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Tallal P.

Paula Tallal . CMBN .. Scientific Learning . Azar B.: What's the link between speed and reading in children with dyslexia? . Language Learning Impairment: Integrating Research and Remediation . Rutgers researcher: Brains in dyslexic children can be 'rewired' to improve reading skills . Works . Scientifically based reading research and the fast forword products . Induced microgyria and auditory temporal processing in rats: a model for language impairment?

Target M.

Mary Target . A Review of the PEP CD-ROM Archive 1 Versions 2 & 3 . Mary Target & Peter Fonagy: The Effectiveness of Psychodynamic and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies for Children with Severe, Complex Emotional Disorders . Peter Fonagy & Mary Target: Predictors of Outcome in Child Psychoanalysis: a retrospective study of 763 cases at the Anna Freud Centre . Rethinking Recovered Memories: Psychoanalysis and the Workings of Memory . Peter Fonagy, Mary Target and George Gergely: Attachment and Borderline Personality Disorder: A Theory and Some Evidence . Psychoanalytic models of supervision: issues and ideas . Some Issues in Psychoanalytic Training: an overview of the literature and some resulting observations

Terman L.M.

The uses of intelligence tests. L.M.Terman (1916) . Minton H.L. Introduction to Terman . Minton H.L. Commentary on Binet and Terman

Titchener E.B.

The postulates of a structural psychology. E.B. Titchener (1898) . The schema of introspection. E.B. Titchener (1912)

Thiéry A.

Picture . History of the Laboratory of experimental psychology

Tholey P.

Paul Tholey . Overview of the Development of Lucid Dream Research in Germany (1989) . Applications of lucid dreaming in sports (1990) . G. Stemberger: Bibliography of the Writings of Paul Tholey (1998)

Thorndike E.

Edward Lee Thorndike . Connectionism . Thorndike's "Provisional Laws of Acquired Behavior or Learning"

Tolman E.C.

Edward C. Tolman  .  A new formula for behaviorism. E.C. Tolman (1922) . Cognitive maps in rats an men. E.C. Tolman (1948)

Tremblay R.E.

Tremblay, Richard E. . La place de la recherche sur le développement de l'enfant dans les nouveaux Instituts canadiens de recherche en santé . L'intervention psychologique auprès des élèves en trouble du comportement: difficultés et stratégie . The Development of Physical Aggression During Childhood and the Prediction of Later Dangerousness

Trivers R.

Robert L. Trivers . Robert Trivers . Robert Trivers . Robert Trivers .  Robert Trivers, Ph.D .  Interview . I had the future exactly wrong . Review of Hooper, E. 1999. The River: a Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS . Rutgers biologist Robert Trivers .  Obituary: William Donald Hamilton . The evolutionary revolutionary . World renowned social evolution theorist Robert Trivers to be honored . Natural Selection and Social Theory

Tronick E.Z.

Edward Tronick . Edward Z. Tronick and Barry M. Lester, The NICU Network Neurobehavioral - Scale: A Comprehensive Instrument To Assess Substance-Exposed and High-Risk Infants

Tulving E.

 Endel Tulving, cognitive psychologist

Tustin F.

Unbearable Ecstasy, Reverence and Awe, and the Perpetuation of an "Aesthetic Conflict". J. L. Mitrani

Vaknin S.

The Narcissist's Mother Frequently asked Question

Van den Berg J. H.

Metabletica - prof.dr. Jan Hendrik van den Berg

Vandierendonck A.

André Vandierendonck

Van Gijseghem H.

Hubert Van Gijseghem

Van Overwalle F.

Frank Van Overwalle

Verhaeghe P.

Univ Gent / Paul Verhaeghe . Publications . Neurosis and Perversion: Il n'y a pas de rapport sexuel . Klinische psychodiagnostiek vanuit Lacans discourstheorie. Impasses en antwoorden . The Riddle of Castration Anxiety: Lacan beyond Freud . Teaching and Psychoanalysis: A necessary Impossibility . The crucial problems: the end of the treatment, transmission and institutionalisation . Trauma and hysteria within Freud and Lacan . Causation and Destitution of a Pre-ontological Non-entity: On the Lacanian Subject . Subject and body - Lacan's struggle with the real . Activity versus passivity: beyond the question of gender . Liebe in Zeiten der Einsamkeit . CHAPTER 1: The Impossible Couple . Freuds dirfttheorie: van partiële pulsie naar Eros/Thanatos

Verstraeten E.

