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Jackson D.

Don Jackson. A Founding Father of Family Therapy

Janet P.

Pierre Janet . History of hypnosis . Trance and Trauma: Functional Nervous Disorders and the Subconscious Mind

Janov A.

Arthur Janov . The Primal Psychotherapy Page . The Primal Institute

James W.

William James Site . William James (pragmatical Vlorbic) .  Albright R.H.: A view of William James .The Webbing of William James . What is an emotion ? William James (1884) . The Principles of Psychology. William James (1890) . The stream of consciousness. William James (1892) . The will to believe. William James (1897) . The varieties of religious experience.. William James (1902) . Does 'consciousness' exist ? William James (1904). . A world of pure experience. William James (1904) . What pragmatism means (1906) . Wosniak R.H. Mind and Body: René Descartes to William James . Essays in Radical empiricism . Mind and Body: René Descartes to William James

Jensen A.

Arthur Jensen (indiana) . Arthur Jensen (Upstream) . Arthur Jensen (Brain.com) . Comment on "IQ Since The Bell Curve" (Chabris, 1998)

Jung C.G.

Picture . Carl Jung (Boeree) . C.G.Jung, Analytical Psychology, & Culture . Jung Index . The Jung Web . El Web de Jung . The Carl Jung Anthology and Primer .The center of Jung studies op Detroit . The association method. C.G. Jung (1910) . Reves et interpretation (C.G. Jung) . Associations Françaises autour de l'oeuvre de Carl Gustav Jung . The Basic Postulates of Analytical Psychology - Chapter IX of Modern Man in Search of a Soul (1933)

Kabat-Zinn J.

Mindfulness Meditation . Jon Kabat-Zinn . An Overview of Research into Mindfulness-Based Approaches to Health Care . Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) . Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy: Practice CD’s and Tapes . The Art of Conscious Living . Mindful Medicine: An interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn . Jon Kabat-Zinn . Breaking the Tyranny of Thought . The Boby Scan . At Home in Our Bodies: An Interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn (excerpt) . Mindfulness Meditation : Cultivating the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind

Kandel E.

Eric R. Kandel - Genetic and Cell Biological Studies of Memory . Kandel Lab . Mice provide clues to how we remember . P.V. Nguyen and E. R. Kandel: Brief capTheta-Burst Stimulation Induces a Transcription-Dependent Late Phase of LTP Requiring cAMP in Area CA1 of the Mouse Hippocampus . H. Son, Y-F. Lu, M. Zhuo, O. Arancio, E.R. Kandel, and R.D. Hawkins: The Specific Role of cGMP in Hippocampal LTP . Eric Kandel interviews Bertil Hille . Heinekenprijs Geneeskunde toegekend aan: Professor Eric R. Kandel . From Transient Fear to Chronic Anxiety on a Molecular Level . Transgenic Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome: Temporal and Spatial Restriction of FMR1 Expression in Mouse Forebrain . Kandel receiving his Nobel Prize .

Keller F.

Fred Keller, Behaviorist . Fred Keller and PSI

Kelly G.

George Kelly (Boeree) . Georges Kelly . Georges Kelly and the Personal Construct Psychology . Personal Construct Psychology . The German PCP Home Page at the University of Giessen Department of Medical Psychology

Kernberg O.

Otto Kernberg . Bibliography . Aggression and Transference in Severe Personality Disorders . Thirty ways to destroy the creativity of psychoanalytic candidates . The borderline Patient. An overview . Borderline Personality Disorder . An Equifinality Model of Borderline Personality Disorder. J. Santoro, M. Tisbe & M. Katsarakes (1997) . Column of the President (IPA) . Obituary Sandler . An Illusion about the Future . Presidential Address (1997) . Vann Spruiell : Theories of the treatment of narcissistic personalities

Klein M.

Melanie Klein: Sa vie, son oeuvre . Melanie Klein bibliography . Le Groupe de la Hamstead Clinic . Psychotic anxieties in groups and institutions. R. M. Young . Melanie Klein . Essentials of Kleinian Theory . The Development of Kleinian Aesthetics . S. E. Forster & D. L. Carveth Christianity: A Kleinian Perspective . Ch. Mawson: An introduction to the psychoanalytic play technique and a psychoanalytic view of early development . R.M. Young: Being a kleinian is not straightforward . R. D. Hinshelwood: Seventy-five Years of Kleinian Writing 1920-1995 - A Bibliography . R.M.Young Melanie Klein 1 . S.A. Mitchell : The Origin and Nature of the "Object" in the Theories of Klein and Fairbairn . R. D. Hinshelwood: Countertransference and the Therapeutic Relationship Recent Kleinian Developments in Technique

Klopfer B.

