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  • Not a few people have little notion what Yoga is really all about.

  • There are those who think Yoga is nothing else but standing on one's head or sitting somewhere in a Buddha-like posture without moving. Some people will add this posture is a so-called meditation posture, though they haven't got an inkling of why...

  • There are those who think Yoga is some kind of physical education and is meant to relax.

  • Some think Yoga is meant to keep young and is some kind of "antidote" for their corpulence. They think they can become lean as a rake again...

  • Again, there are those - among them quite a lot of doctors - who are of the opinion Yoga is some kind of therapy. Some even think Yoga is a miraculous cure that can help people to get rid of all their problems in the turn of a hand...

  • There are those who see Yoga as a means to get some rest for their over-excited nervous system, to control their emotions, to enhance their strength of will...

  • Others again are craving for inner peace and would like to live like a contemplative...

  • There are even those "enlightened souls" who feel attracted to Yoga because they think truth can only be found in the East and that every Hindu possesses the truth from his birth...

  • In short, great demands are made on Yoga, the possible and the impossible, the reasonable and the unreasonable.

  • The amazing thing is Yoga indeed can give you quite a great deal of all what has just been summed up.

  • How come?

  • Unlike our ultra-modern and "chipped" as it were society, in which all our actions run the risk of being categorized and labelled with an impersonal code, Yoga does not focus on developing only one of man's aspects, but on all his aspects. Yoga focuses on every walk of life: physical, mental, moral and spiritual. If one lives (!) the Science of Yoga in the correct way - an adamant and unconditional surrender without a shadow of doubt -, then indeed Yoga will bring peace, vigour, happiness, health and stability, poise. Not from one day to the next, no, for Yoga is a process of growing steadily, of ripening.

  • Yoga has nothing whatsoever to do with acrobatics, is no fancy fashion, no whims and tricks, no ascetism, no gymnastics, no physical education, no secret Eastern hocus-pocus.

  • Yoga does not solve all problems of life, but sheds new light on them, so as to make it possible for us to tackle with them in a different but much more efficient way.

  • Yoga is a remarkable school of discipline that confronts you with someone you know so little of - yourself.

  • Yoga is a way of life.

You can read more about these ideas in
The Science of Yoga
or The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali  
by I. K. Taimni.

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