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Yoga & Astrology


What shall I tell you...

Well, I guess you could say I have been addicted to computerware since the day I bought my first C64. If I remember well, that was in 1980. Another passion of mine is photography - though I won't claim myself to be a professional!

I have also been practising the Ancient Art of Astrology since 1981. I had the rare opportunity of meeting a brilliant mind and he taught me a completely new system, based on Carl Gustav Jung's psychology. We wrote a book on it, with lots of examples, called In Search of Man's True Identity in his Natal Chart. Nowadays you can get it on CD. It's in Dutch.

The philosophy of life, however, I have been most devoted to since January 1967 is Yoga. I spent three weeks in Pahalgam, Kashmir, with my Gurudev, Swami Yogeshwarananda Ji. That was in July 1975. I visited his Mahasamadhi shrine in March 1999.

For my CD and book on Kundalini and Chakras and more, see the Dutch section.

I cherish an old saying: Choose your beloved; love your choice. Though it may sound easy, it is quite a different story to always practise it in everyday life.


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