In Memory of Bruno Klopfer, Ph.D., Rorschach® Ink Blot Pioneer

Koffka K.

Perception: An Introduction to the Gestalt-Theory. Kurt Koffka (1922) . Green C.D. An introduction to Koffka

Kohlberg L.

Kohlberg's theory of moral development.

Köhler W.

Introduction to the Mentality of Apes (1925) . An Old Pseudoproblem (1929) .Gestalt-Psychology today (1959) . A.S. Luchins & E. H. Luchins: A sampling of gestalt psychologists' remarks on psychoanalysis (1997) .

Kohut H.

Pictures . Self Psychology Page . Heinz Kohut: His Enduring Influence Today . S. Vaknin: The Narcissist's Mother Frequently asked Question . Vann Spruiell : Theories of the treatment of narcissistic personalities . E. Shane & M. Shane : Mahler, Kohut, and Infant Research: Some Comparisons . R. Süsske : What does Heinz Kohut mean by the „Self"? . F.D.Rubovits-Seitz : Kohut's Freudian Vision

Konorski J.

On two types of conditioned reflex. Konorski & Miller. (1937)

Kopp M.

Maria Kopp . Socioeconomic differences and psychosocial aspects of stress in a changing society . Socioeconomic factors, severity of depressive symptomatology and sickness absence rate in the hungarian population . Depressive Symptomatology and Vital Exhaustion are differentially related to behavioral risk factors for coronary heart disease

Korzybski A.

Korzybski, Alfred Habdank Sharbek (1879-1950) . Korzybski disciplinary matrix . Korzybski's General Semantics: Applying science-mathematical methods and discoveries to daily living . European Society for General Semantics . Alfred Korzybski and Gestalt Therapy . Rex Steven Sikes: The Map Is Not The Territory . Bruce I. Kodish, Bridging the Research-Practice Divide: Using General-Semantics in Physical Therapy Practice . Bruce I. Kodish Contra Max Black: An Examination of 'The Definitive Critique' of General-Semantics . About General-Semantics . The Politics of General Semantics . What is "knowledge" (a la Korzybksi)? . An expose of the cult of General Semantics . Korzybski Instituut België

Kosslyn S.

Stephen M. Kosslyn . Kosslyn Laboratory

Kraepelin E.

Emil Kraepelin . Dementia Praecox . Works and writings

Kristoffersen I.

Ingrid Ponjaert - Kristoffersen

Kubler Ross E.

biography . bibliography . Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. . On Death and Dying (interview) . On Death and Dying (book) . Five Stages of Grief

LaBerge D.

David LaBerge's Triangular Circuit Of Attention . part 2

LaBerge S.

Lucid Dreaming: Psychophysiological Studies of Consciousness during REM Sleep

Lacan J.

Lacan dot com . Lacanian Links . Le Web de Lacan . Ecrits Jacques Lacan . Lacanian Studies . The Brief Lacanian Therapy Project . Introducing Jacques Lacan: An Annotated Bibliography . De Oorzaak . Les Mathèmes de Lacan . Index référentiel du séminaire de Jacques Lacan . Alan Sokal Impostures intellectuelles and debates . LACAN @ MONTRÉAL . Escuela de la Orientación Lacaniana . Lacan: Some Key Concepts. Open brief aan psychoanalytici die reageren op het Livre noir de la psychanalyse . Un esprit tordu. Fear and Loathing in Lacania . Dylan Evans: From Lacan to Darwin . The Philosophical Emptiness of Lacan and Lacanism

Laing R.

Ronnie Laing . The Politics of Experience Chapter I Persons and Experience (1967) . The wing of madness: The Life and Work of R. D. Laing. D. Burston

Lankton S.

Lankton &Associates

Lashley K.S.

Basic neural mechanisms in behavior. K.S. Lashley (1930) . Lashley-Hebb

Lazarus R.


Leary T.

Timoty Leary . The 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness . Interpersonal Theory . Testing for Circumplex Structure in the Interpersonal Circle and the Structural Analysis of Social Behavior G. S. Acton & W.Revelle . The Transmigration of Timothy Leary B. Doherty

Lebovici S.

