Quality of Life Index



Tobacco Control

                - 09-2002 Blaming tobacco's victims

                - 09-2002 Philip Morris changes its name, but not its harmful practices

                - 09-2002 Enhancing the effectiveness of tobacco package warning labels: a social psychological perspective

                - 09-2002 Development of symptoms of tobacco dependence in youths: 30 month follow up data from the DANDY study

                - 09-2002 Exposure to teachers smoking and adolescent smoking behaviour: analysis of cross sectional data from Denmark

                - 06-2002 Application of consumer protection authority in preventing tobacco sales to minors



Western Journal of Medecine

                - 09-2002 Cultural factors influencing the mental health of Asian Americans

                - 09-2002 The challenges of providing behavioral treatment to Asian Americans

                - 09-2002 The poor mental health care of Asian Americans

                - 09-2002 Mental health services research in Asian Americans






Gratis na twee jaar – free after two years



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