About Althica

Here at Althica, we've always been passionate about cloud, even since before it was called cloud. In the meantime, 'the' cloud has become a big and scary place. You need it, but don't go in alone. Let us be your guide.

Why Choose Althica?

  • we speak human and machine
  • we respect the cloud
  • we know the cloud
  • we know what we don't know
  • you get our best
  • you will understand us
  • you will be at ease
  • your cloud will be awesome


There is no doubt a lot that we can do to help you.

Cloud Infrastructure

Have you had it with your hardware? No more failures of your critical services? Let us help you move to the correct cloud solution for you.


You may already be using a bit of cloud, but is it really what works best for you? Could it be better to change? Let's have a look.


Need help to untangle a cloud project? We can definitly do that. Delivery, migration, operations... we've got your back.

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