Serge Lebovici . Elements of baby psychopathology . Elements de la psychopathologie de l'enfant: les vidéo's . A l'aube de la vie . My friend René Diatkine . Ph. Mazet, S.Lebovici Mort subite du nourrisson : un deuil impossible ? . Some Remarks on a Reading of The Future Of an Illusion in 1998 . Hommage à Serge Lebovici . Hommage à Serge Lebovici (CarnetPsy)

Le Doux J.

LeDoux Lab . Parallel Memories: Putting Emotions Back Into The Brain. A Talk With Joseph LeDoux . LeDoux outlines his theory of emotions and memory . The LeDoux Circuit . A New Theory of Emotions . Integration of Physiological and Information Processing Perspectives .A.R. Damasio: Review: the emotional brain: the mysterious underpinnings of emotional life

Leontjew A.N.

Tätigkeit, Bewußtsein, Persönlichkeit

Levine S.

Hormones & Stress

Levy E.

A Case of Mania with its Social Implications(1936) . Some Aspects of the Schizophrenic Formal Disturbance of Thought. Erwin Levy (1943)

Lewin K.

Kurt Lewin . Kurt Lewin Institute . Lewin and Contemporary Social Psychology . Edgar H. Schein: Kurt Lewins change theory in the field and in the classroom: Notes toward a model of managed learning. . Galli G.: The Scientific Methodology of Kurt LEWIN and Psycho-analysis

Leyens J-P.

Jacques-Philippe Leyens

Libbrecht K.

Katrien Libbrecht . Délires de l'hytérique - une approche historique

Liepmann H.

Apraxia and beyond: life and work of Hugo Liepmann

Linehan M.

Marsha M. Linehan . Dialectical Behavioral Therapy . An Overview of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. Barry Kiehn & Michaela Swales . The management of borderline personality disorder

Liotti G.

Attachment, social rank, and affect regulation: speculations on an ethological approach to family interaction

Lobovits D.

Jennifer Freeman & Dean Lobovits

Locke J.

John Locke

Loeb J.

Jaques Loeb

Loftus E.L.

Elizabeth Loftus . Elisabeth F. Loftus . Dr. Elizabeth Loftus and Dr. Jonathan Schooler - "Memory Myths, Malleabilities, and Madness: A Question of Trauma. Truth, and Testimony" (audio)

Lorenz K.

Konrad Lorenz

Luchins A.

A. S. Luchins & E. H. Luchins: Comments on the concept of closure (1959) . A.S. Luchins & E. H. Luchins: A sampling of gestalt psychologists' remarks on psychoanalysis (1997) . A. S. Luchins: On Schulte, Wertheimer, and paranoia (1997) . A.S. Luchins & E.H. Luchins: Isomorphism in Gestalt Theory: Comparison of Wertheimer's and Köhler's Concepts (1999)

Luria A.R.

Alexander Romanovich Luria . Three Principal Functional Units .The man with a shattered world . The man with a shattered world

Lutz A.

Lutz Antoine

MacCorquodale K.

On a distinction between hypothetical constructs and intervening variables K. MacCorquodale & P.E. Meehl (1948)

Macer D.

Darryl Macer . Eubios Ethics Institute . Selected abstracts and papers

Maes P.

Intelligence Augmentation. A Talk With Pattie Maes

Mahler M.

Margaret Mahler . Margaret Mahler, Sigmund Freud & Erik Erikson . Margaret Mahler (Yahoo Encycl) . E. Shane & M. Shane : Mahler, Kohut, and Infant Research: Some Comparisons . Publications Object Relations . Margaret Mahlers’ Theory of Development . Margaret Mahler's Theory of Development . Le processus de séparation . De groeifasen naar autonoom leven . György Gergely: Reapproaching Mahler: new perspectives on normal autism, symbiosis, splitting, and libidinal object constancy from cognitive developmental theory

Mandler J.M.

Jean Matter Mandler

Markowitsch H.

Hans J. Markowitsch . Bibliography

Marty F.

Filiation, parricide et psychose à l'adolescence

Marty P.

Institut de Psychosomatique de Paris . Alain de Mijolla: Short history of psychoanalysis in france (1893-1965) . A. Deburge: Approche du traitement psychosomatique de la lombalgie par un analyste . Jean Benjamin Stora : Le psychologue psychosomaticien à l’hôpital

Maslow A. H.

