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Using the step selector on the left, you can browse this website fairly easy. Each time I reach a new step towards the endgoal, a triangular tile will be added.

A word of welcome

Welcome to always cut the red wire, a website/blog (more a website used as blog) about my struggles with electronics. This website came to be, as I was looking for a way to organize my thoughts and even share them with others when there is some interest. The endgoal I want to reach is a self-made quadcopter because this is a challenging and cool project. More info about the endgoal, and thus possibly the end of this site, can be found here.

My html (and css or jscript) skills are fairly limited at the present, but by creating this website I aim to improve them as well. I'll try to add some cool flashy things in the future so that your attention doesn't dwell off in the first few minutes.

To conclude, whenever I did something useful or interesting, I'll post it here. My aim is to help fellow electronic DIY'ers (is that even a word?) in there quest for glory! (And that we all can go to electronics heaven) Amen.



Finally some progress!

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19 JUNE 2014

Exciting new goody - The AVR dragon

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18 JUNE 2014

New website is born!

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Step 1 - Wireless communication

The first problem I want to tackle is wireless communication.

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Quadcopter project

The ultimate goal is to build my own quadcopter and in doing so, deepen my knowledge of electronics.

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