In the 1970's I became rather deeply involved in doing research on the production of certain horror films made in the 1950-60 era, and in interviewing the people who made them.
One of those interviews was r
ecently re-published in its original form and subsequently put
on the internet
:  >>> "An afternoon in Holly Cottage" Terence Fisher interviewed in 1976 .

In the wake of my progress in the 1970's, I published three issues of the fanzine "Fandom's Film Gallery", of which only 500 copies were printed at the time. From what I hear these are now very rare "collector's items".  Please do NOT contact me to obtain any : I wouldn't know where to find or even look for them. They are still displayed on :  >>> .

In the 15th issue of his fanzine "Little Shoppe of Horrors", my American friend Dick Klemensen, who has been very active in this field for over thirty years and in the course of time became an authority as well as a celebrity, is running a reprint of the materials and interviews we had gathered in "Fandom's Film Gallery" about one of the best horror movies ever made: 
Terence Fisher's "The Curse of the Werewolf".  On top of what we found twenty-odd years ago, Dick and his staff of wonderful star contributors have piled an impressive load of astonishing items from other sources.

Several other highly recommendable issues of "Little Shoppe of Horrors" have become available since. Especially grand is issue # 19, entirely dedicated to the life & work of Terence Fisher.
If you're really interested in Hammer films, 
you should try to get
hold of the whole LSoH collection.
A Dutch bookshop (*) recently advertised : "Richard Klemensen´s Hammer fanzine Little Shoppe Of Horrors wordt algemeen beschouwd als het beste magazine over de Hammer Studios, beter dan de meeste boeken over dit onderwerp.", which means : "Richard Klemensen´s Hammer fanzine Little Shoppe Of Horrors is generally acknowledged as the best magazine about the Hammer Studios, better than most books on this subject", for once a boost that is right. The present and future issues, as well as still a few back issues can be ordered from the website

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