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Addiction Treatment Forum

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Advances in Psychiatric Treatment

       - 03-2003 Psychiatry and the media

- 03-2003 Contribution of forensic psychotherapy to the care of forensic patients

- 03-2003 Combining cognitive therapy with medication in bipolar disorder

- 03-2003 Working through interpreters

- 03-2003 Sensory impairment and mental health

- 03-2003 Current issues in child and adolescent psychopharmacology. Part 1: Attention-deficit hyperactivity and affective disorders

- 01-2003 Misdiagnosing sleep disorders as primary psychiatric conditions

- 01-2003 Telemedicine and telecare: what can it offer mental health services?

- 01-2003 Assessment of carers’ psychological needs

- 01-2003 Mental health of the ageing immigrant population

- 01-2003 The evidence base for cognitive–behavioural therapy in depression: delivery in busy clinical settings

- 01-2003 Drug treatment of depression: reflections on the evidence


Alcohol Research & Health

            - 2003 Epidemiology in Alcohol Research


American Family Physician

- 12-2003 Diagnosis and Management of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

- 12-2003 Returning to Work While Breastfeeding

- 11-2003 Common Problems in Patients Recovering from Chemical Dependency

- 11-2003 Approaching the Suicidal Patient

- 10-2003 School Refusal in Chil­dren and Adolescents

- 10-2003 Tremor

- 10-2003 Pharmacologic Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease: An Update

- 09-2003 Recognition and Prevention of Inhalant Abuse

                - 09-2003 Ginkgo Biloba


Annals of general hospital psychiatry

- 12-2003 Clinical psychoacoustics in Alzheimer's disease Central auditory processing disorders and speech deterioration – A Review

- 10-2003 Unipolar late-onset depression: A comprehensive review

- 07-2003 Cost of mental and behavioural disorders in Kenya

- 05-2003 Risk and resiliency factors in posttraumatic stress disorder

- 02-2003 Low self-esteem and psychiatric patients: Part II – The relationship between self-esteem and demographic factors and psychosocial stressors in psychiatric patients

                - 02-2003 Low self-esteem and psychiatric patients: Part I – The relationship between low self-esteem and psychiatric diagnosis


Annals of internal medecine (reviews free after 1 year)

                - 12-2003 Screening and Interventions for Obesity in Adults: Summary of the Evidence for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

- 12-2003 Screening for Obesity in Adults: Recommendations and Rationale

- 09-2003 Successful Aging and the Humility of Perspective

                - 09-2003 The Need for an Integrated Biopsychosocial Approach to Research on Successful Aging

                - 09-2003 Social Capital and Successful Aging: The Role of Senior Housing

                - 09-2003 Psychosocial Interventions To Improve Successful Aging

                - 09-2003 Ten Recommendations for Advancing Patient-Centered Outcomes Measurement for Older Persons

- 09-2003 Measuring and Improving the Quality of Dying and Death

- 09-2003 Trajectories of Health for Older Adults Over Time: Accounting Fully for Death

- 09-2003 Improving Health Care for Older Persons

- 09-2003 Improving Medication Use for Older Adults: An Integrated Research Agenda

- 09-2003 Using Information Technology To Improve the Health Care of Older Adults

- 09-2003 Healthy Aging and Dementia: Findings from the Nun Study

- 09-2003 The Contribution of Geriatric Health Services Research to Successful Aging

- 09-2003 Assessing the Success of Successful Aging

- 08-2003 Sexual Function in Men Older Than 50 Years of Age: Results from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study

- 06-2003 Screening for Dementia: Recommendation and Rationale


Archives of Disease in Childhood

- 04-2003 Psychological management of two cases of self injury on the paediatric intensive care unit

- 04-2003 Evaluation of cultural competence and antiracism training in child health services

- 03-2003 Cognitive development at 5.5 years of children with chronic lung disease of prematurity

- 03-2003 Breast feeding and respiratory morbidity in infancy: a birth cohort study

- 02-2003 Sudden infant death syndrome: bed sharing with mothers who smoke

- 02-2003 Preventing sleeping problems in infants who are at risk of developing them

- 02-2003 How to distinguish between neglect and deprivational abuse

- 02-2003 Classification of child abuse by motive and degree rather than type of injury

- 02-2003 Parenting programmes

- 01-2003 Describing the phenotype in Rett syndrome using a population database

- 01-2003 Postnatal depression and infant growth and development in low income countries: a cohort study from Goa, India

- 01-2003 Altered arousal response in infants exposed to cigarette smoke

- 01-2003 Low back pain in schoolchildren: the role of mechanical and psychosocial factors


Archives of public health

                - 2003 Measuring health state preferences in Belgium with the EQ-5D:a pilot survey in health care workers

- 2003 Measurement of the Use of Curative Health Services:Health Interview Survey versus National Registers

- 2003 Measurement of parental occupation: Agreement between parents and their children.

- 2003 Is everyone with a chronic disease also chronically ill ?

- 2003 Socio-professional level and long-term mortality in three Belgian large-scale studies

                - 2003 Do regional differences in psychosocial variables contribute to regional differences in cardiovascular mortality in Belgium ?

                - 2003 The Job Content Questionnaire: methodological considerations and challenges for future research

                - 2003 Job stress and prevalence of diabetes: results from the belstress study

                - 2003 Study of new explanatory mechanisms in the relation between job stress and cardiovascular diseases

                - 2003 Occupational stress and incidence of sick leave in three sectors of activity of the Belgian workforce: the belstress study



- 12-2003 Homeopathy: systematic review of systematic reviews

- 11-2003 Adverse nondrug reactions

- 07-2003 Prevalence of schizophrenic disorders

                - 05-2003 Handwashing in schoolchildren


BMC Family Practice

- 11-2003 Attitudes towards treatment among patients suffering from sleep disorders. A Latin American survey

- 02-2003 Somatization in response to undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder in a family


BMC  Geriatrics

- 11-2003 Validity of a novel computerized cognitive battery for mild cognitive impairment


BMC Health Services Research

- 07-2003 A philosophical analysis of the evidence-based medicine debate

- 05-2003 Influence of social support on cognitive function in the elderly

- 02-2003 Cigarette smoking, health status, socio-economic status and access to health care in diabetes mellitus: a cross-sectional survey


BMC International Health and Human Rights



BMC Medical Ethics

- 06-2003 The unique ethical challenges of conducting research in the rehabilitation medicine population


BMC Neurology



BMC Pediatrics

- 09-2003 Is fever suppression involved in the etiology of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders?