Abraham Maslow (Boeree) . Katharena Eiermann: Abraham.H. Maslow . Abraham Maslow . Abraham Maslow . The Maslow Reading Room . Abraham Maslow . Maslow's hierarchy of needs (Gwynne) . Maslow's hierarchy of needs (Norwood) . A.H. Maslow's Vision of Human Nature .

Masui T.

Takeshi Masui

Mawson C.

An introduction to the psychoanalytic play technique and a psychoanalytic view of early development

May R.

Rollo May (Boeree)

Mazet Ph.

Ph. Mazet & A. Feo: Interactions precoces et recherche

McClelland J.

James L. McClelland . James McClelland . James L. McClelland . Dr. James L. McClelland . Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition . Grawemeyer Award Psychology 2002 . CMU professor wins award for psychology . Professor wins psychology award . Interview: James McClelland, psychology professor . McClelland and Colleague Win $200,000 Psychology Prize . Two pioneers in neural networks receive Grawemeyer Award . History of cognitive psychology . history of connectionism . Colloquium - McMaster University

McCullog W.

Warren McCullog disciplinary matrix

Mead G.H.

George's Page . The social self. G.H.Mead (1913)

Mead M.

Margret Mead disciplinary matrix

Meadow P.W.

Phyllis W. Meadow . The Myth of the Impersonal Analyst

Meehl P.E.

On a distinction between hypothetical constructs and intervening variables K. MacCorquodale & P.E. Meehl (1948)

Meins E.

Security of Attachment and the Social Development of Cognition . Early predictors of attachment: The role of maternal mind-mindedness

Meltzoff A.N.

Andrew N. Meltzoff . Gopnik, A & Meltzoff, A.N. (1997) Words, thoughts, and theories . Gopnik, A., Meltzoff, A. N., & Kuhl, P. K. (1999), The Scientist in the Crib : Minds, Brains, and How Children Learn . Meltzoff, A. N., & Moore, M. K. (1997). Explaining facial imitation: A theoretical model. Early Development and Parenting

Menninger K.A.

Karl A. Menninger . Menninger Clinic . Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

Mesmer F.A.

Trance and Trauma: Functional Nervous Disorders and the Subconscious Mind

Metzger W.

'Reality,' what does it mean? L. W. Brandt & W. Metzger

Michotte A.

Picture . History of the Laboratory of experimental psychology

Milgram S.

Stanley Milgram . Obedience to authority

Miller A.

Alice Miller (noogenesis) . Alice Miller Library . Books by Alice Miller . Communication To My Readers . Lloyd deMause: Alice Miller as Midwife to History

Miller G. A.

The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on our Capacity for Processing Information (1956

Miller N.

How to prepare for our future of totally unexpected opportunities .

Miller S.

 On two types of conditioned reflex. Konorski & Miller. (1937)

Miller W.R.

William Richard Miller . Motivational Interviewing . The Motivational Interviewing Page . Berger: Motivational Interviewing (slides) . Motivational Interviewing: An Effective Brief Intervention for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patients

Mira y López E.

Dr. Emilio Mira y López

Monjauze M.

La part alcoolique du Soi

Moustakas C.

Clark Moustakas . Relationship Play Therapy

Mowrer O.H.

Mowrer's Two-Factor Theory of Phobias

Munsterberg H.

Hugo Munsterberg

Nadel L.

Lynn Nadel . Sleep, dreams, and memory consolidation: The role of the stress hormone cortisol . Memory Deficits Characterized by Patterns of Lesions to the Hippocampus and Parahippocampal Cortex . Why we can't remember when...

Nasio J.D.

J.D. Nasio . Web de Nasio . Les grands cas de psychose . Le livre de la douleur et de l'amour . Le plaisir de lire Freud . Les grands cas de psychose (Cyberscopie)

Nathan T.

Tobie Nathan Bibliographie . Les bébés parlent-ils le "langage"?

Nuttin J.

Picture . History of the Laboratory of experimental psychology . Motivation,planning, and action . Future Time Perspective and Motivation . J.R. Nuttin Fund & Lectures

Nuttin J.M.

Curriculum vitae

Nyberg L.

Lars Nyberg

Ogden T.H.

The analytic third: an overview

Oppenheim D.

