Amogasiddhi Vashti

  This is Amogasiddhi Vashti. She was born on December 18th, 1997. She has a sister Vania (callname Maxime) and a brother Vaidhi (callname Gaudi). She has a very friendly caracter, is kindly to everyone. She stayed with us until she was six months and then she moved to another family. But after tree months she came back because she could not stay alone, they told me.




Char Su American Sunshine Lan Lins’ California Cooler Ashantes Too Hip Gotta Go
Su-Khyi Dali of Summer Wind
Sim-Pa Lee For you Char Su Sunwinds Solar Eclipse
Lan Lin’s Sundance Sparkler
Rani from the Good Heath Lhorpa from the Good Heath Karamain Mustang Dali-Pa
Tiara-Su F’Vyana
Peach from the Good Heath Laiko from the Good Heath
Jigmé-Borgi from the Good Heath