- 05-2003 Breastfeeding in Bolivia – information and attitudes


BMC Psychiatry

- 12-2003 Sex difference in response to stress by lunar month: A pilot study of four years' crisis-call frequency

- 12-2003 The greek translation of the symptoms rating scale for depression and anxiety: preliminary results of the validation study

- 12-2003 Cross-sectional survey of users of Internet depression communities

- 10-2003 Effect of simulated dawn on quality of sleep – a community-based trial

- 10-2003 Insomnia is a frequent finding in adults with Asperger syndrome

- 09-2003 Functioning styles of personality disorders and five-factor normal personality traits: a correlation study in Chinese students

- 07-2003 Habitual prospective memory in schizophrenia

                - 07-2003 The Mood Disorder Questionnaire improves recognition of bipolar disorder in psychiatric care

                - 06-2003 Seasonal changes, sleep length and circadian preference among twins with bipolar disorder

                - 01-2003 Relationship between craving and personality in treatment-seeking women with substance-related disorders



- 12-2003 Alcohol screening in primary care

- 12-2003 Dignity is a useless concept

- 12-2003 Association of insulin resistance with depression: cross sectional findings from the British women's heart and health study

- 12-2003 Risk of suicide and related adverse outcomes after exposure to a suicide prevention programme in the US Air Force: cohort study

- 12-2003 Gulf war illness - better, worse, or just the same? A cohort study . Incidence of cancer among UK Gulf war veterans: cohort study

- 11-2003 Randomised controlled trial of smoking cessation intervention after admis­sion for coronary heart disease

- 11-2003 Effect of breast feeding in infancy on blood pressure in later life: systematic review and meta-analysis

- 11-2003 Effects on pregnancy outcome of changing partner between first two births: prospective population study

- 11-2003 Screening for depression in primary care with two verbally asked questions: cross sectional study

- 11-2003 Women's views on the impact of operative delivery in the second stage of labour: qualitative interview study

- 11-2003 Treatment of postnatal depression

- 11-2003 Risk of suicide and spouse's psychiatric illness or suicide: nested case-control study

- 10-2003 Managing multiple morbidity in mid-life: a qualitative study of attitudes to drug use

- 10-2003 Does a prescribed treatment match a patient's priorities?

                - 10-2003 Factors involved in deciding to start preventive treatment: qualitative study of clinicians' and lay people's attitudes

- 10-2003 Compliance therapy does not improve drug adherence in schizophrenia

- 10-2003 Hysterectomy and sexual wellbeing: prospective observational study of vaginal hysterectomy, subtotal abdominal hysterectomy, and total abdominal hysterectomy

- 09-2003 Association between falls in elderly women and chronic diseases and drug use: cross sectional study

- 09-2003 Communication and miscommunication of risk: understanding UK parents' attitudes to combined MMR vaccination

- 09-2003 Effects of communicating individual risks in screening programmes

- 09-2003 Severe traffic injuries to children, Trent, 1992-7: time trend analysis

- 09-2003 Self reported stressful life events and exacer­bations in multiple sclero­sis: prospective study

- 09-2003 Screening in brief intervention trials targeting excessive drinkers in general practice: systematic review and meta-analysis

                - 09-2003 The importance of patient preferences in treatment decisions—challenges for doctors

                - 09-2003 Social anxiety disorder

                - 08-2003 Child psychiatric disorder and relative age within school year: cross sectional survey of large population sample

                - 08-2003 Effectiveness of dynamic muscle training, relaxation training, or ordinary activity for chronic neck pain: randomised controlled trial

                - 08-2003 Diagnosis of autism

                - 08-2003 Influence of environmental factors on mental health within prisons: focus group study

                - 08-2003 Problems with sexual function in people attending London general practitioners: cross sectional study

                - 08-2003 Sexual function problems and help seeking behaviour in Britain: national probability sample survey

                - 08-2003 Sickness absence as a global measure of health: evidence from mortality in the Whitehall II prospective cohort study

                - 08-2003 Brain injury and heading in soccer

- 08-2003 Is asking patients in palliative care, "Are you depressed?" appropriate? Prospective study

- 08-2003 Involving patients in medical education

- 08-2003 Medical prescription of heroin to treatment resistant heroin addicts: two randomised controlled trials

- 08-2003 Acute low back pain: systematic review of its prognosis

- 08-2003 Suspected child abuse: the potential for justice to miscarry

- 08-2003 Effect of strategies to reduce exposure of infants to environmental tobacco smoke in the home: cross sectional survey

- 08-2003 The impact of parental psychiatric disorder on children

- 07-2003 Doctors' emotional reactions to recent death of a patient: cross sectional study of hospital doctors

- 07-2003 Effects of euthanasia on the bereaved family and friends: a cross sectional study

- 07-2003 Patient centred death

- 07-2003 Helping people bereaved by suicide

- 07-2003 Acute psychiatric day hospitals

- 07-2003 10 year follow up study of mortality among users of hostels for homeless people in Copenhagen

- 07-2003 Sexual health

- 07-2003 Managing agitation and aggression after head injury


Canadian Alzheimer Disease Review

- 09-2003 Vascular Dementia: the beginning of a new era

- 09-2003 Vascular Dementia as a Treatable Illness

- 04-2003 Setting Treatment Goals Using Cholinesterase Inhibitors in AD

                - 04-2003 Is Dementia Inevitable?

                - 04-2003 Person-centred Dementia Care: A Vision to be Refined

                - 04-2003 Personal Revelations, Experiences and Reflections of an AD Caregiver

                - 04-2003 People in Early Stages Shaping the Future of their Care


Canadian Family Physician

- 12-2003 Palliative care at home - Dying at home: an increasingly important trend

- 11-2003 Seniors’ perceptions of their medical care

                - 10-2003 Sad but true: your father has dementia - An approach to announcing the diagnosis

- 10-2003 Le temps d’agir - Call to action

- 10-2003 Dementia with Lewy bodies

- 08-2003 La médecine des adolescents - Défis et possibilités

- 08-2003 Adolescents’ health - Does having a family physician make a difference?

                - 08-2003 Adolescent health - Does primary care intervention make a difference?



Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

- 12-2003 Impact of Antidepressant Side Effects on Adolescent Quality of Life

- 12-2003 Violence by Psychiatric Patients: The Impact of Archival Measurement Source on Violence Base Rates and Risk Assessment Accuracy

- 12-2003 Medicated Anxious Children: Characteristics and Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment Response

- 12-2003 Unicorns Do Exist: A Tutorial on “Proving” the Null Hypothesis

- 11-2003 Considerations on the Stigma of Mental Illness

- 11-2003 Stigma and the Daily News: Evaluation of a Newspaper Intervention

- 11-2003 Interventions to Reduce the Stigma Associated With Severe Mental Illness: Experiences From the Open the Doors Program in Germany

- 11-2003 Determinants of the Public’s Preference for Social Distance From People With Schizophrenia

                - 11-2003 Addiction: A Disease of Volition Caused by a Cognitive Impairment

- 11-2003 Defining Anxious Depression: Going Beyond Comorbidity

- 11-2003 Psychiatric Distress Among Road Rage Victims and Perpetrators

- 10-2003 Don’t Let Anyone Bully You Into Thinking Bullying Is Not Important!

- 10-2003 Identifying and Targeting Risk for Involvement in Bullying and Victimization

- 10-2003 Consequences of Bullying in Schools

- 10-2003 Interventions to Reduce School Bullying

- 10-2003 Major Depressive Disorder in Adolescence: A Brief Review of the Recent Treatment Literature

- 10-2003 Behaviour in Children With Language Development Disorders

- 10-2003 An Electrophysiologic Study: Can Semantic Context Processes Be Mobilized in Patients With Thought-Disordered Schizophrenia?

- 09-2003 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Early Detec­tion, Intervention, Educa­tion, and Psychopharma­cological Management

- 09-2003 Diagnosis and Epide­mio­logy of Autism Spec­trum Disorders

- 09-2003 Genetic and Neurodevelopmental Influences in Autistic Disorder

- 09-2003 The Efficacy of 2 Different Dosages of Methylphenidate in Treating Adults With Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

- 08-2003 Needed: Clinical Research in Mood Disorders

                - 08-2003 Clinical Features of Bipolar Disorder With and Without Comorbid Diabetes Mellitus

                - 08-2003 Implementing Quality Management in Psychiatry: From Theory to Practice—Shifting Focus From Process to Outcome

                - 08-2003 Mental Disorders and Reasons for Using Complementary Therapy

                - 08-2003 Readiness to Participate in Psychiatric Research

                - 08-2003 Toward Benchmarks for Tertiary Care for Adults With Severe and Persistent Mental Disorders

                - 07-2003 Panic in the Emergency Room

                - 07-2003 Old and Homeless: A Review and Survey of Older Adults Who Use Shelters in an Urban Setting

                - 07-2003 Correlates of Therapeutic Response in Panic Disorder Presenting With Palpitations: Heart Rate Variability, Sleep, and Placebo Effect

                - 07-2003 Randomization in a Substance Abuse Treatment Study: Participants Who Consent vs Those Who Do Not

- 07-2003 Fright (Effroi) and Other Peritraumatic Responses After a Serious Motor Vehicle Accident: Prospective Influence on Acute PTSD Development

- 06-2003 Suicide: The Persisting Challenge

- 06-2003 The Neurobiology of Suicide and Suicidality

- 06-2003 Assessing Suicidal Youth With Antisocial, Borderline, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder

- 06-2003 Sexsomnia—A New Parasomnia?

- 06-2003 Case–Control Study on Psychological Symptoms in Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome



Canadian Psychiatric Association Bulletin

- 12-2003 Characteristics of 75 Gambling-Related Suicides in Quebec

- 12-2003 Evidence-Based Psychiatry

- 10-2003 Telepsychiatry: Queries and Comments

- 10-2003 The Effectiveness of Telepsychiatry: A Review

- 10-2003 A Survey of Canadian Psychiatrists’ Experiences and Opinions on Using Videoconferencing for Assessments Required by Mental Health Legislation

- 10-2003 Telepsychiatry and Doctor–Patient Communication: A Tale of Two Interviews

- 08-2003 Traumatic Brain Injury in Older Adults: Relevance to Psychiatrists

                - 08-2003 Anxiety Disorders and Related Problems

                - 06-2003 Mental Health Issues of Older People with Intellectual Disabilities

                - 06-2003 Should Dangerousness Indicate Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment?

                - 06-2003 Hospital–Physician Relations in a Regional Clinical Department of Psychiatry

                - 06-2003 Ethical Considerations in Working with Culturally Diverse Populations: The Essential Role of Professional Interpreters


Clinical Geriatrics

- 12-2003 Update on Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease--Part 1: Primary Treatments

- 11-2003 Catatonia in Late-Life: The Importance of Recognizing an Uncommon Syndrome

- 11-2003 Chronic Pain and Depression: Dual Challenges in Managing the Older Patient

- 10-2003 Sex and Sexuality: Is It Over after 60?

- 10-2003 Identifying Geriatric Patients at Risk for Suicide and Depression

- 10-2003 Suicide in Late Life

- 08-2003 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Late Life

                - 07-2003 Bipolar Disorder In the Older Adult

                - 06-2003 Grief and Bereavement

                - 05-2003 Gender Issues: Depression, Erectile Dysfunction, and Coronary Heart Disease in Older Men

                - 05-2003 Driving and the Elderly

                - 05-2003 Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers: Hidden Patients

                - 05-2003 Personality Disorders in Older Adults: Managing the Difficult Patient


Clinical Psychology Newsletter

- 10-2003 How much do service users want to be involved in planning local mental health services?

                                ‘Have you got children of your own?’

                Clinical psychology for in-patient settings: principles for development and practice

                                Establishing prior consent: an audit of referrals into a clinical psychology service for people with learning disabilities

                                User perspective on information leaflets for children, adolescents and their carers

                                War and the ‘oblivion pill’: Do psychologists have an opinion?

- 09-2003 What is this thing called psychotherapy ?

                        Is it helpful for patients to read their own reports? A qualitative evaluation of feedback from participants on a self-management programme for chronic back pain

                Should we abandon the concept of mild learning disability?

                                Experiences of an emotional awareness group for adults with  learning disabilities

                                Services to support general practitioners in the management of people who have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury: review and recommendations

- 08-2003 Six threats tot the sustainability of clinical psychology

                                Fact,hypothesis and infallibility

                                Farmers in context: a psychosocial approach of rural stress

                                A pilot study of the use of Wais III with people with a learning disability

                                Clerical participation in psychological treatment

                                Clinical governance and clinical practice: our experiences o a support group for parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders

                                Perils of race and culture for clinical psychology trainees: the missionary position in the 21ste century

                - 07-2003 Special Issue: Reflective practice


Contemporary Pediatrics

- 12-2003 Determining whether a skin injury could be physical abuse

                - 12-2003 One hundred years of managing ADHD—and where are we?