David Oppenheim . Oppenheim, D., Wambboldt, F., Gavin, L.A., Renouf, A.G., & Emde, R.N. (1996). Couples’ co-construction of the story of their child’s birth: Associations with marital adaptation. . Oppenheim, D. (1997). The attachment doll play interview for preschoolers. International Journal of Behavioral Development . Oppenheim, D. (1998). Perspectives on infant mental health from Israel: The case of changes in collective sleeping on the kibbutz. . Etzion-Carasso, A. & Oppenheim, D. (2000). Open mother-pre-schooler communication:  Relations with early secure attachment .   Oppenheim, D., Koren-Karie, N., & Sagi, A. (2001).  Mothers’ empathic understanding of their preschoolers’ internal experience:  Relations with early attachment. 

Oury J.

La Borde Clinique . La psychothérapie institutionelle . Institutional Psychotherapy . Institutionele Psychotherapie . La moindre des choses (film) . La moindre des choses (film) . La moindre des choses (film) . Liberté de circulation et espace du dire 

Panksepp  J.

Jaak Panksepp . Jaak Panksepp . Publications . Affective Neuroscience - The Foundations of Human and Animal Emotions . Interview with Professor Jaak Panksepp . M. Blumberg & G. Sokoloff: Hard Heads and Open Minds: A Reply to Panksepp (2003) .  Toward an Open-Minded Comparative Study of the Neuroevolutionary Substrates of Affect: Rejoinder to Blumberg and Sokoloff’s (2003) Reply . Affective neuroscience : possible consilience between psychoanalysis and brain research . Affective consciousness and the neural origins of the self: The case of animal laughter . Melatonin - The Sleep Master : An emerging role for this over-the-counter supplement in the treatment of autism . Emotion: Circuit Level


The Papez Circuit

Pask G.

Gordon Pask disciplinary matrix

Pavlov I.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov .Ivan Pavlov . Picture . Biography . Nobel Prize 1904 . Lectures on the Work of the Cerebral Hemisphere, Lecture One (1924) . Pavlov Institute of Physiology . The method of Pawlow in animal psychology. Yerkes & Morgulis (1909) . Summary of PSYCOLOQUY topic Pavlov Bell

Pinillos Dias J.L.

José Luis Pinillos Díaz

Perls F.

 Fritz Perls (clarion). .A Life Chronology . Fritz Perls Here and Now . Fritz Perls: Autobiographische Stichworte . Frederick perls: A son's reflections . Fritz Perls: Was ist Gestalttherapie? . Fritz Perls: Finding Self through Gestalt Therapy

Pesso A.

Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor . Willy Van Haver: Pesso Psychotherapie . Van Haver W. Pesso Psychotherapie: een kennismaking . Indicatiestelling in Pesso-psychotherapie

Philippot P.

Pierre Philippot

Piaget J.

Picture . Jean Piaget (Boeree) . Jean Piaget  . A Short Biography of Jean Piaget . Biography . The Jean Piaget Society . Les Archives Jean Piaget . Instituto Piaget . The Construction of Reality in the Child (1955) . Genetic Epistemology (1968) . J. P. Van Meerbeek :Une lecture génétique du schéma pulsionnel szondien basée sur la théorie de Jean Piaget . Piaget, Pedagogy, and Evolutionary Psychology . Jean Piaget's Stage Theory

Pick A.

Arnold Pick’s concept of dementia

Pintrich P.R.

A tribute to Paul R. Pintrich's Contributions to Psychology and Education

Poppelreuter W.

Disturbances of Lower and Higher Visual Capacities Caused by Occipital Damage
(Die psychischen Schädigungen durch Kopfschuss in Kriege 1914/16)
. " Voir " n'est pas toujours " voir "

Posner M.

Michael Posner

Prescott J.W.

James W. Prescott . The origins of peace and violence . Ten principles of mother-infant bonding to change the world . Genital Pain vs. Genital Pleasure: Why the One and Not the Other? . Perspectives On Violence . Délinquance imputable aux expériences de l'enfance

Prochaska J.

James O. Prochaska . Publications . ProChange . The transtheoretical model . The Transtheoretical Model . Transtheoretical Model-based measures . Stages of Change Theory . Nolan R., Clinical Applications of the Transtheoretical Model of Readiness for Change . Transtheoretical model/Stages of change . Transtheoretical Model/Stages of Change Overview . C.A. Redding, J.S. Rossi, S.R. Rossi, W.F. Velicer, J.O. Prochaska, Health Behavior Models . Stephen B. Hotz, Putting Theory into Practice: Helping Patients Change

Prouty G.

