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Rammanu Astrology


Jan de Jong

I have been practising the Ancient Art of Astrology since 1981. I had the rare opportunity of meeting a brilliant mind, the late Jan de Jong from Zundert, Holland. He became the best friend I ever had and he taught me a completely new system, based on Carl Gustav Jung's psychology. I wrote a book on it, with lots of examples, called In Search of Man's True Identity in his Natal Chart (Dutch version only). Nowadays you can get it on CD (Dutch version only).

Due to space limitations it is impossible to explain everything in detail here. Let's say this is but a tip of the iceberg. This system has not been developed in one night. My teacher took no chances, but developed his system over a past decade (1980-1990) and practised it from morning till evening - literally, because he was unemployed due to a handicap. So he had ample time to test his system on hundreds of horoscopes. His highly innovative and operational theory is based on traditional, but perhaps overlooked, neglected, not understood or misinterpreted astrological concepts. We thought contemporary astrologers might feel some interest for this system and hence this 'teaser'.

Rammanu Astrology

A new system may have a contemporary name. So I called it Rammanu Astrology. This may puzzle you a bit. Rammanu, also known as Mer-Mer or Uras, used to ride on a bull and to plough the fields of evolution, this being the indication that he fully mastered material instincts. Semitic-Babylonian reliefs represent him with a thunderbolt (vajra, the weapon of the Indian deity Indra), being the symbol of supernatural forces. In Syria, especially in Damascus, reputed to be the oldest continuously existing city in the world, he was adored as the sun-god Hadad. We find him represented on a relief in a garb adorned with the symbols of the five old planets. In each hand he has a thunderbolt. In Babylonia and Assyria he reigned over thunder and storm, wind and clouds (like Indra). He was regarded as the god of righteousness and reciprocity as well as the blessed giver of streams of water across the desiccated land.
The word
Rammanu means who goes beyond himself. It conveys the idea of entering into a new dimension, "to boldly go where no one has gone before".
Rammanu is the lord of Aquarius. Our new era is the era of Aquarius. And - yes, you are right: I am an Aquarius

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