- 12-2003 Diagnosing ADHD: Putting AAP guidelines to the test—and into practice

- 12-2003 Where we are, and how well we can succeed, at treating ADHD

- 12-2003 A diagnosis of ADHD? - Don't overlook the probability of comorbidity!

- 11-2003 Health education: New opportunities for pediatric practice

- 10-2003 For chronic pain, complementary and alternative medical approaches

            - 08-2003 Welcome progress in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in adolescence

                - 08-2003 The behavioral complaint: Symptom of a psychiatric disorder or a matter of temperament?

                - 06-2003 The culturally competent pediatrician: Respecting ethnicity in your practice



- 09-2003 Special issue on memory: anatomical regions, psychological networks and cognitive interactions

- 06-2003 The neuropsychology of grammatical gender: An Introduction

                - 06-2003 The recognition of gender-marked nouns and verbs in Polish-speaking aphasic patients

                - 06-2003 Gender and case in agrammatic production

                - 06-2003 An investigation of semantic errors in unimpaired and Alzheimer’s speakers of Italian

                - 06-2003 When is gender accessed? A study of paraphasias in Hebrew anomia

                - 06-2003 Integrating gender and number information in Spanish word pairs: an ERP study

- 06-2003 Expecting gender: An event related brain potential study on the role of grammatical gender in comprehending a line drawing within a written sentence in Spanish

- 06-2003 Apraxia and beyond: life and work of Hugo Liepmann

- 06-2003 Arnold Pick’s concept of dementia

- 06-2003 Quaglino’s 1867 case of prosopagnosia



Current Psychiatry

- 12-2003 Captive of the mirror:  'I pick at my face all day, every day'

- 11-2003 Break the 'fear circuit' in resistant panic disorder

- 10-2003 Tics and Tourette's disorder: Which therapies, and when to use them

- 10-2003 Minding menopause

- 09-2003 5 keys to improve counseling for dual-diagnosis patients

- 09-2003 Don’t be fooled by hypochondria

- 08-2003 Preventing late-life suicide: 6 steps to detect the warning signs

                - 08-2003 A low-frustration strategy for treating somatization

                - 08-2003 Crossing the line: When does teen substance use become abuse or dependence?

                - 07-2003 Intermittent explosive disorder: Taming temper tantrums in the volatile, impulsive adult

                - 06-2003 Getting to the bottom of problem drinking: The case for routine screening

                - 06-2003 How to avoid ethnic bias when diagnosing schizophrenia



Current research in social psychology

- 12-2003 Are Race and Gender Central or Peripheral Traits? Examining Evaluative Amplification of Personality Impressions in the Classic Asch Paradigm

- 12-2003 Identifying Dominant Allocation Strategies of Individuals in the Minimal Group Paradigm

- 12-2003 Biased Responding, Neuroticism, and Perceived Control among Older Adults

- 12-2003 Mood and the Evaluation of Leaders

                - 09-2003 The Role of Ideological Consistency in Attitude Inferences

- 09-2003 Mental Models of Attachment, Social Strain, and Distress Following a Collective Loss: A Structural Modeling Analysis

                - 09-2003 Macro- and Micro-Social Conditions Affecting Individual Sense of Mattering during a Period of Downsizing



Disability World

- 11-2003 Issue nr 21 (pdf-file  147 pp)

- 09-2003 Issue nr 20  (pdf-file 239 pp)

- 09-2003 European Disability Forum Issues Comprehensive Report on Development Cooperation

                - 09-2003 Stigma: Beliefs Determine Behavior

                - 09-2003 Disabling Conditions In South Asia: The Hidden Factors, With Implications For Leprosy

                - 09-2003 Budapest Center Cites Russia's Abuses of People Mental Disability

                - 09-2003 The Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information & Exchange

                - 09-2003 International Course on Disability & Rehabilitation Management

                - 09-2003 Enhancing Historic European Environments: An Interview with Patrick Devlieger

- 06-2003 Disability and Development



Early Childhood – Research & Practice

- 10-2003 Reaching Out to Fathers: An Examination of Staff Efforts That Lead to Greater Father Involvement in Early Childhood Programs

- 10-2003 Discriminant Validity of a Community-Level Measure of Children's Readiness for School

- 10-2003 The Role of Child Development and Social Interaction in the Selection of Children's Literature to Promote Literacy Acquisition

- 10-2003 Supporting Vulnerable Learners in the Primary Grades: Strategies to Prevent Early School Failure

- 10-2003 Creating the Conditions for Success with Early Learning Standards: Results from a National Study of State-Level Standards for Children's Learning Prior to Kindergarten

- 04-2003 The Gift of Time: Enactments of Developmental Thought in Early Childhood Practice

                - 04-2003 Instant Video Revisiting for Reflection: Extending the Learning of Children and Teachers

- 04-2003 Understanding the Relationships among American Primary-Grade Teachers and Korean Mothers: The Role of Communication and Cultural Sensitivity in the Linguistically Diverse Classroom

- 04-2003 Preschool Teachers' Play Experiences Then and Now

- 04-2003 Applying an Analytic Writing Rubric to Children's Hypermedia "Narratives"


Electronic Journal of human sexuality

- 10-2003                What’s Goin’ On? Sex and Social Change in America

- 08-2003 Masturbation comes out of the closet

- 05-2003 Sexuality Education On-line for Health Professionals

- 02-2003 Sexual and Non-Sexual Intimacy in Romantic Relationships during Late Adolescence: the Role of the Mother-Daughter Relationship

                - 02-2003 Polyamory - What it is and what it isn't


Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology

- 10-2003 The Abbreviated ACRA Scale for University Students

- 10-2003 Initial evaluation of the Educational Program for Career and Vocational Development: "Making up my mind ..."