Pre-Therapy International Network

Prull M.W.

Matthew W. Prull

Putnam F.W.

24 abstracts (attention: file of 2.6 MB abstracts about dissociation) . Ellert Nijenhuis: Leertheorie als kader en hypnose als hulpmiddel bij de behandeling van ernstige dissociatieve stoornissen

Quackelbeen J.

Julien Quackelbeen

Quartier-Frings F.

Schizophrénies, dialogues

Rakugi A.

Akiko Rakugi, Peculiar Behaviors of Infants at a Residential Nursery: A Consideration Based on a Sociological Theory of Body

Rank O.

Otto Rank . Otto Rank . Otto Rank (Boeree)

Rapoport A.

Rapoport disciplinary matrix

Raskin N.J.

The Development of non-directive therapy

Ratcliff R.

Roger Ratclif . Two Factor Theory, Single Process Theories, and Recognition Memory Roger Ratcliff Roger Ratcliff and Gail McKoon : Bias Effects in Implicit Memory Tasks

Reich W.

The Wilhelm Reich Museum . Body Armour . Reichian Stuff . The American College of Orgonomy . Public orgonomic Research Exchange . Wilhelm Reich y la Orgonomia . Wilhelm Reich: From Psychoanalysis to Energy Medecine. David Boadella . The Wilhelm Reich Story . Wilhelm Reich

Ribot T.

Biographical Introduction . Biography (história da filosofia moderna) . La Locura del Methodo: La Psicologia Daña la Creatividad

Riccio D.C.

David C. Riccio . David C. Riccio

Rimé B.

Bernard Rimé

Roediger H.L

Henry L. Roediger

Rogers C.

Picture . His Theory . Carl Rogers and transpersonal psychology . Carl Rogers (Boeree) . Carl Rogers . Carl Rogers . Carl Rogers (Clarion) . Bibliographie francophone . Carl Rogers: Where no Psychologist went before . Carl Rogers and informal education . Rogerian Rhetoric: An Alternative to Traditional Rhetoric Douglas Brent . Dagmar Pescitelli : Rogerian Therapy . Dagmar Pescitelli : An Analysis of Carl Rogers' Theory of Personality . Priels J-M : Carl Rogers et Emmanuel Mounier - Perspéctives personnalistes et révolutionnaires pour l'avènement de la personne nouvelle

Rollnick S.

The Motivational Interviewing Page . Butler Ch., Rollnick S., Stott N., The practitioner, the patient and resistance to change: recent ideas on compliance

Romanes R.

George Romanes

Rorschach H.

The Classical Rorschach . Le Rorschach à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles . In Memory of Bruno Klopfer, Ph.D., Rorschach® Ink Blot Pioneer

Ross E.D.

Neurology of emotion and cognition

Roustang F.

La fin de la plainte

Rumelhart D.

David Rumelhart . David Rumelhart wins Grawemeyer Award for Psychology . Grawemeyer Award Psychology 2002 . McClelland and Colleague Win $200,000 Psychology Prize . Two pioneers in neural networks receive Grawemeyer Award . David E. Rumelhart Prize . history of connectionism . Psycholinguistics: Rumelhart and McClelland 1982 . The David E. Rumelhart Prize . Comparison of Four Educational Theories

Sabbatini R.M.E.

Renato Marcos Endrizzi Sabbatini . Brain & Mind . On-Line Science Papers

Sacks O.

The Official Oliver Sacks Website . The inaugural lecture Centre for the Mind in Canberra.

Sandler J.

Professor Joseph J. Sandler (1927-1998) . Bibliography . Reflections on Some Relations Between Psychoanalytic Concepts and Psychoanalytic Practice . How Best to Ensure the Future?. J. Sandler & A.-M. Sandler : On the Development of Object Relationships and Affects . On communication from patient to analyst: not everything is projective identification . Countertransference and Role-Responsiveness . J. Sandler, A. Dreher & S. Drews : An approach to conceptual research in psychoanalysis, illustrated by a consideration of psychic trauma . Obituary: In Freud's Footsteps. Joseph Sandler . Emily Loeb: Tribute to Joseph Sandler (1927-1998)

Sandler P.C.

