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Basic Concepts

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  • Rootcomplexes get the typical characteristics of the factors involved in the conjunction (opposition). As such it is very easy to find out what inspires a person, what really and truly grips him, what his passions are, what possesses his mind, etc. Which outer circumstances arouse or frustrate his inner feelings? Which inner feelings make one act like a madman? How come this person has paranormal gifts? How come Einstein was such a genius? The suggestive, hypnotic power with which Hitler addressed the masses came from the very core of his being: Pluto inn (ruler of IC inn) 2535' -o- = Mercury rad 2539'-o- Desc rad Ram.

Four Cardinal Points

  • We assume you will agree with us when we state that the four cardinal points are the most personal points in someone's chart, since they depend on date, time and place – among which the latter is the most personal one.

  • By Ascendant rad we understand the visible form of the personality. The word derives from the Greek 'persona', the mask of the Greek actor to represent someone's character at a given moment. Hence it represents the character of a person as presented to others or as others perceive, according to circumstances. Earlier in this article we defined it as ice, as object, as effect, as visible result. It is Jung's animus. You can also call it the Form. It's the component of the conscious, visible body.

  • By its complementary counterpart, Ascendant inn, we understand the one behind the mask(s). Perhaps we could call it someone's individuality, from the Latin 'individuus' and meaning that something cannot be divided. In other words: the real one behind the persona (mask). Whatever mask the actor (sic) puts on his face, the one behind it remains the same. Earlier in this article we defined it as water, as subject, as Jung's anima. You can also call it the Shadow. It's the component of the unconscious body. Now wherever the Form goes, the Shadow follows it. No one can run away from it. And though we do not always perceive our shadow, it is always there. In our opinion it stands for what Freud called the Ueber-Ich, the Over-Self, someone's awareness of right and wrong with regard to his own thoughts and actions.

  • Now if you study the signs in which you find both these Ascendants, you will find that they always complement each other in the following way (or vice versa):

Chart Ascendant Descendant   Chart Ascendant Descendant
radix fire air radix earth water
inner water earth inner air fire

which means that next to every human being has all four elements at his disposal to live in harmony with himself and his fellowman. So if your Ascendant rad is Capricorn, your Ascendant inn is Gemini. Does this ring a bell?

  • The same is true for Descendant radix and inner. The former is the outer You, and the latter is how one's inner being wants to approach the other one or what one's own inner being expects from the other one. Ever heard about the dictum 'from heart to heart'? Ever heard from 'they are one in spirit'? Ever given some astrological thought to it? Karmic ties? Wait a sec, because that has nothing to do with your or my body, but bypasses it altogether. Mind is the builder, the late Edgar Cayce used to say. Here comes the real synastry!

  • Midheaven rad stands for career, social interests, reputation, future, etc., whereas the inner Midheaven represents one's inner ideals, mission and spiritual future. Where our profession and social interests are concerned, most of us are dependent on authorities. We haven't got that much to argue and many are fighting a losing battle. But as to our inner ideals, that's quite a different matter. And that explains why so many people are interested in things that have nothing to do with their daily job.

  • Last but not least concerns our origin - of which there are two: our Immum Coeli rad represents our coming into physical being, our physiological origin, our parentage, our physical heredity. Our inner Immum Coeli has to do with our psychical origin, with our Karma or the sum total of our previous incarnations.

  • We should attach as much importance to the rulers of these cardinal points.

Conjunctions & Oppositions

  • Conjunctions indicate the joining of an inner with an outer factor. And that's what life is all about: we have an inherent feeling that some part of ours is missing and so we eagerly look forward to finding it and to becoming one with it. Duality wants to become unity, oneness again. A conjunction represents a natural acceptance of one's possibilities. As a rule, the Ego (the complete chart, i.e. inner and outer factors) has few problems with such rootcomplexes. It's like a computer with input and output, and no problems at all. We must give priority to these rootcomplexes which have an ego-defining function, i.e. all rootcomplexes which are directly related to the inner Ascendant or Descendant or to their ruler(s). Such a conjunction has to be considered as a meeting of the self, as a selfexpression or selfrealization. The inner backs up the outer. The two are one. A remarkable man of character. Such a rootcomplex strengthens the Ego and one can't but feel obliged to act according to the urges defined by the underlying factors.

    Oppositions facilitate overcompensation and overreaction, especially when the opposing factors represent oneself (i.e. one's inner and outer Ascendant). If one is unable to cope with oppositions of that kind, disintegration of one's personality is more than likely the final result. As a rule, oppositions indicate inner negation of oneself or the other, doubt, mistrust, rejection, a sense of inferiority, fear, psychosis and the like. As such, these kind of oppositions, in which personal factors are involved, have priority in the delineation of the natal chart.

Traumas & Vocation

  • One should also pay attention to inner planets in conjunction with the IC rad, especially in Yin signs. Rootcomplexes in which Moon and Venus are involved, or Sun and Saturn, and in a difficult aspect with other factors, indicate mother- and father-complexes and quite often cause several sorts of traumas.

  • We talk about someone's vocation when MC inn or rad forms a conjunction with the ruler of MC rad or inn or vice versa. Mind you: inner factor -o- outer factor.

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