- 10-2003 Teaching and learning processes as perceived by students in high-risk schools or contexts

- 10-2003 Problem-Solving: Evaluative study of three pedagogical approaches in Mexican schools

- 10-2003 Application of a Written Composition and Reading Comprehension Program in Primary Education students

- 10-2003 Social context, gender and social competence, self-evaluated in 11- and 12-year-old Andalusian students

- 10-2003 Sensitivity of certain standardised tests to executive attention functioning in seven-year-old children

- 10-2003 A look at quality academic training: the university students' point of view

- 04-2003 Measuring confidence in academic study: A summary report

                - 04-2003 Personal, family, and academic factors affecting low achievement in secondary school

                - 04-2003 Associative and predictive relationships between self-concept and academic achievement in students of primary education

                - 04-2003 Procedure for Evaluating Self-regulation Strategies during Learning in Early Childhood Education

                - 04-2003 Improvement in reading processes through the MATEL Program

                - 04-2003 Adaptation of a measuring instrument for classroom management

                - 04-2003 Study and Analysis of the Position Classification Inventory (PCI) by Gottfredson and Holland


Evolutionary Psychology

- 10-2003 The Inner Eye Theory of Laughter: Mindreader Signals Cooperator Value

                - 10-2003 General Symbol Machines: The First Stage in the Evolution of Symbolic Communication

                - 08-2003 Perspectives on human attachment (pair bonding): Eve’s unique legacy of a canine analogue

                - 06-2003 Piaget, Pedagogy, and Evolutionary Psychology

                - 06-2003 Mate selection criteria: A trait desirability assessment study of sex differences in Serbia

                - 05-2003 The maternal dominance hypothesis: questioning Trivers and Willard

- 03-2003 A Posse of Good Citizens Brings Outlaw Evolutionists to Justice - A response to Evolution, Gender, and Rape. Edited by Cheryl Brown Travis. (2003). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

- 03-2003 Are there nonverbal cues to commitment? An exploratory study using the zero-acquaintance video presentation paradigm

- 03-2003 Meeting One's Twin: Perceived Social Closeness and Familiarity


Future-drugs: Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics

                - 11-2003 Complications and adverse effects of deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s patients

                - 11-2003 Hippocampal sclerosis and the syndrome of medial temporal lobe epilepsy

                - 11-2003 Current and emerging treatment options for migraine and other primary headache disorders

                - 11-2003 Therapeutic implications of the modular headache theory

                - 09-2003 Preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease: strategies and prospects

                - 09-2003 Delivering safer services: can suicide and homicide among people in contact with mental health services be predicted?

                - 09-2003 Measuring the severity of chronic pain: a research perspective

                - 09-2003 Alzheimer’s disease: from molecular pathogenesis to innovative therapies

                - 09-2003 Therapy of depression in dementia

                - 09-2003 Clinical diagnosis of subcortical cerebral infarction

                - 07-2003 Acetylcholinesterase-inhibitors in the treatment of autistic disorders

                - 07-2003 Preschool ADHD: exploring uncertainties in diagnostic validity and utility, and treatment efficacy

                - 07-2003 Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and ADHD: diagnostic implications and therapeutic consequences


Future of children

                - 04-2003 Health Insurance for Children


Geriatric Times

- 11-2003 Homosexual Seniors Face Stigma

- 11-2003 Vision, Balance and Falls in the Elderly

- 11-2003 Herbal and OTC Sleep Remedies

- 09-2003 Alcoholism and At-Risk Drinking in the Older Population

- 09-2003 Combined Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy for Late-Life Depression

- 08-2003 Epidemiology and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Pain in Older Adults

                - 02-2003 Brain Damage After Surgical and Angiographic Heart Procedures



- 12-2003 Driving Mister Dement

- 12-2003 Assessment and counseling of older drivers - A guide for primary care physicians

- 10-2003 Elder neglect and abuse

- 09-2003 When is hypochondriasis not hypochondriasis?- Emotional and behavioral adaptations to aging and illness

                - 08-2003 Dementia patients in primary care - Care managers offer a solution to providing ongoing care

                - 08-2003 Task Force neutral on routine dementia screening

                - 06-2003 Cognitive screening in the primary care setting  - The role of physicians at the first point of entry


Geriatrics & Aging

                - 11-2003 Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Adults

- 11-2003 Diagnosis and Prevention of Delirium

- 11-2003 An Overview of Delirium in the Critical Care Setting

- 09-2003 Cholesterol, Statins and Dementia: How Could Lipid-lowering Strategies Prevent Neurodegeneration?

                - 08-2003 Fear of Falling in the Elderly



German Journal of Psychiatry

- 10-2003 Analysis of Substance Use by Primary School Students

- 10-2003 Stress and Coping in Women with Cervical and Breast Cancer in India

- 07-2003 Pervasive Developmental Disorders and its Subtypes: Sociodemographic and Clinical Profile

- 06-2003 Psychopathology, Psychosocial Characteristics, and Family Environment in Juvenile Delinquents

                - 03-2003 Camp Approach - an Effective, Alternate Inpatient Treat-ment  Setting For Substance Dependence: A Report from India

                - 02-2003 The Brain and Chronic Pain

                - 02-2003 Striato-Cerebellar Abnormalities in Never-Treated Schizophrenia:  Evidence for Neurodevelopmental Etiopathogenesis



International Electronic Journal of Health Education

            - 10-2003 Tobacco, Violence and Nutrition Health Behaviors Among Adolescents in Rural Ukraine

- 09-2003 Investigation Of Risks, Incidents and Injuries: Development of A Report Form and Model

- 09-2003 Sexual Violence and Aggressive Behavior Among Teenage Boys In The General Population and In Juvenile Prison, In Russia: A Descriptive Analysis

- 06-2003 Delivering Family Planning Messages through Prenatal Care Clinics in Kumi District, Uganda

- 01-2003 A Profile and Annotated Bibliography of Selected Scholarly Works of Robert S. Gold, PhD, DrPH

- 01-2003 A Qualitative Exploration of Health Behaviors and the Associated  Factor among University Students from Different Cultures

- 01-2003 Conducting Topic-Sensitive Research: Noncompliance in a Sri Lankan Hand Washing Study

- 01-2003 Assessing Definitions and Concepts Within the Safety Profession



International Family Planning Perspectives

- 12-2003 In Asia, Child Mortality Is Not Linked to Women's Autonomy or Religion

- 12-2003 In Zimbabwe, Substantial Minorities of Women Are Accepting of Wife-Beating

- 12-2003 Women Who Know a Person With AIDS Do Not Have Elevated Condom Use Rates

- 12-2003 Health of Children in Rural India May Reflect Whether Parents Have Met Their Goals for Family Composition

- 12-2003 Misconceptions About Condom Efficacy Linked to High Risk of Unprotected Sex Among Chinese STD Patients

- 12-2003 Using Network Analysis to Understand Community-Based Programs: A Case Study from Highland Madagascar

- 12-2003 The Standard Days Method of Family Planning: A Response to Cairo

- 12-2003 Where Do Rural Women Obtain Postabortion Care? The Case of Uttar Pradesh, India

- 12-2003 The Psychosocial Context of Young Adult Sexual Behavior in Nicaragua: Looking Through the Gender Lens

- 12-2003 Unmet Need and Unintended Fertility: Longitudinal Evidence from Upper Egypt

- 09-2003 Abused Women's Children Have an Increased Risk Of Dying Before Age Five