Binocular vision’ and the practice of psychoanalysis . Bion’s war memoirs: a psycho-analytical commentary

Sapolsky R.

Robert Sapolsky . Stress and Memory: Forget it (audio) . Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers : An Updated Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping . Robert M. Sapolsky

Satir V.

Satir Professional Development Institute of Manitoba . Avanta The Virginia Satir Network . My Declaration of Self Esteem. V.Satir . Family Therapy. A.Brandis

Sciacca K.

Kathleen Sciacca . Dual diagnosis website

Schacter D.L.

Daniel L. Schacter . Daniël Schacter (Harvard) . Daniel Schacter . Searching for memory . Searching for memory . On a confusion about a function of consciousness. Ned Block . Illusory memories: A cognitive neuroscience analysis . Memory, Brain, and Belief

Schaffer H.R.

H.Rudolph Schaffer . The development of social attachments in infancy

Schooler J.

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus and Dr. Jonathan Schooler - "Memory Myths, Malleabilities, and Madness: A Question of Trauma. Truth, and Testimony" (audio) . "Words Get in the Way: A Tasteful Exploration" (audio)

Schotte C.

Christiaan Schotte

Schotte J.

Pathoanalyse en Psychopathologie 1 . Pathoanalyse en Psychopathologie 2 . Pathoanalyse en Psychopathologie 3 . De la Schicksalsanalyse à la Pathoanalyse

Schwarzer R.

Ralf Schwarzer

Seligman M.

Martin E. P. Seligman :The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy The Consumer Reports Study . The Learned Helplessness Home Page . Positive Psychology . Prevention & Treatment

Selye H.

Hans Selye . Selye-Toffler University . The Canadian Institute of Stress . The Stress Doctor

Seron X.

Xavier Seron

Sherif M.

Muzafer Sherif

Shiffrin R.M.

Richard M. Shiffrin

Shimamura A.

"Memory, Aging, and the Brain" (audio)

Shimonaka Y.

Yoshiko Shimonaka

Shlien J.M.

A Counter-Theory of transfeence

Skinner B.F.

Picture .  B.F. Skinner Foundation . B.F. Skinner (Boeree) . B.F.Skinner . B.F. Skinner 1904 – 1990 .  Burrhus Frederic Skinner . Burrhus Frederick Skinner . Burrhus Fredric Skinner .  The International Behaviorology Association . Behaviorism . Two types of conditioned reflex and a pseudo type. B.F. Skinner (1935) . Two types of conditioned reflex: a reply to Konorski and Miller. B.F. Skinner (1937) . Some Contributions of an Experimental Analysis of Behavior to Psychology as a Whole B.F. Skinner (1953) . Skinner gets award, ovations at APA talk . Curtis: Behaviorism: Skinner and Dennett

Sloore H.

Hedwig Sloore

Snygg D.

Snygg and Combs (Boeree)

Soetens E.

Eric Soetens . Eric Soetens (VUB)

Sperling G.

George Sperling

Sperry R.

Roger Sperry

Spitz R.

René Spitz

Spotnitz H.

Hyman Spotnitz . The History of Modern Psychoanalysis

Squire L.R.

Larry Squire, Biographical Sketch . Larry R. Squire . Memory Research Laboratory

Stekel W.

Wilhelm Stekel

Stellar E.

Eliot Stellar

Stern D.

Bibliography . The Birth of a Mother : How the Motherhood Experience Changes You Forever . Diary of a Baby . The Interpersonal World of the Infant : A View from Psychoanalysis and Developmental Psychology . How Smart Is Your Baby? . E. Shane & M. Shane : Mahler, Kohut, and Infant Research: Some Comparisons . Mothers' Emotional Needs

Sternberg R.

Dr Robert J. Sternberg . Robert J. Sternberg . Robert J. Sternberg . Triarchic Theory . Triarchic Model for Teaching for Thinking  (Building Tool Room) . Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence . Skeptic Magazine Interview With Robert Sternberg on The Bell Curve . Sternberg's Theory of Triarchic Intelligence . Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Sternberg Triarchic Abilities Test in Three International Samples . On Civility in Reviewing . Fashion vs. Passion - The Perils of Fad Hiring

Stork H.

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Leopold Szondi Forum . Das Szondi Institut . Schicksalsanalyse . Human Knowledge . Romanian Szondi Initiative Group . Hashi wo Kakeru Szondi site from Japan


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