Edwin Verstraeten

Von Glasersfeld E.

Ernst von Glasersfeld

Von Krafft-Ebing R.

Richard von Krafft-Ebing . Richard von Krafft-Ebing (1840-1902) . Sexualized Subjects: Medical Discourses on Sexuality in German-Speaking Countries in the Late Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Centuries. F.X. Eder . Psychopathia Sexualis . Psychopathia Sexualis: The Case Histories (new edition) . Selected Cases of Vampirism - from the book Psychopathia Sexualis . Selected Cases of ‘Lust-Murder’ from the book Psychopathia Sexualis . degeneracy theory .

Vygotsky L.

Lev Semenovich Vygotsky . Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky .  Biography . Newman F. Holzman L. Lev Vygotsky Revolutionary Scientist . The Historical Meaning of The Crisis in Psychology: A Methodological Investigation (1927) (capter 1,2,2,4,12,13) . Thought and Language(1934) . Thinking and Speaking (1934) . E.Subbotsky : Vygotsky's Distinction Between Lower and Higher Mental Functions and Recent Studies on Infant Cognitive Development . Ki-Jo Feza Sonne : The amazing land of zo'oped. . V. M. Serena : The concept of the zo-ped in the perspective of a concrete application: the evaluation of the obtained results . G.V.Ivanchenko : The concept of zone of proximal development of personality in the context of possible/impossible dichotomy. . M. M. Freire: a socio-cultural/semiotic interpretation of intercommunication mediated by computers . M. C. Bacalarski : Vygotsky's Developmental Theories and the Adulthood of Computer Mediated Communication: a Comparison and an Illumination . A. M. Iturrondo & C. M. Velez Vega : Vygostky and the education of infants and toddlers: A conceptual framework based on the notion of inclusion of typical and atypical children. . B. van Oers : On the narrative nature of young children's iconic representations: some evidence and implications . S. M. Miller : Vygotsky and education: The sociocultural genesis of dialogic thinking in classroom contexts for open-forum literature discussions . W.L. Wardekker : Critical and Vygotskian theories of education: a comparison. . J.M. Belmont & D. W. Mitchell : An empirical test of relations between psychometric intelligence and zone of proximal development . W.R. Penuel : Adult Guidance in Youth Development Revisited: Identity Construction in Youth Organizations . P. Sorzio : Cultural representations and individual understandings: Comparing the historical and the inferential models of thinking. . P. Smagorinsky : The Social Construction of Data: Methodological Problems of Investigating Learning in the Zone of Proximal Development . L. Dixon-Krauss : A Mediation Model For Dynamic Literacy Instruction . M. K. van der Heijden : A holistic vygotskian operational definition of approach behavior for the study of personality and learning . J. Matuga : New Pictures of the Art Room: Peer Interactions and Artistic Development . W.C. Rodriguez-Arocho : Cognitive Research in Puerto Rico: A Sociocultural Interpretation . H. Takahashi : Problem Solving as Tool Formation Processes: A Preliminary Case Analysis . S. T. Hardy : Vygotsky's Contributions to Mentally Healthy Deaf Adults . Garai L. & Kocski M. Another crisis in the psychology: A possible motive for the Vygotsky-boom

Wagemans J.

Johan Wagemans

Walgrave L.

Lode Walgrave . The Leuven Declaration . L. Walgrave & J. Mehlbye : Confronting Youth in Europe :Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice . Restorative justice for juveniles : Potentialities, risks and problems for research . Restorative Juvenile Justice : Repairing the Harm of Youth Crime . Restorative Justice for Juveniles . Razzia's in drugsdisko's werken niet . Straatkriminaliteit en preventie: tussen welzijn en veiligheid

Waters E.

Attachment: Theory and Research @ Stony Brook

Watkins H.H.

Ego State Therapy

Watkins J.G.

Ego State Therapy

Watson J.B.

John Broadus Watson . John Watson (1878 – 1958) . John B. Watson  .  Psychology as the behaviorist views it; J.B. Watson (1913) . Conditioned emotional reactions. Watson & Rayner (1920) . Green C.D. Introduction to Watson . Wosniak R.H. Commentary on Watson . The Learning Years . John Broadus Watson . Ben Harris: Whatever Happened to Little Albert?

Watzlawick P.