- 09-2003 Contraceptive Use Among Chinese Couples Changes Over Life of Relationship

- 09-2003 In Bangladesh, Women's Risk of Domestic Violence Is Linked to Their Status

- 09-2003 Unintended Pregnancy Is Linked to Inadequate Prenatal Care, but Not to Unattended Delivery or Child Health

- 09-2003 The Impact of Household Delivery of Family Planning Services on Women's Status in Bangladesh

- 09-2003 Facility-Level Reproductive Health Interventions and Contraceptive Use in Uganda

- 09-2003 Client-Provider Communication in Postabortion Care

- 06-2003 Women's Networks and the Social World Of Fertility Behavior            

- 06-2003 Impact and Determinants of Sex Preference in Nepal

- 06-2003 The Link Between Quality of Care and Contraceptive Use

- 06-2003 Knowledge and Perception of Emergency Contraception Among Female Nigerian Undergraduates

- 06-2003 From Home to Clinic and from Family Planning to Family Health: Client and Community Responses to Health Sector Reforms in Bangladesh

- 06-2003 Intervention in Rural Uganda Is Effective Against Some Sexually Transmitted Infections, but Not Against HIV

- 06-2003 For Cameroonian Youth, Perceived Risk and Parental Support Boost Condom Use

- 06-2003 Nairobi's Poorest Women Have Highest Level of Risky Sexual Behavior, Least Knowledge of HIV Prevention

- 03-2003 Relationships Between Contraception and Abortion: A Review of the Evidence

- 03-2003 Reproductive Health Risk and Protective Factors Among Unmarried Youth in Ghana

- 03-2003 Can Women's Childbearing and Contraceptive Intentions Predict Contraceptive Demand? Findings from A Longitudinal Study in Central India

- 03-2003 Sexual Health Experiences of Adolescents in Three Ghanaian Towns

- 03-2003 Condom Use and the Accuracy of AIDS Knowledge In Côte d'Ivoire

- 03-2003 Although Abortion Is Highly Restricted in Cameroon, It Is Not Uncommon Among Young Urban Women

- 03-2003 Bangladeshi Women Weigh A Variety of Factors When Choosing a Contraceptive

- 03-2003 Genital Cutting May Alter, Rather Than Eliminate, Women's Sexual Sensations

- 03-2003 Offering a Woman Sterilization During an Emergency Cesarean Section May Sometimes Be Appropriate



International Journal of MS Care

                - 07-2003 Sexuality and Other Quality-of-Life Issues

                - 07-2003 Multiple Sclerosis and Sexuality: A Survey of MS Health Professionals’ Comfort, Training, and Inquiry About Sexual Dysfunction

                - 04-2003 Predictive Value of SF-36 for MS-Specific Scales of the MS Quality of Life Inventory



International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

- 2003 Preparing Mental Health Reform in Slovenia

- 2003 Do the mothers of stutterer use different communication styles than the mothers of fluent children?

- 2003 Using Marijuana: Positive and Negative Experiences

- 2003 “Recovering” Consumers and a Broken Mental Health System in the United States:  Ongoing Challenges for Consumers / Survivors and the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health

- 2003 Therapeutic Listening: a work instrument at the service of mental health?

- 2003 What Does Social Justice Mean and Require in the Rehabilitation of  Ex-Convicts Addicts in the Era of Privatization

- 2003 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supported Apartment in Facilitating Community Integration and Mutual Help among Residents with a Chronic Mental Illness in Hong Kong: Some Preliminary Findings

- 2003 Is Supported Employment Cost Effective? A review

- 2003 Consumer/Survivor Stories of Empowerment and Recovery in the Context of Supported Housing

- 2003 Depressive Symptoms and Family Functioning in the Caregivers of Recently Hospitalized Patients with Chronic/ Recurrent Mood Disorders.

- 2003 Psychiatric Rehabilitation: The Need for a Specialized Approach

- 2003 "When science triumphs, humanities are the losers": Inquiry into knowledge, science, and the inadequacies of a caring profession.

- 2003 Psychotherapy and Education in Prison With Two Native American Youths

- 2003 A Vision and Mission for Peer Support- Stakeholder Perspectives

- 2003 Support Needs of People with Mental Illness in Vocational Rehabilitation Programs -The Role of the Social Network

- 2003 Preparing Mental Health Reform in Slovenia



International Journal of Transgenderism




Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine

- 12-2003 The timing of deliberate self harm behaviour

- 12-2003 Long-stay forensic psychiatric inpatients in the republic of Ireland: aggregated needs assessment

- 12-2003 Postnatal depression: a study of the predictive effects of postnatal anxiety

- 09-2003 Combining psychiatric and psychological approaches in the inpatient assessment of aggression in a client with moderate intellectual disabilty

- 09-2003 Psychiatric consultation to elderly medical inpatients in a general hospital

- 09-2003 Self-reported alcohol consumption in the Irish community-dwelling elderly

- 09-2003 ECT: a controversial but effective treatment

- 06-2003 Psychotherapy and learning disability

                - 06-2003 Costing the hospital-based process of resettling people with learning disability in the community

                - 06-2003 Meeting the needs of people with schizophrenia living in the community: a report from a European community

                - 03-2003 Managing sex offenders: is there a role for psychiatry?

                - 03-2003 Eye movements and neurocognitive function in treatment resistant schizophrenia: a pilot study



Italian Journal of pediatrics

                - 12-2003 The Physician's Role in Adolescents' Health Education

- 10-2003 An Overview of Adolescent Health Care in the United States

- 08-2003 Subtle neuropsychological alterations in children with rolandic epilepsy

- 08-2003 Factors influencing adolescent risk-taking behaviors

- 06-2003 Cannabis use in adolescents

                - 06-2003 Acute alcohol intoxication in adolescents. A multicentre study



Journal of Rehabilitation, Research & Development

- 09-2003 Veterans’ reports of pain and associations with ratings of health, health-risk behaviors, affective distress, and use of the healthcare system

- 09-2003 Development and validation of the Pain Outcomes Questionnaire-VA

- 09-2003 An examination of the relationship between chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder

- 08-2003 Social integration and life and family satisfaction in survivors of injury at 5 years postinjury

- 08-2003 Learning effects associated with repeated word-recognition measures using sentence materials



Methods of Psychological Research

                - 09-2003 Special Issue on Structural Equation Models

                - 05-2003 The role of expectations in investigating multitrait-multimethod matrices by Procrustes rotation

                - 05-2003 Time dependence of growth parameters in latent growth curve models with time invariant covariates

                - 05-2003 A method for the analysis of hierarchical dependencies between items of a questionnaire

                - 05-2003 A goodness-of-fit measure for the Mokken double monotonicity model that takes into account the size of deviations



Monitor on Psychology

- 12-2003 Awards for psychologically healthy workplaces

- 12-2003 Kickstarting fear extinction through massed exposure

- 12-2003 Psychologists' insight on seatbelt safety

- 12-2003 Spirituality and mental health

- 11-2003 The many faces of perfectionism

                - 11-2003 Considering creativity

                - 11-2003 Lessons from Jonestown

                - 09-2003 What makes a great teacher ?

