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My favorite freeware

As a professional developper, I need a lot of tools to help me
writing software, locate errors, solve problems, etc.
My blog about c# coding : Sharpcoding
I'm a strong advocate for freeware or open source software, many of which the quality equals of surpasses commercial
available software. But they are sometimes difficult to find. So here are my top favorite tools
Tool name Description and comments
7zip ( Opensource file archive
Audacity ( Opensource audio editor
Ccleaner ( Cleanup temp files.
Dependancy walker ( Shows wich DLL's a program needs
Eventlog Explorer ( Freeware NT eventlog explorer (with quick search)
The Gimp ( Best freeware photo editing program (once you get to know it, you'll love it)
You MUST look at tutorials on the internet!
Advanced manual see :
Irfan View ( Image viewer + manipulation
InnoSetup ( Best opensource installer! You will also need IStool a nice extension which makes the use of innosetup far more enjoyable.
Filemon/Regmon/Process Explorer etc ( If you are a serious developper, you can not go without some of the freeware tools of this site!
Monitor file access ... Monitor registry access... Monitor processes
Nvu ( Freeware HTML editor
Pspad ( Very good programmer's editor, too bad it still does not support regular expression the way it should (replacement expressions are not complete and not working as you would expect).
Reflector ( Ever wanted to look at source code in an assembly? This tools enables you to disassemble compiled code into c# or code. Look at the core dot net assemblies and learn from it.
Safarp ( Windows XP's Add/Remove programs is terribly slow... this replacement is much faster AND allows quick searches.
Screenshot Captor ( Best free screen capture tool I have ever seen... Allows you to add annotations, arrows, etc. You need to register, but registration is free!
SharpDevelop ( Every wanted to develop in C# for free ? Try this! Used it for developping website ...
Strokeit ( If you've never used mouse gestures before, than try it now... Strokeit allows you to use mouse gestures in all programs!
Textgrabber ( Allows you to grab text from any standard windows control...
Winmerge ( Best file merge utility (open source)