Welcome to the Amogasiddhi Tibetan Terriers website.

First I will introduce myself to you.  I live in a small village near Antwerp (Belgium).  In 1993 I bought my first Tibetan Terrier, Rani.  In 1997 Vajra was born and in 1999 the third, Yasmine, was born.  They are both daughters from Rani.  I did, and still do, obedience, agility, flyball and expositions with them.

 Further you will find information about my dogs, some pictures, show results and links to other interesting sites. 

I hope that you enjoy my homepage and please feel free to contact me whenever you have questions.

Amogasiddhi News

Here are my dogs:


Pinrow Joy Amogasiddhi
Waterley Vitashi
Amogasiddhi Jentel
Amogasiddhi Nyima


Pinrow Yoghiman

In memory

Rani from the Good Heath
Amogasiddhi Vajra
Amogasiddhi Vairocana
Amogasiddhi Vashti
Amogasiddhi Yasmine

Litters :

Rani x Toby 
Vajra x Hugo 
Rani x Yoshi 
Vajra x Yoshi 
Yasmine x Kang
Vajra x Quilt  
Yasmine x Yoshi

Yasmine x Yoghiman
Djigme x Yoghiman
Joy x Idol-Giant

Joy & Diesel
Jentel & Sjaakie
Tashi & Digo
Joy & Leevy
Jentel & Dscho Dscho
Tashi & Niinisto
Tashi & Casper
Jentel & Casper

Other Amogasiddhi dogs :

Amogasiddhi Gytha
Amogasiddhi Djigme
Amogasiddhi Vaidhi
Amogasiddhi Zambo

Some links to other interesting Sites :

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