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Paramahamsa YoganandaParamahansa Yogananda entered this world in Gorakhpur, India, January 5, 1893 and left it in America, March 7, 1952. He lived in the West for a long period (over thirty years). In 1925 he established the Self-Realization Fellowship International Headquarters in Los Angeles, and from there the printed Self-Realization Lessons on the science of Kriya Yoga meditation and the art of spiritual living are made available to students worldwide. The emphasis of these teachings is balanced development of body, mind, and soul; their goal is direct personal experience of God.

Paramahansa Yogananda is recognized as a world teacher, an enlightened exponent of the universal Science of Yoga, a benefactor of mankind. His nature was universal, his life a blend of the spiritual wisdom of his motherland and the practical efficiency of his adopted country. In his Autobiography of a Yogi (*) he gives us an absorbing account of a singular search for truth, skilfully interwoven with scientific explanations of the subtle but definite laws by which yogis perform miracles and attain self-mastery. In vivid details he describes his many years of training in India under Swami Shri Yukteswar Giri. He also recounts his visits with exceptional spiritual personages of East and West - including Mahatma Gandhi, Luther Burbank, Therese Neumann (the Catholic stigmatist) and Rabindranath Tagore.

Many farsighted Westerners found his teachings ideally suited to their way of life. Madame Amelia Galli-Curci, once renowned soprano and ardent advocate of Yoga, said, "The teaching of Yogananda gives to life a purpose, joy, happiness, and bliss. It is the science of living, and it is applicable to all our daily activities." The gifted horticulturist Luther Burbank praised Yogananda's teachings as "ideal for training and harmonizing man's physical, mental and spiritual natures. By simple and scientific methods of concentration and meditation, most of the complex problems of life may be solved."

(*) You can read a complete on-line edition here.

Self-Realization Fellowship (Mother Center)

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