Paul Watzlawick . Disciplinary Matrix: Beliefs, models and analogies . modelling the intuition . Watzlawick at MRI . La construction de "realites" interpersonnelles -interview

Weiser Cornell A.

Ann Weiser Cornell . The Power of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing - An interview with author and teacher Ann Weiser Cornell . book

Wertheimer M.

The Max Wertheimer Page . Laws of organization in perceptual forms. Max Wertheimer (1923) . Gestalt theory. Max Wertheimer (1924) . A.S. Luchins & E. H. Luchins: A sampling of gestalt psychologists' remarks on psychoanalysis (1997) . A. S. Luchins: On Schulte, Wertheimer, and paranoia (1997)

Westreich S.

Smadar Célestin-Westreich

White M.

Michael White

Wilson B.

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation . Evaluation of a New Memory Aid for Brain Injured People . Outline for work on neuropsychological rehabilitation . Clinical Management of Memory Problems . Handbook of Memory Disorders . Rehabilitation of Memory . Rehabilitation Studies Handbook . Case Studies in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation .

Winnicott D.W.

Donald Woods Winnicott . D. W. Winnicott 1896-1971 . Winnicott Bibliography . The Language of Winnicott . Winnicott -American Journal of Psychiatry . Drapeau P. La science et le point de vue du jardinier. Réflexions sur le rapport Freud-Winnicott. .  Michael Szollosy: Winnicott's potential spaces:  using psychoanalytic theory to redress the crises of postmodern culture . E. Michon: Winnicot, féminin, masculin

Witmer L.

Clinical psychology. L. Witmer (1907)

Wollants G.

Dromen te goeder trouw

Wolpe J.

Treatment for phobias . The Practice of Behavior Therapy, 4/e . A critique of freud's case of little hans. J. Wolpe & S.Rachman . In memoriam Joseph Wolpe

Wundt W.M.

Picture . Wilhelm Wundt . Outlines of psychology. W.M Wundt (1897) . Outlines of Psychology - Introduction (1897) . Wundt illusion

Yalom I.

Irvin D. Yalom . Kyle M. T.: Irvin Yalom's Existential Psychotherapy . Interview with Irvin Yalom, author of Momma and the Meaning of Life . A matter of life and death (salon interview)

Yerkes R.M.

The method of Pawlow in animal psychology. Yerkes & Morgulis (1909)

Young J.

Schema Therapy

Young R.M.

Robert M. Young . Human-nature.com . Psychoanalysis, Terrorism and Fundamentalism

Yzerbyt V.

Vincent Yzerbyt

Zimbardo P.G.

Philip G. Zimbardo

Zizek S.

Bibliography . Bibliography . Slavoj Zizek (Kurume) . Slavoj Zizek (PopCulturesCom) . Slavoj Zizek (Looksmart) . An Introduction to the Work of Slavoj Zizek . The Fragile Absolute . The Way of All Flesh - Zizek  as Paulinian Materialist . Slavoj Zizek on Fantasy . Kant and Sade: The Ideal Couple . 'You May!' . Are we in a war? Do we have an enemy? . Attempts to Escape the Logic of Capitalism . Looking Awry : An Introduction to Jacques Lacan through Popular Culture . The Sublime Object of Ideology . The Fright of Real Theory . Slavoj Zizek ‚ Enjoy Your Symptom . Enjoy Your Zizek! . Die Tücke des Subjekts . Slavoj Zizek, Liebe dein Symptom wie dich selbst . Martin B. Münch: Eine Einladung, Zizek zu lesen . Christopher Craig Brittain, “that is a strength he does not possess”: Slavoj Zizek and Breaking the Waves . The Leninist Freedom . Doug Henwood Interviews Slavoj Zizek . Nina Ort über Slavoj Zizek . Why we all love to hate haider . Het obscene geheim . Hartstocht voor het reële . Welcome to the desert of the real! . Die Pest der Phantasmen - Die Effizienz des Phantasmatischen in den neuen Medien . From Joyce-the-Symptom to the Symptom of Power . Eugene McCarraher: All Things New . Ulrich Gutmair and Chris Flor,   Interview with Slavoj Zizek: Hysteria and Cyberspace . The Future of Politics . The Matrix, o las dos caras de la perversión . Liebe ohne Gnade . Inhärente Überschreitung . For They Know Not What They Do . Ramon Benitez: Interview With Slavoj Zizek





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