                - 09-2003 Driven to distraction

                - 09-2003 Lessons in resilience

                - 09-2003 Understanding children's atypical gender behavior

                - 07-2003 Psychology and the Prison System

                - 07-2003 Putting consumers in the driver's seat

                - 07-2003 Making sense of chords and conversations




                - 09-2003 Behavioral Risk Factors in Breast Cancer: Can Risk Be Modified?




- 12-2003 National Estimates of Health Services Expenditures for Children With Behavioral Disorders: An Analysis of the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

- 11-2003 Cognitive and Academic Consequences of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and Very Low Birth Weight: 8-Year-Old Outcomes

                - 11-2003 Circumstances Surrounding End of Life in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

                - 11-2003 Increased Prevalence of Familial Autoimmunity in Probands With Pervasive Developmental Disorders

                - 11-2003 Improvement of Aggressive and Antisocial Behavior After Resection of Temporal Lobe Tumors

                - 10-2003 Epidemiology of Terror-Related Versus Non-Terror-Related Traumatic Injury in Children

- 09-2003 Visual, Cognitive, and Language Assessments at 39 Months: A Follow-up Study of Children Fed Formulas Containing Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids to 1 Year of Age

- 09-2003 Behaviors of Children Who Are Exposed and Not Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence: An Analysis of 330 Black, White, and Hispanic Children

- 08-2003 Long-Term Neuropsychologic and Health Outcomes of Children With Facial Nerve Palsy Attributable to Lyme Disease

- 08-2003 A Family-Based Approach to the Prevention of Depressive Symptoms in Children at Risk: Evidence of Parental and Child Change



Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

- 12-2003 Patterns of Contraceptive Use Within Teenagers’ First Sexual Relationships

- 09-2003 Disease Risk Is Elevated Among People Who Feel Bad About Having Sex

- 09-2003 Partner Violence During Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Adverse Outcome

- 09-2003 Sexual Behavior Is Safer When Students Can Get Condoms at Their Schools

- 09-2003 For Whites, but Not Blacks, Binge Drinking Is Linked To Unintended Pregnancy

- 09-2003 Large Proportions of Men and Women with HIV Have Sex Without Telling Partners That They Are Infected

- 09-2003 Among Female Adolescents, STD History Is Associated With Demographically or Socially Dissimilar Partnering

- 09-2003 Making Males Mindful of Their Sexual and Procreative Identities: Using Self-Narratives in Field Settings

- 09-2003 The Young Men's Clinic: Addressing Men's Reproductive Health and Responsibilities

- 09-2003 Man2Man: A Promising Approach to Addressing The Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Young Men

- 09-2003 The Other Half of the Equation: Serving Young Men In a Young Women's Reproductive Health Clinic

- 07-2003 Adolescent Drinking and Sex: Findings from a Daily Diary Study

                - 07-2003 IUD-Related Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Among Navajo Area Indian Health Service Providers

                - 07-2003 Family Connectedness and Sexual Risk-Taking Among Urban Youth Attending Alternative Hight Schools

                - 07-2003 Where Does Reproductive Health Fit Into the Lives of Adolescent Males?

                - 07-2003 Teenagers with Mental Disability Lack Reproductive Education and Knowledge; Still, Many Have Had Sex

                - 07-2003 Mothers of Many Newborns With HIV Missed Chances To Obtain Preventive Care

                - 07-2003 Providers Do Not Fully Use Adolescent Well-Care Visits To Discuss Sexual Health

                - 07-2003 Maternal Mortality Exceeds U.S. Goal; Age and Racial Differences Are Marked

                - 07-2003 Teenagers Have the Same Risks Whether Partners Are Sequential or Concurrent

                - 07-2003 Method-Related Problems Account for Most Failures Of the Female Condom



Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  (free after six months)

- 06-2003 Effective behavioral treatment of focal hand dystonia in musicians alters somatosensory cortical organization

- 06-2003 Evidence for neurogenesis in the adult mammalian substantia nigra

- 06-2003 Selective impairment of hippocampal neurogenesis by chronic alcoholism: Protective effects of an antioxidant

- 06-2003 Social interaction shapes babbling: Testing parallels between birdsong and speech

- 06-2003 Competition and representation during memory retrieval: Roles of the prefrontal cortex and the posterior parietal cortex

- 05-2003 Different time courses for visual perception and action priming

- 05-2003 A quantitative model for transforming reflectance spectra into the Munsell color space using cone sensitivity functions and opponent process weights

- 04-2003 Speech-sound-selective auditory impairment in children with autism: They can perceive but do not attend

- 04-2003 Posterior parietal cortex and the filtering of distractors

- 04-2003 Real-time semantic compensation in patients with agrammatic comprehension: Electrophysiological evidence for multiple-route plasticity

- 03-2003 Persistence and brain circuitry

- 03-2003 The evolution of altruistic punishment

- 03-2003 The impact of the certainty context on the process of choice

                - 03-2003 Neural deficits in children with dyslexia ameliorated by behavioral remediation: Evidence from functional MRI

                - 02-2003 Multiple routes to memory: Distinct medial temporal lobe processes build item and source memories



Psychiatric News

- 12-2003 Suicidal Inmates Can Often Be Identified

- 12-2003 Trauma-Response Strategies Still Missing in Action

- 12-2003 AA or Other Regimen Essential for Sobriety

- 12-2003 Scale Detects Psychiatric Comorbidity In Hospitalized Medical Patients

- 12-2003 Understanding Aggression: It’s Largely in the Planning

- 11-2003 Psychologist Prescribing Law Stirs Controversy in N.M.

- 11-2003 System Must Restore Medical Model, DB President Tells Lawmakers

- 11-2003 Privacy Rule Shows Need For Documentation Standards

- 10-2003 Discussing Depression Helps Families Cope

- 10-2003 For Schizophrenia Patients, Faces Are a Difficult Read

- 10-2003 Trauma of Having Cancer May Alter Brain Structure

- 10-2003 Atypical Depression: What’s in a Name?

- 10-2003 Smoking and Mental Illness: Which One’s the Chicken?

