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To enhance readability, this site has been made up using some fonts which are not usually supported by webbrowsers.
If you want to install them, you can download them here (584 KB).

Unzip this file into a temporary file, go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Fonts and from there File | Install New Fonts.
Rest assured you will not regret this.

Web Changes

This is where I'll announce the most recent additions to my web site.
If you've visited me before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

  1. 21 Feb 02: Added one Acrobat pdf file called "Oefenschema basisasana's". See Yoga|Download (Dutch).
  2. 14 Apr 02: Added one Acrobat pdf file called "Karma en Samsara". See Yoga|Download (Dutch).
  3. 08 Nov 02: Added one Acrobat pdf file called "Shastra's". See Yoga|Download (Dutch).
  4. 10 May 03: Added a page, called "My Photos".
  5. 21 Aug 04: Final addition to "Yogi Ramacharaka". See Yoga|Great Minds|Yogi Ramacharaka.

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