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Yoga Sadhana

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Tell me something more about Yoga...

  • In ancient times there used to be a number of true Yogis who used to spend their entire lifetime in Yoga Sadhana in the caves of the Himalayas to achieve perfection.

  • The foundation of all major religions of the world is in fact the Yogic experience of the founder or the prophet of each religion. Hinduism is based on the transcendental experiences of its Rishis and seers; Buddhism on the experience of Gautama Buddha; Christianity on the experience of Jesus and Islam on the knowledge transmitted to the prophet Mohammed.

  • Yoga differs from the traditional religions in that Yoga does not accept any external authority but relies solely on one's own experiences. Yoga, like science, being free from dogmas, has been an ever-growing discipline. It is the only discipline that harmoniously unites the physical, mental and spiritual development of man, while other disciplines concern themselves with only one of these, to the neglect of the other two.

  • In the last few decades we have been looking far out into the cosmos, to the utter neglect of the world within us. Yogic practice has a balanced approach. It looks within to explore the immense wealth of our psyche and establishes harmony between the internal and external worlds of man. The balanced approach offers the right attitude to life and a world view that enables man to pass through the trials and tribulations of life with as much ease and equanimity as through joys and happiness.

You mentioned the Tantra Shastras?...

Indeed. Long before you and I were born, it was stated in the Kularnava Tantra...

  • There is One Real, One without a second, Self-luminous, without beginning or end, without attribute, without change, beyond the highest. He is the Sachchidananda.

  • The human birth is the the most important for it is then that one becomes awake, aware of one's state of bondage and the necessity of release and is in a position to take steps towards one's liberation from its hold.

  • Beings higher than man envy his birth, because it is only human life on this earth, which is a field of evolution, that holds the possibility of change, progress and release. In no other birth can the soul acquire the knowledge of Truth. Human birth is the stepping stone to the path of Liberation. But rare are the meritorious who come by it.

  • The Truth is to be realized here in this life. It is vain to expect that things will change and improve after death in worlds that are happier than ours. The change or improvement cannot come from outside of yourself. It has to be worked out by yourself from within yourself. The world you reach after the body is shed is determined by the level of consciousness reached while in the body.

  • Verbal knowledge is of no avail for the destruction of the delusion of the world. Let no blind men be led by the blind. It is wisdom to go straight to the essence of the scriptures, like the swan sipping milk out of water. Study them, know their essential truth and then leave them aside like husk after collecting the grain.

  • Remember, the body does not last for ever. Age prowls like a leopard, diseases strike like an enemy. It is a wonder how men can be so complacent and unmindful when everywhere there is thunder of crash. Time flies without your knowing. Prosperity is like a dream, youth like a blossom, life-span momentary like lightning. Even a hundred years is too little, for half the life is spent in sleep and the other half is made infructuous by infancy, disease, misery, age and what not. Deluded by ignorance (avidya), man looks not at what he sees, grasps not what he hears, follows not what he reads. He fails to see that with every moment that passes his body decays. The Wolf of Time rushes upon him when he is still prattling of my children, my wife, my wealth, my relations. Death swallows him when he is still thinking of what is done, what is yet to be done and what is half-done. Therefore do today what is required to be ready tomorrow, do in the forenoon what is meant for the afternoon. Death waits not to see what is done or not done.

  • Helplessly man swings from birth to death and again from death to birth. He goes from here to there as from house to house. What is sown here is reaped elsewhere. Of a tree that is watered at the roots, the fruits are seen on the branches above. Freedom from desire, non-attachment is the only way to Liberation. All evils are born of attachment.

  • If you cannot do it in your weakness, resort to the company of the good. Holy company acts as medicine.

  • Only he who has knowledge, is a man. There can be no Moksha or Liberation without Diksha or Initiation. Beware, however, of the ignorant, pseudo-gurus. Intent on amassing wealth, showily, attired in disguise, they wander everywhere on this globe and throw others in delusion. They are to be shunned.

    "Kularnava Tantra", M.P. Pandit, Ganesh & Company, Madras, 1973.

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