- 10-2003 Community Treatment More Humane, Reduces Criminal-Justice Costs

- 10-2003 Most Drug Abusers Believe They Don’t Need Treatment

- 09-2003 Victimization Called Leading Cause Of Adolescent Violence

                - 09-2003 Impulsiveness Key Feature Of Kleptomania

                - 09-2003 Child Maltreatment Appears Epidemic in U.S.

                - 09-2003 Does Self-Harm Constitute Unique Personality Disorder?

                - 09-2003 Twins May Harbor Suicide Protection

                - 09-2003 Missing Enzyme May Cause Alzheimer’s Tangles in Brain

                - 09-2003 Antidepressants May Prevent Hippocampus From Shrinking

                - 08-2003 Psychosocial Treatments Rare For Schizophrenia Patients

                - 08-2003 Talk Is Cheap

                - 08-2003 Personality Disorder Patients Improve After Psychotherapy

                - 08-2003 Researchers Sketch Complex Profile of Suicide Risk

                - 08-2003 Comorbid Axis I–Axis II Disorders Increase Suicide Risk

                - 08-2003 Intimate-Partner Murders Tied to Several Factors

                - 08-2003 Autism Research Focus of Major NIMH Initiative

                - 07-2003 Form of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Said Effective for OCD Patients

                - 07-2003 Boys, Girls Differ in Autistic Trait Expression

                - 07-2003 Comparing PANSS, BPRS Results

                - 07-2003 Patients' Dreams May Reveal Psychotherapy Progress

                - 07-2003 Psychiatrists Explore Roots, Consequences of Human Violence


Psychiatric Services

                - 12-2003 Public Health and Therapeutic Aspects of Smoking Bans in Mental Health and Addiction Settings


Psychiatric Times

- 12-2003 The Relationship of Suicide Risk to Family History of Suicide and Psychiatric Disorders

- 12-2003 Suicidal Self-Injurious Behavior in People With BPD

- 12-2003 Suicidal Behavior in the Elderly

- 12-2003 Managed Care's Role in Caring for Suicidal Patients

- 12-2003 Employment Programs Help Patients With Mental Illnesses Succeed

- 12-2003 Suspected Malingering: Guidelines for Clinicians

- 12-2003 Suicide Risk: Assessing the Unpredictable

- 11-2003 Herbal and OTC Sleep Remedies: Implications for Psychiatry

- 11-2003 Evidence-Based Geriatric Psychiatry for the General Psychiatrist

- 11-2003 Does Stimulation Facilitate the Maintenance of General Cognitive Skills in the Elderly?

- 11-2003 Mental Health Services for the Rural Aged

- 11-2003 Do Lower IQ Scores Predict Schizophrenia?

- 10-2003 Are Assessment and Treatment Influenced by Ethnicity and Gender?

- 10-2003 Cultural Psychiatric Services: Past, Present and Future

- 10-2003 Expressions of Social Anxiety in Asian-Americans

- 10-2003 Trauma and Violence in Childhood: A U.S. Perspective

- 09-2003 Using CBT in the Treat­ment of Social Phobia, Se­paration Anxiety and GAD

- 09-2003 A History of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the United States

- 08-2003 Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Issues

                - 08-2003 Older Alcoholics Face Greater Risk of Suicide

                - 08-2003 To Understand Depression, Look to Psychobiology, Not Biopsychiatry


Psychologist (The) – free after 6 months

- 04-2003 State of the art – Synaesthesia

                - 04-2003 Psychology in Spain

                - 04-2003 Peer commentary - To prescribe or not to prescribe - Is that the question?

                - 03-2003 Positive psychology - Special issue

                - 03-2003 Forever a student of psychology (Philip Zimbardo)

                - 02-2003 Illegal drug problems and their treatments

                - 02-2003 In a sickle-cell and thalassaemia centre

                - 02-2003 The crack in the biomedical box

                - 02-2003 Developing an identity

                - 02-2003 What do you get when you cross a communication aid with a riddle?

                - 02-2003 Force for change

                - 02-2003 The trouble with boys

                - 01-2003 The Food Dudes to the rescue!

                - 01-2003 Against cognitive psychology

                - 01-2003 How do we recognise good research?


Psychology in Spain

                - 2003 Risk-takers: do they know how much of a risk they are taking?

- 2003 Evaluation of psychological harm in the victims of violent crime

- 2003 Perception of need for help and use of mental health services in children and adolescents. Do they share the same predictors?  

- 2003 Drug-abuse prevention in the school: four-year follow-up of a programme

- 2003 Social visibility and tolerance to family violence

- 2003 Burnout syndrome and coping strategies: a structural relations model

- 2003 Anchoring in judicial decision-making  

- 2003 Quality of life in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

- 2003 Rehabilitation of cognitive function in patients with severe mental disorder: a pilot study using the cognitive modules of the ipt program

- 2003 Jealousy: a case of application of functional analytic psychotherapy





            An archive of full-texts, commentaries/responses



Scotish Medical Journal

- 12-2003 Outcome, functional recovery and unmet needs following Acute Stroke. Experience of patient follow up at 6 to 9 months in a newly established Stroke Service.

- 08-2003 The provision of clinical psychology services within a general hospital: An analysis and interpretation of referral rates

                - 08-2003 Glasgow's Community Care Programme: 10 Year Follow Up Of Discharged Patients With Schizophrenia



Singapore Medical Journal

                - 08-2003 Ignorance in Developmental and Behavioural Disorders

                - 08-2003 General Practitioners’ Knowledge on Childhood Developmental and Behavioural Disorders



Sleep Research Online

                - 2003 Stage at Awakening, Sleep Inertia, and Performance

- 2003 Arousal and Vigilance: Do They Differ? Study in a Sleep Inertia Paradigm

- 2003 Insomnia and Depression: Which Comes First?

                - 2003 Cognitive Dysfunction in Sleep-related Breathing Disorders: A Meta-analysis

                - 2001 Volitional Lifestyle and Nocturnal Sleep in the Healthy Elderly



South African Family Practice

- 06-2003 Knowledge, attitudes and practices of general practitioners in the Free State regarding the management of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

- 03-2003 Physical Abuse in Children (Non-Accidental Injury Syndrome) (part 2)

- 02-2003 Physical Abuse in Children (Non-Accidental Injury Syndrome) (part 1)

- 02-2003  Differential diagnoses and management of Insomnia



Turkish Journal of pediatrics

                - 01-2003 Depression and anxiety in chronic hepatitis B: effect of hepatitis B virus infection on psychological state in childhood




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