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  • To find the inner sensitive points in a natal Chart, each radix planet should be reflected against the 15th degree of the sign it rules. This means all radix positions (in degrees, minutes and seconds of arc) should be subtracted from 30 degrees.
    • Your radix Pluto is at 341' Leo.
    • The complementing number of degrees is 2960' - 342' = 2619'.
    • Pluto rules Scorpio. From Leo to Scorpio (not included) we count two signs. From Scorpio (though not included) we count two more signs and we have Aquarius. So your inner Pluto is at 2619' Aquarius. We abbreviate it like this: Pluto inn.

    Ascendant and Midheaven

  • We should use the housesystem of Porphyrius, since this is the only one that answers the requirements of this system. It determines the house cusps by dividing the space of the quadrants into three equal sections along the ecliptic.
  • To find the inner axis Ascendant-Descendant one has to reflect it against 0 Ram-Libra. To find the inner axis Midheaven-Immum Coeli one has to reflect it against 0 Capricorn-Cancer.
    • Your radix Ascendant is 8 Sagittarius. The complementing number of degrees is 22.
    • From Sagittarius (not included) to 0 Ram we count 3 signs. From 0 Ram (included this time!) we add 3 signs. Your inner Ascendant is at 22 Cancer.
    • The second inner house cusp is found by reflecting it against 0 Taurus. Etc.


  • Rootcomplexes are formed when an inner planet or cardinal point makes a conjunction or opposition with an outer planet or cardinal point. Orb: six degrees.
    • Your Asc inn is at 22 Cancer. Your Sun rad is at 2548' Cancer.
    • We write this: Asc inn -o- Sun rad Ca.

    Casting the Chart

  • Since the inner factors represent the unconscious or the inner states of being, they ought to be put around the inner circle. The outer factors belong to the conscious and ought to be put where we usually put them (the radix). To make a rootcomplex visible, to show which inner factor influences which outer action, we draw a fine arrowlike line from the inner planet to the outer planet. In order to understand this system it is essential to cast the chart in this way. The way of thinking is: inside ---> outside. This is crucial.

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